Lisa Gawlas – The Blessed Body – Changes of All Life – 8-29-14

  Written by Lisa Gawlas,

Oh and my lessons just keep pouring in!!  Amazing lessons.  At times, biologically crippling lessons.  But ohhhhh, when the full understanding is presented, it is better than chocolate, well, almost!  And OMG our bodies!!  Our brilliant, intelligent, expressive bodies.  Let me start at the grand finale of my very long endured lesson of understanding.

I went to sleep Tuesday night, the moment my head hit the pillow the wheezing started and the coughing erupted for hours on end.  I would pass out from pure exhaustion only to wake up 15 minutes later gasping for air and coughing so much I kept triggering my gag reflex and vomiting.  

By the time morning came, I was emotionally and physically exhausted.  My chest and throat hurt again and I just became really really sad.  I just endured two and a half weeks of this hell and I barely got a week of sleeping again and it started all over.  What the f*ck!!!!

Much to my sheer amazement, I didn’t completely throw out my voice, this alone is a first, but I still had nothing in me to do readings with and I spent another day, rescheduling.  The only thing that gave me any real comfort is that I had a doctor’s appointment with my oncologist and maybe he would enlighten me as to the condition of my lungs and throat since I just had a CT scan to explore whats going on inside that may be causing this.

On my longgggg car ride to see my oncologist, my mind was doing the “what if” dance and already in the process of making and eliminating choices that I may have to face should this all be related to cancer.  I had spent time reviewing my lab reports from the day I was diagnosed with cancer.  Before I had the surgery all my white blood cells were high, not as high as they are now, but high none the less.

The dropped down into the normal range a month or so after surgery and remained that way until last August when they started to slowly rise.  Each time I had my blood drawn, my white cells were a little higher and a little higher and this past June they jumped up two full points. I resigned to the fact that maybe I have a slow-growing cancer somewhere in me.  Funny how the mind works, even a well-trained mind!!

I was about 30 minutes away from the cancer center and suddenly I was engulfed in a wave of love for my oncologist, very reminiscent of my boob doctors experience.  This really surprised me because he has been my oncologist for what, 2 years now and I like him but never had an experience like this and I wasn’t even sure I like him all that much.  For the rest of my car ride to his office, all I could feel was gratitude that he IS my oncologist and I loved him.

The day that wave of love hit me with my boob doctor was the very day I was driving in to get the results of my boob biopsy, which of course, came back all clear minus a little dermatitis going on.

So I had to lean towards an all clear with my CT scan, but then what the hell is up with this insanity of August.  Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I really started feeling very good so I decided to stop taking the allergy medicine that miraculously brought my voice back.  Tuesday was the 2nd day not taking this medicine.  Could that possibly be it??

I got to the cancer center, got my labs drawn and headed up to the 3rd floor to see Dr. Lee.  He is a great doctor, not all that personable tho.  Our time together has always been directly about how I’m doing health/cancer wise and his preaching to me to stop smoking cigarettes.  Yesterday was a very different office visit with him.  He came into the room, a broad smile on his face, he reached out and shook my hand, twice and said “I don’t know what to make of you, your CT scan is completely clear and your white blood cells are going down, you are completely disease free.”

Then he leans up against the counter, and just like the experience with my boob doctor, became very human like (instead of doctor like) and simply said that I am puzzling him and I just smiled and said “I am a mystery unto myself!”  For the first time ever, he came over to me and went over every single white blood cell count and explained to me the significance of each type of white blood cell (who knew the body had so many kinds lol.)

There was only one that did not go down 2 points, instead it went up and he explained that this is the one that fights allergies.  So he asked me if I have allergies and instead of my usual reply of no (because it has always been no) I said maybe.  Since I hit menopause my body gone crazy.  He also asked if I have been taking any medicine and I told him Zyrtec-D except the last two days.  He once again shook my hand and said the one thing I know for sure, you are disease free and smiled his way out of the room.  YAY!!

The first thing I have to do is acknowledge the absolute personality difference in my oncologist.  Did he feel that wave of love too, just like my boob doctor?  He was very different than ever before and I liked it.  Not once did he even hassle me about smoking either.

As I made me way out into my car and headed towards home, this feeling came and set up inside of me.  All the depleted energy I was still experiencing from the nights lack of sleep, the pain in my diaphragm, the tightness in my chest, gone, all gone.  I had fully resigned to the fact I have allergies.  Of course, the first visit to the ER back in February suggested that might be the case, visits with my MD suggested the same, even my boob doctor suggested that might be my issue and I was knee-deep in denial.

Of course, from the old body system that must have meant I was out of alignment within some very important things in my life and I knew that just was not the case, so it could not be allergies.  The moment I surrendered to the fact everything I have been going thru since October last year, is allergy related, my body exhaled a sigh of relief.  And then started talking like I have had it gagged for a long time!  I suppose I did in my own way, if we are in denial about anything, the truth of what is must also be held back!  But man, let go of the denial and the floodgates of understanding flow in!!

On my car ride home, the very cells of my body gave us some amazing insight.  Thru many sharings, I have said that in this time of intense energy, EVERYTHING is changing on earth.

Every-living-thing, including our trees and flowers and all plant life.  Then suddenly, I could see the microscopic elements of pollen floating thru the air, becoming engorged with the new energy of earth, changing its molecular structure within, enhanced in the quantum energy of what it once was to what it will become as it embeds in the new earth and grows.

We breathe this in, purposely so, and its magnificent energy changes are enhancing the very energy changes we (the human) are going thru too.  This creates all the receptors in the body to have to adjust, to change, to tune into the new frequencies of the new life.

People are going to feel the changes where they are most focused in use.  My body had explained if I was still doing massage, my lower chakras would be experiencing the brunt of this energy because of the constant use of that energy system.  Because I work out of the upper chakras, that is where I am experiencing the brunt of this change, purposely so.  There are those of you who are experiencing these energies in the mid section, or even in the extremities, all perfect for who you are and what you are doing.

Then there are those who think they are getting a free ride, no such animal. lol  You just have not been triggered to use these new energies yet.  (Be sure to notice that very important word “triggered” as opposed to think you are doing something wrong.  Your day is coming, it may be next month or even next year, but it is coming!! lol)

I was also reminded of something I used to tell my massage clients who spent 2 hours on my massage table getting readings and intense energy work done.  “Even tho we are doing all this work now, and we are, the body cannot handle all the changes at once, so it will continue to release itself over the coming weeks.”  The same is very much true for what is happening with us now.  My body showed me my labs over the last year, this process I am in started a year ago August.  It started slowly and eventually intensified as the energy system could handle it.

My body also showed me how much it really wanted and even needed to take the allergy medicine that miraculously brought my voice back 30 minutes after popping the first pill.  Sometimes, the body needs a little help to stay in stasis.  It also explained to me how much we devalue what is available to us and how it got here.  The miraculous minds and understandings of our scientists, our biologists and even our western minded doctors.

We have placed brilliant gods in our labs to create things to allow the body to function as it goes thru change, and we, especially in the “new age” movement, throw the baby out with the bath water.  I made a commitment to take my zertec-D until my body releases me from the need.  Can I just tell you, I slept like a joyful little baby last night and woke up this morning with more vital energy that I have had in close to a year!!  My body’s way of saying… finally, we are on the same page!!  lol

But there is something else I do want to say that was shared on my incredible drive home.  We must reevaluate the tinctures and essences that have been developed thru the old energy system.  Our plants and flowers have changed energetically, which means everything about them has changed.  What was developed even earlier this year is no longer in the same state of energy frequency that it was created to be.  Our bodies are changing relationship needs with a great many things, because everything has changed and will continue to change!! EVERYTHING!

Ohhh, I almost forgot a very important detail, well important to all us women going thru menopause at this time.  We purposely designed our body’s to go thru the change of life when life itself is at its own apex of change.  We are creating new patterns, new DNA energy releases for all those who will go thru this heavenly (or is that hellish lol) change in our future.  The confluence of chemicals released thru our bodies as the entirety of life itself is going thru its own change of life is extraordinary in its fullness.

Can you imagine the huge significance of that, we purposely chose to trigger our own hormones to assist all of life to go thru its changes too.  To me, it is incredibly humbling to be so purposely (even if unconsciously) working with the change of ALL life, because we were designed to do just that!!

Life is an amazing event itself.  Programmed to change and evolve and on other life to stay in true stasis.  We as a human species really have to let go of all of our old programming and allow the new in.  We equally must redefine what we thought we knew and allow it all to mean something else now.

Allergies are not a detriment, but a very important part of the evolutionary change.  The body must adjust and react to find its new equal, its new inner balance with life.  Much has been provided, developed to keep the event(s) as painless as possible if we just stop thinking something is “bad” for us and trust the direction your very cells are asking for.  We were created to do this, and by God, WE ARE!!

Big big radiant (((HUGZ)))) filled with new energy and vigor to ALL!!  I love and honor you more than my words will ever truly reveal!!

Lisa Gawlas

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