Karen Dover – Human Interaction during the Deconstruction Process – 9-8-14

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Following on from my blog yesterday in relation to the deconstruction of the linear concept many of you have contacted me to ask how this plays out at a human conscious waking mind level as there are physical reactions from the human vehicle as it detaches then releases the linear concept/construct.  One of the main physical reactions is the inability to keep hold of a time frame, this may see many of you struggle to remember what you did a few hours ago and be unable to reference what happened the day before.  This when first experienced may see panic unfold within you especially if you are in the company of those who have not moved into full deconstruction. It can be slightly worrying not to be able to reference your last few hours when those around you are talking about what they did a few days ago or explaining their plans for the coming few days.

It is vital to understand that every human vehicle is at its own rate of expansion and just because others around you are still able to reference linear concepts does not mean that there is anything wrong with either them or you. ALL JUST IS and ALL JUST ARE.   The linear concept will dissolve when you have reached the required level of frequency that is dictated by your SOUL.  Do not assume that as others around you APPEAR to be on the same path that events and scenarios will unfold in the same way for you.  YOU ARE UNIQUE and are moving into a personal and unique manifestation and personal reality.  No one else is YOU, only YOU ARE YOU.

The interaction with those around you may shift enormously, it is played out at human level in various ways that may be unsettling. The human logical mind has been TAUGHT that everything must follow a logical order and that events /scenarios and experiences must also follow order. There is a NATURAL DESIGN of the UNIVERSE and as you now move out of the construct that you have lived tightly bound to at a frequency level then you move into the NATURAL FLOW of UNIVERSAL energy. It may seem logical that those who are in your immediate circle would move as you move but there is NO linear logic to this process whatsoever. It is to be remembered that the human logical mind will try to look for patterns at all times and then reference them.  The DESIGN of the UNIVERSE in TRUTH is not a pattern it has ever been given a reference point for.

I would guide you all to BREATHE and to BE and to not instantly react to that which is unfolding around you at this time.  The bigger picture is unfolding and is beyond anything that you have reference points for at this moment, you create the reference points as you go through the experience.  At times you may struggle to string words together to make sentences, you may suddenly not understand the words that another is using to communicate with you.  This is all a natural part of the expansion process at this time and the shifts and movements are rapid.

At a world level events/scenarios will now reach a peak as the breaking of the shell of the old 3d earth construct has now begun at a very physical level.  ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.




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