AA Gabriel Message to Humanity – – via Karen Dover – 8-22-14

Archangel Gabriel

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk with ALL as ALL now prepare to move into the higher dimensional frequency realities that have been opened to the human race.  No longer walking in the shadows of the old 3D earth created reality construct the human race are now able to walk in the LIGHT of TRUTH and to activate the higher dimensional portals in order to move into full FLOW of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.

At this time you are asked to focus on the dream that resides deep within your heart space. To focus on the LOVE that IS and pull this frequency through, around and within your human vehicle. That which has been guided by your SOUL is now blossoming in the outer waking reality which is your human life experience on Planet Earth in TRUTH.

ALL stand ready to support the movement of ALL at this time and you are asked to place the following coding into your energy signature:





33 22 11







I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk with ALL as the New Earth now blossoms fully in the outer waking life experience of those who would term themselves human upon the Planet Earth at this moment.


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