Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson – Honoring Your Faces of Love – 9-11-14

Celestial White Beingscelestial: Honoring Your Faces of Love, channeled by Natalie Glasson, September 10, 2014, http://www.omna.org

The vibration of honor is a prevalent energy that is spreading wide to many souls upon the inner planes and the Earth.

This is due to the greater presence of waves of love from the Era of Love, embodying many and sweeping into consciousness to be activated and experienced.

The Era of Love brings forth numerous waves of love into the Earth, its consciousness, and the souls of its inhabitants. It is being enacted and expressed through many upon the Earth.

Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you acknowledge the evidence or not, the Era of Love is manifesting upon the Earth. Every soul is moving through deep purification processes, intense activations of love, and the allowing of themselves to build habits of walking upon the Earth as love.

Such transitions are tremendous, and can create turmoil until the healing and truth of love truly manifest. While humanity and the Earth are continuing to move through cycles of purification, the love of their beings and the love flowing forth as waves from the Creator begins to have a new focus – an intention of honoring love.

The Creator is inviting all aspects of itself, which of course includes you, to honor all aspects, levels, manifestations and faces of love. The Creator invites you to let go of your perspectives and expectations of love and its manifestations within your being, your reality and upon the Earth.

In the process of letting go of  these perspectives and expectations, you are honoring the truth of love, respecting the flow of love and giving freedom to the Creator’s love to manifest in all its beauty.

Many people welcome the vibration of love to embody and work through their expression, and thus are of service to the great source of love that is the Creator. There is a need to take time to honor the love of the Creator.

Can you imagine what the Earth, your being, the universe and all aspects of life would be without the continuous presence of the Creator’s love? It is time to honor all aspects of the Creator’s love within your being, reality and experiences.

To honor can be as simple as to be grateful, to hold respect, to bless or simply to acknowledge the presence of the Creator’s love. Such actions will actually increase and enhance the wealth, flow and vibration of love within your entire being and reality, thus allowing you to recognize yourself as the love of the Creator more fully.

When you let go of expectations of love, you dissolve all blockages and limitations that are hindering the the presence of the Creator’s love in all aspects of your reality. You thus encourage and support yourself in manifesting more fully the Era of Love upon the Earth and in your own experiences.

We encourage you to take time in the coming days to let go of all expectations and beliefs connected to love and the Era of Love manifesting upon the Earth. See this process as a deep healing within you, which creates a deep-seated space, feeling and experience of freedom.

You are allowing the divine will of the Creator to work through the love vibration, manifesting more beauty and bliss than you could possibly imagine. We also encourage you to take some time to honor, in a way that feels appropriate and easy to you, the love of the Creator already present within your being and within reality, born from the Creator.

The love created when you laugh, smile and respect yourself is born from the love of the Creator within your being. It is such a blissful and rewarding experience to honor the love already manifest, as it will amplify the love of the Creator upon the Earth a thousand times, thus manifesting a further abundance of love.

Imagine if every person on the Earth honored love. The vibrations of love already present would then multiply, and everyone would experience great volumes of love pouring into their realities and from their beings. Everyone would be attracting love, and a great wave of love would embrace all aspects of reality.

It is important to remember that your actions have a powerful impact and influence upon the Earth, yourself, others and the Ascension process.

When honoring the vibration of love within your being and reality, you may wish to consider honoring the many faces of love of your being. You have had many lifetimes; many aspects of your soul and energy have manifested as expressions of yourself upon the Earth and the inner planes. Each aspect is a part of your energy and your being.

The aspects we speak of may be past/simultaneous lifetimes, existences as star beings or light beings, and so forth. There are so many variations of yourself, and yet all create a whole expression of your truth. It is important to acknowledge all aspects or faces of yourself, sharing your unconditional love to bringing forth a deeper unity and healing within your being, especially on an energetic soul level.

In meditation or quiet time you can allow yourself to connect with your heart chakra, breathing into the space of your heart chakra, thus permitting yourself to move into the space of your soul.

When you feel comfortable within the space of your soul you can invite aspects and faces of your soul to come forth, maybe even imagining them sitting before you one by one.

Let yourself acknowledge, honor and respect each face before you, knowing and recognizing each face or energy as an aspect of yourself and your whole. Whether you have visions, senses or just acknowledgement, it does not matter. With each aspect of yourself existing before you, allow yourself to share:

‘I honor you, the aspect of myself I am now aware of. I honor and respect the love you hold and express from within your being. I dissolve all expectations of your love. I ask you to dissolve all expectations of your love, and to dissolve all expectation you may have for my expression of the Creator’s love.

‘I now choose to love you unconditionally, sharing love from my heart space to seep into your entire being and existence. In loving you unconditionally I know I am loving myself unconditionally, accepting a deeply loving and loved aspect of myself into my being, thus creating a healing of completion, and honoring the love of the Creator.

‘I thank you; I love you and honor you, creating a deep-seated freedom of love and its expression within my being eternally. Thank you.’

This is a very powerful process; you can practice it many times, allowing yourself to invite the many aspects and faces of yourself to come forth to be acknowledged and honored with love.

You can also practice it on multiple occasions; you may discover that the same faces or aspects come forth, thus enhancing and developing the healing process, or maybe you will be made aware of different aspects each time.

You may wish to call forth your masculine and feminine aspects to be lovingly honored. By acknowledging different aspects and faces of yourself you can also take time to examine the qualities, energies and wisdom held by each aspect, thus coming to understand yourself more fully.

Remember that all your aspects are faces of your soul, and so this is a wonderful exercise to encourage a deeper connection with and understanding of your soul.

Sometimes there are pains, wounds or beliefs within your being or body that are difficult to heal or dissolve. This could be because the energy of suffering is coming from another aspect of your soul that is calling out for healing and love.

By doing this practice you can free yourself and other aspects [of yourself] from the suffering. Simply be aware of the pain, energy or emotion you wish to heal, and ask for the aspect or face of your soul connected to the area that requires healing to come forth.

You can practice the above process to acknowledge an aspect, even allowing it to share or speak, and then bring forth healing, forgiveness and love. Each time you invoke the above process it will be like new ripples of love flowing through your entire being, opening new channels and expressions of energy.

It is also appropriate to honor all faces you meet in your physical reality, however they manifest, with the vibration of the Creator’s love – your own love and truth.

With eternal love and blessings,

Celestial White Beings



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