KRYON – The process has began – The CHILDREN of NOW are meeting the TEACHERS of NOW.

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Your children the children of now that have tome to the earth to assist in the process of ascension are the ones that are manifesting a lot of light and love into your reality by anchoring this light and love into the hearts of each and every being that they come into contact with physically, ethereally , consciously and subconsciously. 

In order to help them remain in this new type of frequency that they carry with them, we have instituted many teachers into your world. Who are secretly and unbeknownst to your government are communicating with the children of now on a cellular level in light language, and the language of the heart.

Each school on your planet has been supplied with such teachers, and they will know precisely who and what they are. Many of them are walk-ins, many of them are light workers just like you who…

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