Planetary Healing – The Importance of Hard Work – 9-24-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

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For this week’s planetary healing, I wanted to give my perspective on the importance of working hard to strengthen our ongoing conscious revolution. We’ll have to work hard if we want to produce anything significant or helpful to our ascension, but contrary to what some might think, our hard work doesn’t have to bring us down.

We can work as hard as we feel inspired to work at things we’re passionate about, but despite our passion, there’ll be times when we don’t feel the inspiration to contribute as heavily as usual. We’re going to have days when we feel too low or depleted to do anything significant, and when these days come around, I think we should practice one of two things.

The first is to simply yet sternly reject any depleted feelings or emotions that present themselves, and the second is to flow with them; get some rest if needed, and when we’re ready, jump back on the horse and start contributing again.

It’d be silly to expect ourselves to feel constantly inspired or empowered to contribute to our ascension, and sometimes, we’ll have to go with the flow and allow whatever depletion or inability we feel to work its way through our system so we can be strong contributors the next day.

I definitely don’t think we should give in to depletion or the low emotions that come with it, however, and it goes without saying that we no longer want to give in to vain or material wants and concerns.

We’re here to anchor spirit onto a planet of people who seem to have forgotten about it, but it’s easy to succumb to the nearly constant wants and demands of the ego. We don’t do ourselves, anyone else, or this revolution a justice by falling short, and we hold ourselves back if we embrace lowness or depression when our egos don’t get their way.

I’m learning lately that one of the best things we can do is to continuously transcend any ego-driven wants or desires, because we’re on this earth for a far greater purpose than to feed them. However easy or justifiable feeding them might seem, this just isn’t our purpose for being on this planet at this time.

Our purpose, I’m learning, is to work as hard as we can at jobs we enjoy, and for me, this means writing, channeling and playing as much music as I can in hopes that all of it helps raise the planetary vibration.

Like some of you perhaps, I’ve had low days and days where I didn’t feel like I could contribute to our ascension in a real or pure way, and I notice that transcending any distraction or lack of confidence helps me embrace my work and get far more done than if I stay down in the dumps.

I get the feeling that we hold ourselves and the world around us back more than we realize when we don’t embrace our work or when we feed the emotions that keep us from embracing it.

We might actually halt the vibrational progress the conscious community’s starting to make, because if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that each of our actions are incredibly important to this progress.

We help the rest of humanity find a higher vibration in a quicker manner by embracing our spiritual work or whatever work fills us with passion and raises humanity’s consciousness, and we have little reason to turn away from our work in favor of finite, physical things that don’t fill us with anywhere near the level of satisfaction our work does.

One of our primary purposes for being on this earth is to spread as much love and as many other higher qualities as we can, and we can use our creativity to do this. We can use our respective creative works to funnel through as much love and light as humanly possible, so why not embrace this sacred, lighted and blessed mission?

I’m learning the hard way that turning away from it and toward materiality only harbors unhappiness, and I remain thankful to Source and the higher realms for providing me the lessons that are helping me see just how real and important our spiritually oriented creativity is.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that creativity’s very spiritual, and with this in mind, we have little reason not to embrace our creative works; the works that are leading us back into the higher realms. With the immense and overflowing love we now have the opportunity to feel and radiate to the rest of humanity, I think we should embrace our work with every ounce of ourselves.

Until we do, many of us will continue to feel like something’s ‘off’.

We’ll continue to feel like we aren’t living up to our potential in one way or another, because in a sense, we won’t be. Until we can enthusiastically and wholeheartedly embrace our creative work and everything that comes with it, we’ll continue to hold ourselves back and we’ll continue to know that something isn’t right.

Personally, creativity has provided me with an unprecedented ‘high’ lately, and writing/channeling actually puts me on a higher vibration (as does music). I really mean it when I say that creativity can be and is a route back into the higher realms, and I think it’d be tragic not to embrace our creativity and enjoy the flowing, potent work that results.

Not to mention that the rest of humanity could really use the upliftment our creative work provides.

Even though we’re basically uplifting each other as fellow members of the conscious community at the moment, the rest of humanity will soon become aware of the reality of spirit and we’ll be tasked with helping everyone find the spiritual upliftment our creativity provides.

The best thing about our creative work is that it not only helps us find this upliftment – it helps everyone around us too. We aren’t the only ones who benefit from our work by far, so let’s keep this in mind with each day that passes.

When we wake up every morning, let’s keep in mind that the things we do and don’t do are incredibly important to the restoration of consciousness.

Waves of higher-dimensional souls are looking down at our evolving planet in hopes of reaching as many receptive seekers as they can via our creativity, so let’s open up to them and spread a wealth of light, helping the rest of humanity become spiritually aware in the process.

It’s time to let our doubts, fears, worries and concerns fall away, and it’s time to recognize just how strong and powerful we are. We’re the ones who are meant to make the divinely inspired changes we’ve heard so much about, but in order to do this, we have to work hard and enjoy ourselves along the way.

I can say that creativity feels great, and the more we open up, the better it feels. With this said, what reasons do we have not to open up? If you really think about it, you’ll find that the reasons are few, far between, and illusory.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.

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