Val and Valana Thor – Step Back Into Your Power – 8-22-14


 If the one born ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Lord of Lords’ could do nothing in his own self how can any expect to do so?

  “Beloved Yeshua claimed no power, no anointing and no teaching ministry other than the power, the anointing and the wisdom of the ‘Father within’.


“Of my own self I can do nothing, the Father within doeth the works.” – Jesus


The words that I speak are not mine but the Father’s that sent me.” Jesus


When you stand before the magistrates take no thought what you will say, the Father within will speak.” Jesus


This above scripture has been misinterpreted to mean some power other than yourself takes over and speaks through you. This is not to be done.  This is the way to invite demon possession or being taken over by a lower astral entity aka the powers of darkness.


It simply means, you will do the speaking or writing and the words will come to you, similar to a flowing stream. You will not have to pump them up or attempt to search them out or attempt in any other way to do it within your own self.


 Step back in your own Christ Identity  and know thyself.  It is said to have been written over an ancient Temple of Wisdom, “Know Thyself”.


As the scriptures tell us, ‘Be still and KNOW, that I AM God’.  Where is the “I AM”? Beloved Jesus made clear when he said,


“The Kingdom of God is within YOU.”


Stand back in that Kingdom and allow the fullness of the glory of God to descend upon you and just BE what you really are, the beloved I AM Presence of the Living God within your own Soul.”


“May you stand in the glory of the true Self…So Be It, Be It So, Amen.”


Val and Valana Thor


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