Jessica Schab – Tending to Your Own Flame in a Relationship

Jessica Schab

I have never done a video like this before, in this video i share with you a very personal & intimate experiences of my private life regarding my relationship with Diego. What its like to be in a relationship with him and what i have learned or rather unlearned. I’m sharing this because i have had so many thank me for this post saying that it saved their relationship so maybe it will do the same for you.

I have made a lot of changes lately as many of you are noticing regardless on whether you like those changes in me or not, if you don’t its mostly cause you do not understand me yet so its up to you if your willing to inquire deeper or not. I know i have not been really fair in updated you with it i have been keeping it in the dark until now as i processed and made sense of it all and found the best way to share it with you. I wrote this when i was about 8 months into my relationship with Diego we have been together for almost a year now and going very strong thanks to this.

many of you do not know about my intimate private blogs but i actually have lots on my website in which i share pretty much everything as its actually psychically painful for me to keep a secret and not share.
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