Malcolm – Fall Equinox 2014 And Basic Astrology – Pluto Goes Stationary – An Act Of Deception May Get Revealed Per Areas Ruled By Pluto – 9-13-14


The Fall Equinox takes place with the Sun at 0 degrees Libra, and it simply means that the Sun “crosses the Earth’s equator” relative to its 23 degree axis tilt and proceeds to move to the lowest (or most southern) point of per direct lineup with Earth; this is assuming the North Pole is the point you decide to be “superior” in position.  This southern movement of the direct lineup between Sun and Earth continues until it reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, which is 23 degrees south of the equator (and this event is known as Winter Solstice, with the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn).  

These two points (along with the 0 degrees Aries and 0 degrees Cancer points) are referred to in advanced astrology as “the world points” or “the cardinal points,” and they have a lot to do with events that may have an effect on the world or during the season that commences on the passage of the Sun through these points, and these four points define the four seasons as the Sun conjuncts these points.  Hence, the first day of fall is Fall Equinox (with the Sun at 0 degrees Libra), winter begins per winter solstice (with the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn, around December 22), then the Sun moves north after reaching the Tropic of Capricorn until it crosses the Equator again for spring equinox (which is when the Sun equals 0 degrees Aries, and this is near March 22), and continues to move north of the equator until it reaches the Tropic of Cancer near June 22 (otherwise known as summer solstice).  Then the Sun moves south, and crosses the equator for fall equinox (around September 22).  Again, the movement of the Sun up and down relative to the Earth’s equator is due to the 23 degree tilt; this is why the northern hemisphere has winters while the southern hemisphere has summers, and vice-versa. It is all about which part of the Earth is receiving more or less sunlight relative to the position of the Sun with the Earth.  This is why the areas of Earth in-between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn will always have the greatest mean temperature compared to areas outside the two tropic zones; these areas in between the tropics receive the most sunlight year round.

Here’s the chart of Fall Equinox 2014 below:


Fall Equinox 2014 will feature the Midheaven (MC) conjuncting the star of Sador.  This star is related to aviation, birds, the arts, and the Christian cross.  The Ascendant is conjunct the star of Hoedus I, and this rules “happiness but also rules situations beyond one’s control,” as well as public service. This may define some sort of “event in the air or above ground,” or event related to Christianity in some way. 

Note that Pluto is going stationary in the seventh house (and a strong square between Mars in the sixth and Neptune in the tenth is going on as well).  This could define some crisis or act of deception (or “disappointing” action, depending on your perspective) to take place in areas ruled by Pluto.  These areas include banking, insurance, finance, intelligence gathering or actions of intelligence agencies, organized crime, or secret scientific research.  Combined with the Midheaven and Ascendant definition, this can define an intelligence or a government “false flag operation” involving  jets, accidents in the air, or possible military involvement that will involve airspace of others. Hence, there is a possibility for a military air strike or an aviation event, as well as a possible accident or disaster due to a disappointing action or unexpected activity. And let’s not rule out financial institutions or organized crime (or both), as this falls under the definition of Pluto, which may get the lions share of astrological meaning with this event due to it going stationary.  This may define a financial scandal or fraud getting exposed.

The Horoscope of the Central Intelligence Agency And It’s Potential For Improper Speculation With The Fall Equinox 2014 Chart

The C.I.A. started at 5:00 AM on July 26, 1947, with President Harry Truman waking up at 5:00 AM (as he always did) and signing The National Security Act of 1947, which included the provisions for the start of the Central Intelligence Agency.  The chart is below:

Now lets look at the Fall Equinox 2014 chart laid over the C.I.A. horoscope:

The Moon usually rules “the people, population, or the employees” on a mundane chart, and the Fall Equinox 2014 chart has an exact midpoint of North Node / Jupiter equal to the Fall Equinox Moon.  This can define people or population (or employees) that may be involved or connected with “finance, religion, or travel.”  Note that the Equinox Moon (in the C.I.A.’s third house of communications and local travel) is in a hard square with the natal C.I.A. Mars in the eleventh house  (“activity or action involving associates, aspirations based on actions”).  This can represent a conflict involving the C.I.A. and an international population, or involving the C.I.A. employees themselves (or their associates, as defined by Mars in the C.I.A. eleventh).  Also note that the midpoint of the square between the Equinox Mars and Equinox Neptune is very close to the C.I.A. midpoint of Ascendant / Venus, and this can define a public relations disaster or disappointment with an important friend or ally. Finally, note the quincux between stationary Pluto in the C.I.A.’s sixth house of criticism and the C.I.A.’s natal Saturn in the C.I.A. first house of expression to others.  This quincunx is sharp, and usually defines a tension relative to “a slight depression” or “a difficult time for a positive transformation to manifest.” 

Mars rules the ego, and this planet will be forming a conflicting square with Neptune this Fall Equinox of 2014. Neptune rules disappointments and deception, and disappointments involving one’s ego (as well as the egos of the individuals running governments) is an overall possibility to watch for this fall. Hence, there may be an astrological message here regarding some interesting times this fall with people in government (as well as ourselves) learning about why we need to be careful with the expression of the ego.  Let’s hope that nations and people can get along and be honest and open with each other, as it is better to build things and build relationships rather than to destroy such.  Weapons are best when they are locked up in a safe for one’s own defense of their life or the lives of their people, as opposed to the defense of a few selected individuals with egos that are clearly out of control.

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