Channel Panel with Mother, Father God – Sekmet and Alcyone – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May

KATHRYN May2Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler

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Kathryn E. May, PsyD was asked by Spirit to serve as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda” when she was asked to transcribe “The New Scriptures.” She now channels any of the Masters who request a “hearing.”  St. Germain is a frequent guest. She will do a channeling session live so that callers can call in with questions and speak with the Ascended Masters.

Co-host Meg Davis brings her extensive skills and knowledge of accupuncture and alternative medicine, along with enlightening commentary.  She adds a spirited and loving tone to the lively conversation.

Listen in at 8:00 PM, EDT on Wednesdays,  and also Sunday at 2 PM EDT for the Training and Healing for Ascension show with Sananda and the Arcturians.

This radio show is an extension of the written messages which Dr. May has posted on the website,

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