Karen Dover – God Message – 8-30-14

Greetings beloved ones,
I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I am here to support and guide as the human race now move into position in order to start the process called “evolution”.   No longer contained by the construct that is referenced as the old 3D earth created reality the human race now stand on the edge of massive expansion.  I am here as you now begin the journey that will see you expand into new levels of KNOWING and understanding of ALL that IS in TRUTH.
I place the following coding:

33 22 66 22
I place the SEAL of SOLOMON in the higher heart and ask that you BREATHE and BE as you now take the steps necessary to raise your frequency beyond that which your human logical mind can accept.  I ask for you to understand that the journey is personal and unique to your human vehicle and that ALL can and will begin to alter as you step back into your role as MASTER of YOUr UNIVERSE in TRUTH.
ALL stand in support of all at this time, uplifting and guiding as the human race now begin to shift and to blossom in TRUTH. This journey is set at the frequency required by your SOUL and you are asked to accept your DIVINE origins in TRUTH. For ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.
I am the energies that are referenced to the human race as GOD and I sent you the LOVE that IS always, at this time may it flow through you, around you and within you as you reclaim your sovereignty and fly high on the wings of FREEDOM in TRUTH.
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