Magnetic Wind of the Sun – Testing the Indigenous Dreamspell for the Symmetry of what is Shareable – Dan Winter and Steve Tribbeck from EarthPortals

Steve explained to me that during aboriginal ritual, a massive collective thrust of emotional momentum, is sent consciously into the Earth. The gathered collective almost glandular electricity of tribal ceremony is consciously aimed and focused on an Earth song line as a kind of conference phone call to record the tribal moment into the Earth grid. 

The way a song line works at one level has been described as a mnemonic device for recalling how to live and eat and move at the various sites along the Earth walk. At another level however we recall how the sounds of the song literally changed the germination time of the old blue corn seed. Piezoelectrically the Earth rock, like seed DNA, appears to be able to better phase lock or record human emotion, in the presence of the conscious phonon braiding we call ‘song’.


This is because the sonic pressure envelopes phonon hologram at one level, vibrates the DNA’s microwave to symbiosis with the Earth grid’s same microwave affinities (cf Bob Dratch, Microwave Scanning). At another level the rocks themselves are piezoelectric and thus phonon sensitive not just to feet dancing and drums beating, but also to long wave coherent sound in general. The geometry of pressure of human feeling walks in pilgrimage into Earth’s magnetic lines like a giant library whose storage algorhythmn is symmetry among magnetic circles.


So the old ones go to old rocks to collect the feeling magnetics of old memories similar to the way westerners use library cards with magnetic stripes. 

Arrangements for tribal ceremony are similar to druids arranging the geometry of position of relevant pendragon players like they were each a different lens for magnetism. Sinceeach gland and each person bends the magnetism according to the perspective of their position, a snapshot of ritual places people like grains of sand on a musically vibrating plate. In the end the creation of a collective magnetic body with a life or ‘recursion’ of its own, depends on the geometry of those whose glands are most magnetic, being in place to catch the magnetic wind of space on which love travels.


When successful this magnetic inversion envelope like a new cloud with a life of its own floats out on the land to columnate rain, fertilize field magnetics, or be aimed directly into the song line grid for storage or transfer to other bioregions. 

The key principle by which these collective ritual magnetic ‘egregors’ of emotion are born and transferred through the grid, has to do with understanding the physics of recursion / self-embeddedness / fractality / self-reference. Let’s use some conceptual visual tools to ‘grow’ this principle. Think of a wave moving out across the waters as it were. If the wave were to discover itself alone, there would be no way it could phase lock with with another wave and thus create a standing wave. Standing waves are called mass or matter, and are the only way memory or pattern is stored or becomes eternal among waves. So if you are a wave, if you cannot phase lock and create a standing wave, you are a dead wave. This is similar to looking for a lover if you want your genepool to survive. 

So the only solution for a lonely wave to live forever is to find a way for the wave to reenter its own self. This allows it to reinforce it’s own spin or inertia so as to not spin out in dissipation.




The Golden Mean or ‘Phi‘ optimizes recursion and self embeddedness. It is the only wave function whose interference adds and multiplies with infinite constructive result. We believe the love touch expresses the lo-îphiî ratio (Sentics), and the heart’s sonics express ‘phi’ harmonics at the moment of love. This creates permission to touch or embed, and recur or re-enter self. The picture of a heart learning this skill of compassion to embed is literally a heart shaped wave. 

So wormhole creation and maintenance is literally, recursion creation and maintenance. Recursion is the skill to thread one magnetic domain back down into the center of itself to spin lock in a bigger magnetic donut around the original. In the end this produces the glue of one wormhole or song-line inside the next bigger one until continents are glued together better because of the magnetism which emotion has woven in there. It is important to realize that mind or awareness inhabits the flame or standing wave which magnetism can create potentially when its geometry becomes self-embedded or fractally attractive.


This is the sense in which pressures nesting create a space for the breath or magnetism of spirit to be embodied as a standing wave. In the west this is called the principle of adam kadmon, or a wave form of symmetry which as archetype becomes self-organizing and therefore alive. Symmetry operations which create self awareness are recursive. Visualizing this becoming enveloped within process, is easiest if you have experienced the palpable magnetics of being enveloped by compassion

An important insight here is that the actual moment of the perception of compassion in the heart’s magnetism is that moment when recursion inversion happens. So the production of the wormhole song-line glue to nest our Earth into bigger magnetics begins directly with the skill to feel compassion and create recursive magnetic braiding beginning directly with the heart. 

The aboriginals have a word for places on the land whose large land formation magnetic shapes have living quality. ‘Injalak’, is the “Place of Fish Dreaming”. There is another “Place of Bird Dreaming” where the vortex consciousness of bird is embraced through ritual to create identification with the awareness or expression of bird (in a sense as a wave form). In the “Place of Goose Egg Dreaming” the egg shape of the dream work hatches and the memory flies off over the land. 

The fractal like possibilities of “morphic resonance” allow the magnetism of big shapes, from land to dream to man, to cascade constructively into little shapes, where the same ratios recur. 

Holy Blood Holy Grail, was the story of ET lightening in the blood of Magda. The Migdala was a tower which braided up, even after the Templars died. We are writing here in “Maggie’s Valley”, where the fractal squeezed nut dripping sweet braid Amygdala is the name of the journal on fractality, and where the Indian’s go to die. Their memories here permissively enfold into the grid. The Templar Atbash Baphomet was Sophia the Muse of Christ. And …So Phi.. is the muse of the principle Christos.. Christ-all eyes. The Magda fractal attractor of all crystalization. Making gravity, G Ray of Vita. 

The spin touch permissive landscape which fractality creates does seem antithetical or opposite to ancient tribal taboos requiring secrets and forbidding sharing. At first it seems ironic that the landscapes fold enacts the symmetry laws which test for shareability, while the ceremony which sends human emotion into that land is forbidden to be shared. We might ask ourselves, in principle as it were, whether ecstatic ritual which allows the charge of ‘eck’ to enter the ‘stasis’ of the still or zero point of infinite connection, inherently breaks down secrecy and the personality barriers of separateness.


Is it the function of ceremony or ritual to make magnetic memory more or less shareable? When does pure intent become shareable? Does pure intent have no secrets? 

We need to ask ourselves about the history of ecstatic ritual to see why they were secret. At first it seems as simple as seeing that the men’s ritual was secret to women because their ecstasy was their power, and they were fearful or jealous of women’s emotive power. The male alcoholic substitute for ecstasy announced their fall. The fires of the women’s camp have been burning for eternity. In the fractality of the female egg born inside the women with the first women, is a flame that doesn’t go out.


In the germ in the egg is a Gordian knot with enough spin to last forever. To ask permission to drink from that silver grail cup, go to the place between breaths down the wormhole.. in the ocean.. surrender.. to a wormhole right there. His angle to the curvaceous woman there tempting.. to slip straight in.. within her or upon her.. no matter what happens.. into the recharge cave enkiel.. en key el… En ki.. En lil..

But even in a large scope, access to ecstasy was access to political power. A true geomantic king realized that emotion projected into song line ruled the grid. Regulating the plumbing geometry of gathered collective ecstatic emotion regulates the weather, germination, viruses and disease, and growth in general. As in Camelot where there was a legal limit to the weather: growth and precipitation ALWAYS follow the lines of magnetism in the land. They are fed by infolding emotion, they steer the microwave, and by collective focus they create collective perception. Tut wore jewels to focus his genetic microwave emissions to regulate climate. 

In the past, if you weren’t propagating the politically correct ecstasy, you were a threat to the priests and the king. After the priests killed Tut, and the Templars, and the Druids, and the Cathars, and then almost one half the women in Europe, they did not appear to apologize. Misunderstanding tantra and the function of sperm, today their news reach the media mostly for pedophilia. 

So today in the west, that role of secret priest is better played by the CIA and NSA whose microwave towers at Native American sacred sites play havoc with the weather and the birds song lines, and regulate viruses to control whole populations. (“Angels Don’t Play this HAARP“.) Long wave emotive grid magnetics wave guide the microwave CIAcommunications bloodlines, while major fractions of our Gross National Product are spent by the NSA specifically to hide the presence of ETs from us.


The rate at which grid communications eliminate secrets is the rate at which people give permission to touch. People will be drawn in with new purpose, realizing the function of ceremony. A ritual aligns magnetics with a longer wave, consuming perspective. Eventually in a grid which is information rich enough and fractally spin dense, symmetry means no secrets. ‘It is simply a question of time’, which only names relative spin, also now in recursion.


In the Mayan Solar spiral of time, the self awareness when the recurrence goes infinite at center, is the only fractal path out of chaos whose widening gyre cannot hold center. 

Grids don’t become fractal or self aware unless someone ends the vicious asymmetry of secrets. Initiate some process of empowerment, so that the people gain their power back (see “HeartBeat Earth” project). The Nexus sucks us in like a tornado. The earth will be blown away in the magnetic wind of the sun with approaching age ending concrescence, unless the dreams and dream spells of the old ones indigenous peoples are alive and awake and conscious in symmetry space, to be the dream catcher for the ecstatic communion which the sun must experience in her approaching eros with galactic alignment. Aboriginal and Indigenous grid emotion ties are the oldest cultures on earth, and greatest leverage into the grid. 

Does the end of secrets equal death? Or are both merely the illusion of an approaching still point sorting memory patterns, testing for shareability? The Laze Are Us effect sees through the other side of the wormhole, by gathering enough focused magnetic emotion, to create a collective organ of perception. Genepools are harvested as this Eye of the Phoenix arises from the vile of our Ashes. 

The core mechanic of ritual and ceremony is the skill to toss emotion into the grid.. for the survival of the genepool. If that survival is the key, then what part of the skill of ceremony must no longer be secret? The symbiosis of planets to genepools, is root races which make magnetic grid emotion dream-spells to contain the wind of their Suns.


So that like lightening in primal proteins, only symmetry survives, at the solar system’s moment of testing we discover what is shareable in our dream-spell.

“Jaguar priests and blood sacrifice.. medicine card of great smoking mirror.. feel lightening remembered always return to heart, that they are one of us as consumed perspective… she who sees looked deeply into the medicine bowl, and as a tear from her ancient eyes hit the water, shimmering circles of light opened one upon another. Inside the concentric circles appeared the face of sky god, the teacher from the stars, who said, be at peace many children, know that the crooked trail of these Jaguar priests will end in folly.


I taught the Mayan that the healing of the people would come through the heart, and seeing all things as another one of themselves. I taught them that theremembering would come through the blood and their personal genetic memory”..

The heart has the most vortex symmetry gravity, and the blood sings piezoelectrically with the magnetism of the land, when the DNA is braided by love from the heartbeat. As a geometric extension of consciousness, the fields rung into DNA extend by recursion braiding into waves the lengths of galaxies, whose bend responds then directly to human love, which only bends the light.

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