Dr. Angela Barnett – Moving Into The Fifth Dimension – 9-12-14

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Dr. Angela Barnett

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In the third dimensional reality system there are only five senses. Anything relating to those five senses is third dimensional. That means that the only Science that we have is third dimensional because it will only accept as reality those things that are tangible and verifiable by the third dimensional five senses. If they can’t touch it, see it and feel it into a verifiable equation, it is not considered to be real.

Now, we are no longer in the third dimension and yet we are being limited by the realities of the five senses. For those who want truly move into the fifth dimension, you will need to do that all by yourself because the rest of the world is going to continue believing in those things that are scientifically verifiable.

If we move into the fifth dimension we learn that there are actually seven other senses beyond the five senses of the third dimension. We learn that we can hear in a totally different way, we can perceive realities that can not be perceived in the hertzian wave length. We can certainly learn to hear things that infinitely beyond the hertzian range of audible hearing known as solfege.

The Solfege technology is based on Hertzian Frequencies. The reason it is based on Hertzian Frequencies is because that is the highest level of audible hearing known in the 3D real of the five senses.

The teachings of the COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE are for 5D people who are not using their 5 senses, but are now removing the duality between the physical and spiritual. They would also need to remove the duality between the five senses and the other seven senses of KNOWING in their GRAndonsciousness from their fifth dimensional Soul Level of Knowing, their Eighth dimensional Over Soul Level of Knowing, their 12th dimensional Avatar Level of knowing and their Cosmic Level or Rishi self level of knowing. All of this Grand Knowingness is always held within the Infinite Unknown Void of Infinite Possibilities of the Mind of God or Source Consciousness. This Omnipotent Consciousness is Breathing a new idea into each one of these infinite numbers of Individual Grand Consciousness contained within each of the levels of knowing.

Now let’s look at how each of the senses would expand into the higher realms. We would no longer only see visible light. We would see the infra red light like a digital camera. We would see the back side of the negative of a picture and then see it develop into the positive of a new idea that is manifested from the Mind of God.

We would learn to see the Invisible Light Spectrum as easily as what we now term the Visible light spectrum. As more and more of us learn to see those things that are in the Invisible Light spectrum as easily as the visible light spectrum there will be more and more of a separation between people on Earth because those who are seeing the new reality appear will still not be able to share their reality with the rest of the world, because they will still be called CRAZY PEOPLE just as we always have been. That is not going to change until after 2017. By then the masses will be forced to agree that there are other beings from other planets that seemed to be invisible to them before. By 2042 the entire thought structure and scientific structure will have changed on Earth because there will be so much scientific evidence that we live in a world that contains science that is infinitely beyond the science of the five senses.

We are in the process of removing the duality between the physical and spiritual. That means our spiritual parallel universe is merging into oneness with the physical. We are in the beginning stages of this transition. December 2012 was the beginning of the process of Earth breaking free from Phantom Earth Future probabilities and rising into the Aurora Earth within the Plasma Blanket of the Cosmaya Ship. The Earth is now connected to the Inner Domains of the Cosmic Realms. As the Earth shifted the entire 12 universes also shifted. There was only one moment in time when this shift into a new alignment when all of the perfect realities existed at one moment. We popped into that moment of that perfect reality.

We are now in Aurora Earth and moving into Ascension Earth. We are within the Crystal Cities and the Cloud Cities that link into Aquafaria and into the Urtha Star Essence which Earth is floating within.

This is our reality now. We must first create the vision of this reality that we exist within now. We must align our consciousness with the absolute perfect creation that existed in all 12 universes in past, present and future all at the same time to hold consciousness in this perfect alignment with the perfect desired reality to appear.

We must tune in to the frequencies of the new reality first. Next tune in visually. The more we feel the frequencies of the higher reality, and the more we use that feeling to learn to see that feeling; the more rapidly the Ascension Earth will appear to each INDIVIDUAL.

We are now in the stage of each Individual Alignment with Reality. The Indigos and Human Angelics have the ability to perceive this new reality within the next several years. Each Individual is responsible for this demonstration of perceiving the new reality that is available to our new perception. The Earth will grow into this new reality over a period of 30 years. However, the Guardians originally said that Inner Earth will morph into Earth by 2017. That means that it will be possible for some to see Inner Earth sometime after 2017. Those INDIVIDUALS who TUNE IN TO the Frequency of that reality will also be able to tune in their other senses such as sight and smell. But, the first step is always shifting to the new channel of reality by shifting to the new frequency of that reality. Those who do not learn the proper way of raising their frequencies of consciousness will not be able to perceive this new reality of Earth becoming Aurora Earth and then shifting through the Cloud Cities into Median Earth and Inner Earth and finally into Aquafaria.

So, there will be many on Earth who keep playing the movie that is in visible light on channel 3. And then there will be a few individuals who learn to tune up their frequencies to channel 5 and tune in their perception to the new reality.

Those who stay tuned to the hertzian level frequencies that are used for the audible solfege type of frequencies and the hertzian visible light frequencies will not be tuned in to the channel that is playing the Higher Earth reality.

When we learn to tune in to our higher selves in all of the spheres we begin to hear and play their music. Their music is playing on a different frequency channel than the audible hearing of the five senses can hear. Only those who learn to tune in to all of the frequency signatures of all of their higher selves of the Grand Consciousness (soul, oversoul, avatar and rishi selves) will be able to enjoy the Infinite Possibilities of the realities that can be formulated in our New Consciousness.

We can focus on any of the senses and then link them up into the other seven senses of infinite knowing. I am going to focus on connecting into the sound of all other dimensions because the Music of the Spheres of all that is created in the Mind of God is created from the Sound of the Breath.

When I link my breath into these other levels of consciousness where the higher seven senses are, I am connecting my breath into the breath of consciousness of my Grand Consciousness which is all of my selves- soul, over soul, avatar and rishi self– who contain all seven senses. These higher selves are as much ME as I am ME. We are one. It is just like reaching into a higher part of the mind. whichs is still my mind. Beyond that Grand Super Consciousness isthe Infinite Unknown God or Source of Creation that Breathing a New breath of Reality into each and every one of the Infinite Grand Consciousness of the Complete Individual.

In the Mind of God there is the absolute PERFECT COMPOSITION or Beautiful Symphony that contains a Musical Formula. It is like the perfect formula for creating the perfect composition over and over again. The composition could be a different symphony each time, but the formula is always the same. The Musical Formula tells us how to connect the harmonics. This meaning of harmonics is the harmonious consciousness structures of one level of consciousness woven into another level of consciousness in order to create new symphonies of Love between each Sphere of the Music of the Spheres. When we become harmonically aligned with another dimension it means we have harmonically aligned with another dimension, it means we have raise our tones an octave. This is the definition of ASCENSION. When we raise our harmonics an octave we have ascended.

We ascend into a NEW SYMPHONY a New Tone of Home, A NEW REALITY. However, in the Mind of God, everything is orchestrated through light and sound and heard as a symphony before it is conceptualized into form. If we can’t hear it, we can’t conceptualize it. It is all about hearing and feeling what we hear inside of our cellular memory. That is what allows us to conceptualize the new reality.

We are always contained within crystal doors that have infinite sides. We can walk through any of the crystal doors into a new reality. Each crystal door has a unique hue in the spectrum of light and there are infinte hues. There are infinite doors and infinite hues opening to infinite possibilities.

When we align our consciousness into the proper frequencies in the Music of the Spheres, we shift into the New hue in the spectrum of light, and then that frequency signature opens a door to another reality.

It is like having a magical piano and each time we play one note on the piano this magical crystal structure that has infinite numbers of crystal diamond windows, causes one of the window or doors to glow with one hue that relates the frequency played on the piano. That door opens and we walk into a magical kingdom where fairies are riding unicorns and dancing on rainbows. Then we play another note on the piano and a different door glows with another hue and the door opens and we walk into this calm, serene water like place where there are only large lakes and clouds, but when we step onto the lake we begin to crystallize into a new form and we become a snow flake.

You see, we can play this piano all day and find infinite possibilities inside these cyrstal doors. However, we must learn to play a piano that is not third dimensional. The piano must contain the breaths of angels from the highest dimensions and the frequencies must be woven together properly from one sphere into another to create all of the correct tones or the doors won’t open.

When we learn to create this orchestration completely, we can take bits and pieces from each of the realities within each of the crystal doorways and blend them into any reality that we choose. This is what co-creation and manifestation really mean.

I learned this art form from a team of Elohim Angels who appeared to me and taught me how to breath these magical breath tones which did not correspond to notes on a normal piano. However the breaths were so universally harmonious and harmonic  that they would attune to any other breath that I could create. Next, the angels taught me how to align my breaths between different harmonic bands or spheres in the music of the spheres. For instance, they taught me to connect the third band of the second sphere into the second band of the fifth sphere and then breathe that frequency to create on harmonic. Next, they told me to connect my breath consciously into the fifth, seventh and twelfth spheres to create another magical frequency signature. Each one of these frequency signatures was a magical formula given by the Elohim Ascension Team that would be used to align us into the new reality through light and sound activation using these three crystal spheres of crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel.

The Elohim of hearing would connect this golden portal into my left ear and breath from this magical sphere into my ear which ever tonal connections that I wanted to create in the Music of the Spheres. So the formulas of Crystal Sphere Musical Frequency Signature Creation was given to me to Bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through Music.

That is my story of how I gain this magical healing music that immediately transforms consciousness to harmonically align into higher dimensional realities. We must tune in to the Frequency of the reality that we desire and then inhale that frequency into our Crystal Heart and then exhale that desired reality into the crystal sphere in the palms of our hands.

This formula was also shown to me by the angels through an actual event that they allowed me to take pictures of. These are the pictures of me holding the three spheres that combined into one sphere in my hands and then when I exhaled the frequencies from the Elohim of Hearing the Golden Flame was exhaled into the sphere in my hands.

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