Lisa Gawles – The Building of Your New Energy Field – Bubble of Creation – 8-26-14

 Snow globe

Not sharing for three days gives me a lot to catch up on and sadly it will be the short version of it all.  I am going to start with one of the most important factors I have been seeing the last couple days.  That pool of thick honey like liquid that represents the overlapping of August and September energies is now starting to form into your new reality.  Now what I mean by that, if you can imagine every single person lives within their own created reality.  Kind of like being in a snow globe where everything is alive and appears and disappears at your command (core energy frequency.)  The texture and frequency of the globe itself resonates to your core energy and brings to life all that is radiating from within you, even to the point of bringing other snow globes to come join you and then releases them when they no longer hold your frequency.  This is what I refer to as you field of life and your bubble of created reality.

Let me explain this one as clearly as I can and I am going to back it up to the first super moon of July.  With the first of the three super moons in July, it started the melting point.  The melting of the snow globe itself.  A complete change in frequency, some went higher, some went lower, all perfect for the individual and collective experience at hand.

As the outer globe was starting to melt, many things came to the forefront.  Unrealized desires started to come back around seeking expression.  Old unexpressed emotions started to bubble back up, new skills and understandings started to just be there and so much more.  What we started to apply even in the smallest of ways, melted down even further.  What we cleared as unwanted or unneeded experience, recycled itself back into the vat of life energy.  As we moved to the middle super moon of August, all that will be a part of your next great adventure was a pool of thick energy to my viewing eyes.  Most people had like these bubbles inside the thick honey (but not everyone) and it is only today that I do understand those bubbles are things that have yet to be tapped into, but when you put your body, your mind in the right place, each bubble suddenly opens and becomes a part of your energy field.  Its funny, I keep seeing the video game Mario brothers and the power up mushrooms.

Now, with the pull of this final super moon in this 40 year cycle, the energy of the honey looking liquid is now forming a new bubble, or a new snow globe shell.  I have been explaining it like this:  As we moved into July the house we were living in was torn down, then liquified so that the new materials could rebuild the new house that you will live in.  All the while, we never moved out, it all is happening while we still are in it.

Keeping all the above in mind, we are also seeing the earth do the very same thing.  The largest of snow globes, that houses every one of our own individual snow globes is equally undergoing this process too.  How could it be any other way.  This is the new earth I am seeing and have been seeing for most of this year, that is October.  As within, so without and vise versa.

September is going to serve much like the straining process.  Funny, I see it like everyone gets into their own colander, where all the excess falls away and what is left is the core energy that we will experience in this next cycle (within a cycle, within a cycle.)

What is important to realize is the new earth emerging in October is even more pristine than the one we moved into January 2013.  It is a more rarefied living environment of true Source energy and we can only jump from this earth to that earth if we meet that frequency.  Which means we must be clearer and more confident than we are even now.  Out loud in full truth of our Self’s.

I had to go for a CT scan yesterday morning and I popped in my “25 Core Messages From God” (by Neale Donald Walsch) audio book.  Many of the things I was hearing felt so relevant for this moment in time we are all in.  Maybe less relevant and more ESSENTIAL to apply and really understand as a living expression of Source.   Sadly, while driving in a car I cannot just take notes, and god bless my memory bank.  The one thing that stands out right now is something he said that reminded me of a reading I did a week ago.

“What flows thru you, sticks to you.”

The sticky outer snow globe substance.  The moment you put something out, its reflection is already stuck onto your snow globe of experienced reality.  Anything that is stuck on the outer side of your snow globe, changes its energy construct with its energy.  This is extraordinarily exciting, as much as it demands caution too.  Before I expand on this understanding, I want to couple it with another semi-quote from this book, because it is floating in eyes balls to share here lol.

‘What you desire, cause someone else to experience.’  (Not sure if that is word for word accurate.)

Let’s start with the intangible meaning of this.  Flowing down thru you is the pure energy of Love, divine, unconditional love.  You feel it in your core and breathe it out as your breath of life.  Your desire to have that kind of relationship(s) in your life becomes stronger.  Suddenly, something is sticking to your snow globe.  Something or someone that equally (but most likely not consciously) desires the same thing.  Lets make it easy and call it a person.  A person suddenly shows up in your life  that is filled with judgement and condemnation for their lot in life.  The first thing you think, this is NOT what I wanted and maybe you might be trying to find a way to avoid this person when in reality, the true reality, your job is to fill this person with unconditional love, divine love and assistance as you help them release their perceptions and change their own world.  Cause someone else to have what you desire.

Now let’s take this to the tangible.  Many people seek financial security, especially in doing what they love to do, instead of doing what they feel they have to do.  So with this, lets say your finances are thin and suddenly, in your desire for more abundance in your world of money, someone suddenly shows up who is more in need than you are.  Do you choose to help them feel more financially supported, or do you hang on to every penny because you just don’t know where your extra pennies are coming from?

The more you ARE the pure abundant living energy of Source, the more that must come back to you as well.  Give a dollar find a hundred. This is true for every single aspect of life itself.

You take someone like me, on this path, I started sharing long before I realized I had something significant to share.  I just shared hoping someone would help me understand what I was experiencing and truthfully, have not stopped sharing since.  Much has been given to me in the true understandings of life and spirit.

Give more than you think you have and be open to receive the abundance of all there IS.

There is a tale of caution here too, one that is becoming my own experience.  Sometimes, we spend more time giving than we do taking in the joy and wonder of life itself and we become depleted.  This is where I am emerging from.  I have been exhausted every day.  I am waking up more tired than I went to sleep consistently.  I realized, yesterday in my car ride and even a bit in the conversation I had with George.  I work all the time.  10-13 hours every single day.  I have not been very good at taking days off either.  By the time I am done, I overly done.  So for now, I am suspending the Soul Gym for the next couple of months.  We will finish August together and then pick up another time down the road.  I am sorry to be so sudden with this choice, but if you seen my visual yesterday, you would understand why.  I Am Changing lol.

Well, this sure didn’t go in the direction I thought it would, but I supposed, it went where it was needed to go.  On that note, there is so much more to share and (maybe) that will be tomorrows sharing.

I love you all and celebrate where you and we brought ourselves in this most amazing time upon earth!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and magnetic fields of wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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