Richard Dolan – A.D. After Disclosure

Anthony Beckett

In “A. D. (After Disclosure) – How the World Will Look After the Great Change” Richard Dolan looks at how, after over six decades of quiet revolution that UFOs herald, we can now see the outlines of a reality that’s been sneaking up on us one step at a time. The issue that got hushed up by one generation and turned into an object of derision by another now demands to be heard straight up in ours.

Presented at the 2nd Annual Exopolitics Expo at the University of Leeds on August 7th, 2010.

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  1. The six decades of UFO mythology. What the prophets of the impossible disclosure do not tell is that 93 to 96 % of all UFO sightings originate in natural phenomena and/or man made artifacts. The remaining cases are not researched enough. That’s all. Of course the phenomenon is nonexistent, consequently there is no cover up and consequently there is nothing to disclose. UFO mythology is perfectly defined by the Psycho-social hypothesis.



    It is important to note that Ufology is not about real scientific investigation of UFOs. It is about personalities who have found a niche in society that allows them to satisfy their egos and appear important to those who want to believe these stories. By promoting the myth that the US government is concealing aliens or information about UFOs, they can continue to write books and ask for money from credulous individuals who want to believe them.


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