What Dreams May Come – On the Passing of Robin Williams – Conversations With God and the Individual Nature of the Afterlife


Robin Williams was a gem. Upon news of his passing, the world grieved as one. He was one of our most beloved entertainers – an explosive and trailblazing comedian whose natural gifts and fiery love of pushing the envelope were eclipsed only by the size of his heart. His was a personality so passionately efflorescent he simply couldn’t be contained. His frenetic, ‘laugh-at-one-joke-miss-two-others’ stream of consciousness delivery, particularly in interviews and improvisational situations, quickly made him a household name in the 80′s and managed to precede him for the rest of his life.

He was also a multiple award-winning actor who was highly regarded as an exceptional talent with the ability to stretch himself across all genres. Among the many touching and artistic films he made was 1998′s What Dreams May Come. While failing to perform as well as certain other classics he starred in, such as Good Morning VietnamDead Poet’s Society and the Academy award-winning Good Will Hunting, the lesser known film was no less ambitious in its scope. One of only a handful of pictures in history to attempt crossing over and describing what the afterlife may be like, it is a film in which the majority of the action takes place after death. The world that the characters occupy there is one that is both similar and astonishingly different than our current reality, by turns both magical and horrifying. It is greatly entertaining. Aside from this, however, the question arises as to whether or not it is at all believable. Is it based on any evidence of real ‘life after death’ experiences? Even if it is, why should we give it any more credence than any other ‘theory’ surrounding life after death, all of which should be viewed with a healthy amount of skepticism, regardless?

For those here at Wisdom Pills, there is one simple reason: The book trilogy Conversations With God. Our number one item on the list of recommended reading, the CWG series is an astonishing condensation of serious spiritual truths. And while it takes a massive leap of faith for the analytical mind to accept anything the series presents, if one takes a moment and listens to their second brain and its deep intuitive wisdom, the truth is undeniable. The third book in particular deals with a number of intriguing ideas, specifically the lifestyles of Highly Evolved Beings (people living in other parts of the cosmos who are exceptionally advanced in their spiritual and technological evolution) as well as, you guessed it, life after death. Published in 1998, the book, amazingly, addresses What Dreams May Come in its dialogue specifically. From pages 72-74, here is an excerpt. (To clarify, the writing in bold is that of the book’s author, Neale Donald Walsch, and the regular text is that of ‘God’.)

 *   *   *

Nothing exists in Ultimate Reality save that Which Is. You are correct in pointing out that you may create any subreality you choose – including the experience of hell as you describe it. I have never said at any point in this entire dialogue that you could not experience hell; I said that hell does not exist. Most of what you experience does not exist, yet you experience it nonetheless.

This is unbelievable. A friend of mine [name removed] just produced a movie about this. I mean, about this exactly. It is August 7, 1998, as I write this sentence. I am inserting this in the dialogue, in between lines of a discussion of two years ago, and I have never done this before. But just before sending this to the publisher, I was re-reading the manuscript one last time, and I realized: Hold it! Robin Williams has just made a movie aboutexactly what we’re talking about here. It’s called What Dreams May Come, and it’s a startling depiction on film of what You’ve just said.

I am familiar with it.

You are? God goes to the movies? 

God makes movies.


Yes. You never saw Oh, God?

Well, sure, but…

What, you think God only writes books?

So, is the Robin Williams movie literally true? I mean, is that how it is?

No. No movie or book or other human explanation of the Divine is literally true.

Not even the Bible? The Bible is not literally true?

No. And I think you know that.

Well, what about this book? Surely this book is literally true!

No. I hate to tell you this, but you are bringing this through your personal filter. Now I will agree that the mesh on your filter is thinner, finer. You have become a very good filter. But you are a filter nonetheless.

I know that. I just wanted to state it again, here, because some people take books like this, and movies likeWhat Dreams May Come, as literal truth. And I want to stop them from doing that.

The writers and producers of that film brought some enormous truth through an imperfect filter. The point they sought to make is that you will experience after death exactly what you expect, and choose, to experience. They made that point very effectively. Now, shall we get back to where we were?

Yes. I’d like to know just what I wanted to know when I was watching that movie. If there is no hell, yet I am experiencing hell, what the hell is the difference?

There wouldn’t be any, as long as you remain in your created reality. Yet you will not create such a reality forever. Some of you won’t experience it for more than what you would call a “nanosecond.” And therefore you will not experience, even in the private domains of your own imagination, a place of sadness or suffering.

What would stop me from creating such a place for all eternity if I believed all my life that there was such a place, and that something I’d done had caused me to deserve such a place?

Your knowledge and understanding. Just as in this life your next moment is created out of the new understandings you’ve gained from your last moment, so, too, in what you call the afterlife, will you create a new moment from what you’ve come to know and understand in the old.

And the one thing you will come to know and understand very quickly is that you are at choice, always, about what you wish to experience. That is because in the afterlife results are instantaneous, and you will not be able to miss the connection between your thoughts about a thing, and the experience those thoughts create. You will understand yourself to be creating your own reality.

This would explain why some people’s experience is happy, and some people’s experience is frightening; why some people’s experience is profound, while other people’s experience is virtually nonexistent. And why so many different stories exist about what happens in the moments after death. 

Some people come back from near-death experiences filled with peace and love, and with no fear, ever again, of death, while others return very frightened, certain that they have encountered dark and evil forces.

The soul responds to, re-creates, the mind’s most powerful suggestion, producing that in its experience. Some souls remain in that experience for a time, making it very real – even as they remained with their experiences while with the body, though they were equally as unreal and impermanent. Other souls quickly adjust, see the experience for what it is, begin to think new thoughts, and move immediately to new experiences.

Do You mean that there is no one particular way things are in the afterlife? Are there no eternal truths that exist outside of our own mind? Do we continue to go on creating myths and legends and make-believe experiences right past our death and into the next reality? When do we get released from the bondage? When do we come to know the truth?

When you choose to. That was the point of the Robin Williams movie. That is the point being made here. Those whose only desire is to know the eternal truth of All That Is, to understand the great mysteries, to experience the grandest reality, do so.

*   *   *

The dialogue continues to go deeper from there. It is quite a headful, yes, but totally digestible to the inquiring spiritual mind.

We decided to put this post together as a commemorative piece celebrating the life of Robin Williams and his incredible, uncontainable spirit. There is no doubting the fact that he was a lightworker of true significance. If there is one thing his work attests to, this is it. The message his life conveyed to the rest of us was clear: Joy is the answer. Enthusiasm is the answer. Fearlessness, persistence and a willingness to shout the truth from the top of your lungs is the answer. Whatever ‘darkness’ may have surrounded his departure from this earth, wherever Robin is now, whatever reality he has created for himself – or passed through – we like to believe that it is one overflowing with an abundance of all of these exuberant states of consciousness, and more. How could someone who gave so much love to the world experience any less?

Rest in Peace, Mr. Williams.

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