The Creators via Daniel Scranton – Your Journey to the 5th Dimension – 9-15-14



Your Journey to the 5th Dimension – The Creators

Daniel Scranton

“The level of consciousness that you hold is the most appropriate for this dimension. So you are not doing anything wrong by being here at this time, by experiencing third and fourth dimensional realities. It is not because there is something that is going wrong with you that you are focused here at this time, because the experiences that you want to have are here and now. And in order for you to have them, you must maintain this level of consciousness.

When you are complete with this experience and all that you desired from it, that is when you will complete the shift to the fifth dimension and will have that level of consciousness. The reason that we are giving you this now is because we want you to understand that your journey to the fifth dimension is not dependent on you doing something, or meditating more, or practicing holding a frequency for hours at a time.

You will get there by virtue of the fact that there is nowhere else to go. So you can relax and you can put down for a minute all of the tools and exercises and processes that you are using to attempt to expedite the process. The process is the thing. That is why you are here and that is what you wanted to experience. It is a shedding of layers experience and emotional trauma that you have collected.

And the way that you do it is the exciting part. It is the part that is most interesting, that has the most potential for growth and for learning. And it is what you will share with others in this universe as you complete that journey. We want you to enjoy this experience a little bit more, because there is something that is very unique and satisfying about being where you are and having the remainder of the journey before you.

If we could assure you that you will get there, then we know that you would skip and laugh all the way. But it doesn’t really matter what we say to you. You would prefer to see some hard evidence that you will in fact be experiencing a fifth dimensional level of consciousness in this lifetime. So from where you are now you can easily access what that would feel like to have completed your shift. And we welcome you to go within and seek out that frequency that is inside of you, so that you can give yourself that reassurance.

And that once you have that feeling in your bodies, you will be able to face the challenges of the road ahead with a bit more light, a bit more laughter, a bit more of an open heart and a relaxed mind. And that will create a more enjoyable experience for you as you continue on in this wonderful and creative journey that you are on.”

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