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Mother MaryOn Heavenly Blessings (1) last Tuesday, August 28th, Universal Mother Mary answered many questions from listeners who called in, including myself. I had a query as to what to do in an intense clearing when I forget all I know!

I post this here in case there are any who are feeling this intensity and having the same issue. At around the 55:00 minute mark in the show I asked,

“In the last few days, I went through some intense clearing and it felt like it was from a past life. I don’t know that I handled it very well. When we are in the depths of the trough of the Wave, could you give us some advice ~ what to do? I forget everything when I am feeling that way.”

Universal Mother Mary: “Do you mean aside from hang on?!”

Kathleen: “Yes! Haha!”

UMM: “Because, dear heart, when you are in the trough, of yes, what I am calling the perfect storm and you have done your work and as you say, ‘I forget everything I know.’ I forget the qualities, the virtues, the tools because you are in pain.

“What you do, is you surrender to us. You surrender to the Love within, despite all the illusion of the pain. You KNOW you are Love and you know that you are surrounded, seen and unseen by Love and you simply hold on to that. Let everything else go.

“Yes, it is a walk of trust and you allow, like Moses in his bullrushes, little cradle going down the Nile, you simply ride the wave and hold on to the Love, to my Love, to your Love and to the Love of the Universe because, sweet angel, that is all there is.

“So put aside the tools. Don’t try to be running hither and yon. I’ll try this, I’ll try that.

“Surrender and Be the Love and let the pain flow through you, out of you. Sometimes it will be literal — vomiting, sweating, tears, diarrhea — let it come.”

K: “Was that a past life I was letting go of then because all our timelines are being cleared at this time?”

UMM: “All timelines are being cleared and in this phase what is being cleared also are very ancient archetypal experiences that have been anchored not only upon Gaia but in this Universe.”

I was thrilled to speak with the Mother and hear her advice. There was even a little more. . .

UMM: “Dear heart, when you have need, wrap yourself in my blue velvet cloak and simply know you are Loved and there is purpose to what the clearing is about.”

I am happy to report the wrapping in her cloak and “knowing I am Love” works and also what a blessing to hear that there is purpose to the clearing!

Then at around 71:00 minutes Dottie asked a brilliant question about our resistance:

Dottie: “What is coming up for me is the resistance. . . the part of me that pulls away. . . if I could get your input on that clearing and that part of me that resists.”

Universal Mother Mary’s wisdom speaks volumes:

“Beloved Angel, my sweet Anna, I begin by thanking you for your courage in naming what so many experience because there is this resistance, both actual, named or subtle and it is primarily based in fear.

“I resist this surrender, this acceptance of Love that I, I Dottie, am the truth, am the power, the totality of Love because if I do that, if I actually do it and the Mother doesn’t come through, if I still feel alone and have moments of feeling less than or isolated or poverty of any kind then I have nowhere to retreat to.

“I have let down my last line of defense and then where will I be? I will simply have to lie down and die and I will die in complete and utter despair. It is true that letting down that self-protection — you have an expression: Better the devil you know.

“You Know and you have travelled far and I do not merely speak to you, dear Dottie, I speak to all of you — you have travelled so far, none of you are who you were, oh a couple of years ago — none of you so you have gained a level of enlightenment, of expansion, of understanding the connection and feeling the love and the expansion of many of your abilities and capabilities.

“You know the love. You feel it above and between yourself so why would I risk it? And why, dear Mother, are you asking me to risk it? You are asking me to put all my chips into the poker table, in the center of the table.

“The reason I ask you isn’t merely for my unfoldment of the Plan. It is my deepest desire that you know, even more, who you really are, the amazing, bright, brilliant angel you are.

“But you say, I am satisfied, I’m OK, I’m OK but you’re not. You’re not all the way there yet.

“So the question is: What to do with the resistance?

“What do you do with the child who is afraid of the dark, who thinks there is a boogie man in the closet or a monster under the bed? Well, you post the mighty archangels, you turn on the night light which is the white light, you fill the room with blue diamond and then you curl up with your head either in my lap or in the lap of Gaia and you let us gentle you into that surrender.

“Force is unacceptable in any realm. You cannot and I will never guide or ask or request of you to force anything. It is not like pulling off a bandage quickly. It is gentling yourself into this surrender that you are so cozy and feeling so safe with us and with yourself knowing that you are attended to that the resistance just begins to   d i s s o l v e

“Resistance is one of the core issues of the human race.

“They want to think they know it all. They have defined their tangible world and even the unseen, intangible they think they have defined. They have not even begun to define it!

“But nevertheless there is more so it is us, but me, your Mother, saying to you, “I have something very precious, very beautiful, I want to share with you and show you. Let me take your hand and walk as slowly and as gently as you are ready, so that the fear factor of resistance simply goes away.”

My gratitude to Dottie for having the courage to ask her question and in closing I include a mantra that appeared within a channeling by Natalie Glasson from Universal Mother Mary that is oh so gentle, oh so lovely. . . magical.

I am worthy of receiving

the gentle,

subtle lullaby

whisper of love,

guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings

from the Angelic Kingdom.

I recognize the purity and preciousness

of this vibration of love.

As I open my heart,

this love vibration reminds me of

how precious,



and treasured I am

on all levels of my being,

especially at the level of truth of the Creator

within my being.

In receiving this love vibration I am ready

to value,


and treasure myself

as the truth and pure love of my being,

eternally present.

I invite ______ to be present with me;

to support,


and nourish me;

sharing your love,

light and wisdom with me.

Thank you. (2)



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