Karen Dover – Release of Multi and Inter Dimensional Distorted Frequencies – 9-19-14

Karen Dover

As the New Earth frequencies now expand and increase in their intensity the full release of multi and inter dimensional distorted frequencies now begins in TRUTH.   As many of you will have heard me explain on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show the release is of frequencies that have a POINT OF ORIGIN off planet.  These are the frequencies that were added to the energetic signature of Planet Earth at the very beginning of the creation of the human race.  These frequencies ingested over and over repeatedly over life time after lifetime as you have lived on the planet in human form.   It is to be noted that anchoring your energy into the planet has seen you ingest the frequencies that resonate from the heart of the planet. These frequencies are now purifying and clearing and the result of this process is a full cleansing and clearing of your cellular structure at multi and inter dimensional levels.

At a very human conscious waking mind level this will see you begin to clear the very UNWRITTEN, UNSPOKEN but ADHERED to boundaries in relation to family dynamics, personal relationships and cultures.  These sit at a very unconscious level and run hidden deep within your human vehicle.  These will now come up for illumination in order that you can acknowledge and accept that they exist in order to then release them. This allows for full expansion of your energy signature and allows for a clarity of vision that is beyond any that you have so far experienced in this your human form.

This release will see at a world level more illuminated that has been hidden in plain view.  This may play out as mass chaos as those who have made the SOUL decision to remain within the old paradigms and stay “asleep” will play this to their full roles.  At a human conscious waking mind level you may be challenged by those around you, challenged by your family, within your personal relationships and within your community. It is NOT TRUTH to remain within any boundaries as they were a construct created to dis-empower, fragment and blur your vision.

The remaining linear days that lead up to the equinox may well be the most challenging you have ever endured but it is to be remembered that this process is HELPING YOU at all moments of all moments.  In order to move fully into the New Earth frequency realities you must be clear of ANY of the paradigms taught and anchored within the old 3D earth created construct.  These teachings are FED OFF PLANET and these must be cleared and released in order to release you at a human conscious waking mind level in human form upon this planet.   Again I use the analogy of looking in the mirror and attempting to brush the hair of your reflection only, it is not possible.

As you will now find any attempt to clear only at a planetary earth level will result in a repeat of the distortion in another part of your human life experience, this must be cleared from the off world POINT OF ORIGIN in order to be fully and permanently released. To this end I am now offering multi and inter dimensional alignment, please click here for further information.

The choice to enter the New Earth portal of 528mhz is made at a SOUL level.  Advancement into full NEW EARTH frequency reality can only take place when you are clear and free of ALL distorted frequencies. This is a frequency and a SOUL requirement and is in line with Galactic Law which states that BALANCE must be maintained within the UNIVERSE of 3.  Any distorted frequency running off planet and streaming through into your human life is in violation of this law and you have the right and choice to move into full balance and TRUTH.

Life on Planet Earth now moves in frequency and ALL that IS will now begin to FLOW in TRUTH through, around and within both Planet Earth and the human race in TRUTH.

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.




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