Be Now in the 5th Dimension – Sananda, Ashira, Soleena, One Who Serves – 8-20-14

Ashira (5th Dimensional Being from the Crystal City of Inner Earth) channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
Sananda, Soleena (A higher aspect of myself), One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

I am Ashira. Greetings. It delights those of us who are of service to you to watch the Divine Dance that takes place each week. Through the conversations and today, the meditations, the messages show how they are perfectly choreographed for this group. And for all of those who are sharing the messages through print and through reading.

The message that I would like to visit with you upon today is about Mother Gaia. It is no small feat to have all of those who are here to be open and to participate fully. Thank you, Ginny. Thank you, James. Thank you, Susan. For being a part of the message that we chose to bring to the group today. For all of you have received perfectly.

So, what we wanted to share here initially about Mother Gaia, is yes, the 3D hologram that stays behind, still houses those who are working and continuing to work on this Ascension process in this third dimensional vibration and there are still those things that continue to awaken people. Those symptoms of the sick mother, the rumblings that occur within her, and yet she has been able to manage her stress and her processes of transition without the catastrophic experiences that so many expected for thousands of years. And while those who have reigned upon her surface as humans for the past hundreds, thousands of years really, but especially for the past hundreds of years have wreaked havoc by de-forestation, in modern times through the pollution of the lands, pollution of the seas, the pollution of the lakes, waters and plants.

All of these things are expressions of what the human being has wrought upon the planet. She has allowed these things without massive catastrophes. She is managing her
Ascension in such a way that those who are continuing to awaken are called to awaken through different messages. Some are called to responding to wars and threats of wars and rumors of wars and throwing up the gauntlet and saying. “No more wars!”
And some look at the horrors that are brought upon the children of the planet and say, “It is time for no more horrors upon our children.” And there are those who are awakened by the plight of the oceans and the mammals and the fish and all of the blight upon the oceans and say, “No more of these activities upon the planet!”

It is all part of the awakening process. It is all part of Gaia’s allowing of the human family to see through different eyes, to be pulled by their hearts which awakens them more deeply and to carry compassion into other parts of their lives.
When you lose those such as the one called Robin Williams, that happened earlier this week, yes, it was felt in the mass consciousness of this planet. For it is part of the awakening of the heart, the compassion and the connections you have with one another. His soul, indeed, served a great purpose. And it is as if a light of joy and laughter has gone from the planet and the planet seems darker for it. But those who continue to remember him this week through videos and through watching other types of performances throughout his life have remembered him with love, remembered him with laughter and even the tears of sadness for knowing that he is no longer with you in this dimension serve the purpose of opening hearts to greater compassion, greater understanding.

And so feel your emotions and know that he has touched an entire world. He left at a time when he is going to be greeting you in the next dimension, bigger, brighter and even more wonderful than you even remembered him here. And that the departure of this time was important to increase the compassion upon this planet. And although that may be difficult for you to understand from your viewpoint, he has served a great purpose here.

All of those things that are happening within your 3D understanding are aspects of what is moving you towards your Ascension. Yes, imagining and visualizing the new planet where all beings walk upon the planet lightly and the planet is indeed, free of pollutions and free of heavy- footedness of those who have been humanity in this three dimensional world. And that you will as, Fifth Dimensional Beings, learn from your Star Brothers and Sisters, the Galactics, as well as those from Inner Earth. Many who are Ascended Masters and even Archangels will be walking with you, and all of those mentors who will be walking with you, teaching you how to live and how to create a new world that you are creating in your minds now.

Part of the balancing aspect that is taking place at this time upon the planet is bringing moderation to the temperatures. Water appears from nowhere and fills deserts. Great vents appear that allows Mother to express any of the pent up energy that may have been expressed in a disastrous event. Those areas which seem to have massive destruction now, when you have shifted into the next dimension all of that will be healed instantaneously for the new frequency will not allow that expression.

Those such as Polar Bears and whales are moving into a new experience themselves in the next dimension and may not even come back as those creatures. They may come back as something different. But it is not because of lack of food or lack of environment. They will have evolved also. All of this is in such a great state of evolution and a great state of hope.

So, while we say that is welcome that you send love and you send healing and you send all of those wonderful energies throughout this planet, also realize that those things that are occurring and have been occurring, what is happening, in part, is that it is putting those things “on the radar” to assist the awakening of the humans on the planet. It is strange, is it not, that things such as wartimes do not always awaken people? They do not feel outraged because it is happening, “over there” or somewhere else.
Many times in the isolation type of survival mode that each person has upon this planet, there are different things that are going to awaken different people. What is the trigger? With so many billions of people on this planet it is not one trigger or two or three, there are many, many different things that will be the triggers for all of those who are awakening to awaken and have a greater understanding.

So, we would ask you to be in fear, not to be in reactive state but again, do as you have been called today to do, that is to send love. When you hear stories that can raise fear in your being, pause and send love, healing and light.
Another issue that we would like to talk about today because many have come to Susan to discuss it, we would wish to get the information out to you and to others. It is about the interesting weight gain that so many on the planet are experiencing. Again, this is another part of what you knew would be happening when you came into these Ascension times. Have I not shared with you that if you feel like having chocolate, have chocolate?

What is happening friends and dear ones, is that as your body continues to hold more light, as the DNA structure continues to be changed and altered and you hold more light because of the changing of structure within your being, “fat” cells hold more light than muscle cells. Fat cells are part of what anchors you and brings the light into Mother Gaia.

The grounding experiences that we have shared with you in the past we would also talk about today that as a Lightworker, the more time that you can spend barefoot or in contact with your skin on the planet, the more opportunity you have for sharing that, bringing that light down from that Central Sun in the system, through your sun, through your body and into Mother Gaia, again, strengthening her, filling her with love, light and appreciation.

So, as your body continues to make the changes that it does, you may see that you have pounds that you cannot fully explain. Perhaps your diet and has changed, perhaps it has not. Perhaps you are trying to figure out what you are doing differently and what we would say is to be kind to yourself because you are doing the job you agreed to do. Part of that job is and what you have been asking for constantly is the ability to hold more light. And as these changes and these shifts happen part of this experience right now and right here, is that those cells you call, “fat cells”, are those that carry more of that light.

It is part of giving birth. It is part of putting the weight on. This is for men and for women. It is being receptive and being a receptacle. Think of yourself as an old fashioned goblet, being filled to overflowing with light. Think of that goblet as having that nice, rounded part at the bottom and ending with the tulip style at the top. And you are being filled more and more and as you are filled, the round part fills and grows more to be a receptacle.

So we can feel that some of those in the room are laughing about this discussion. But it is important because so many people get frenzied about the activities that they must do to lose the weight and to starve themselves and not take care of themselves.
We want you to know this because your friends, your family and others around you may be complaining about this particular situation. It is not just the Lightworkers, even though the Lightworkers have stepped forward and said, I will play this role, I will bring this light into the planet, I will bring this light to Mother Gaia and this is the receptacle that is filling with light.

So those are the messages I wish to bring to you today. I will take a few questions but not many because Sananda and One Who Serves will also be speaking but it feels as though we need to address two or three questions from the group. So, we would open it to those questions.

Questions: The work I am doing with other groups, we have worked very hard to reduce the severity of the storms that were bearing down in various parts of the world. Is our work unwelcome? Does it interfere with the Mother’s plans?

No. We are so glad that you asked this question. It is the healing process of the meditation you brought today, Dear One. For those who are called to bring that energy into those situations, you have been called for a reason. And so, no, it is not that it is unwanted. The purpose for you is to consider this as reducing the loss of life and property. If indeed, there was to be loss of life and loss of property, it would have happened in spite of your efforts OK?

There are no judgments about that. Actually, the Mother continues to do what she needs to do in terms of balancing of the Earth. While the work that you and your groups do are wonderful, if things do not take a turn the way you had envisioned, it is not because you had not done the job you were called to do.

Anytime you share your energy with love and with the intention of good outcome for all including the Mother, that is the key.
So, you might say this:” With love, Mother, we share our energy with you and we share this energy with the storm that the storm might be able to serve the purpose that it has been called to do. We also bring our energy to assist with the dissipation of the energy of the storm that it might do its job without loss of property or life.” Then release it, let it go and allow whatever happens to happen and know that it is all in the Divine Plan.
Does that assist you? You are very welcome.

Question: I have been led to do a meditation on Mother Earth. Can you share how that would help. Should we do this at the Sedona Stupa or at Ginny’s house for the Medicine Wheel?

When you do this meditation, we would recommend holding it at Ginny’s home using the Medicine Wheel. The mission you are feeling called to do would be more for the Medicine Wheel and if at all appropriate, that it be done barefoot. Crystals are always an important part if you feel drawn to those as they amplify the energy that you manifest.

What would be the call for this? We would say that this group has enjoyed their missions and their meditations for Mother Earth as being “Earth Keepers” as Ginny would call you. For being interested in connecting with the heart of the Mother and to assist with her job of Ascension in terms of helping your brothers and sisters upon the planet. As we have said many times, it is not the Rock Kingdom or the trees nor the animals nor the fish nor the birds. Or Mother Earth herself that have any challenges with the Ascension. It is the human population. And so, because the human population is one of her kingdoms and her children, the focus would be upon the love you bring to her, the love you share with her and the love you spread to your brothers and your sisters through the Mother, through her heart and to all upon the planet. To assist her and to assist all of those brothers and sisters reach the next frequency level.
Would that make sense to you?

Question: How can we help those people we see struggling? You see the spouses and friends who are struggling and part of me says I want to assist, I want to help you. What should we do?

Yes. This is challenging for all of those who wish that you could just put your arms out and embrace all of those upon the planet who are not yet awake and lift them up to the sun, lift them up to the light. And yet, it is also about free will. It is about each every person’s soul’s time clock. And so, there is a part of each of you who wishes that there was a button that could be pushed upon any given person that would open them to a new realization. All of you in this room have awakened at different time and awakened at different levels and have experienced that you have more and more understanding and awakening going on at all times.

And so, every single person on this planet, as it was discussed by the Divine Mother last week, is part of a giant tapestry and that every single person on the planet has their own thread. And if any one thread is pulled that tapestry would not have the same grandeur. So what I would say is that every person on the planet has their own time clock. And there are reasons that some people are not awake yet. There are reasons because they are playing roles in their lives that others, they may be family members, they may be friends or co-workers, that there is a soul agreement between all of them about their awakening time and process.

So, this is beyond your conscious understanding, my friend. That is the reason that we consistently talk to you, as a group, about giving people small doses, baby steps. Giving them just a little of information. If they bite, they chew, they swallow and they ask another question, then you advance. If they take it within their mouths, they chew it and then they spit it out, you know it is not time.

Again, it is challenging because each of you want so much to carry those you love with you. And it is not allowed for it is a journey that each one walks individually. And yes, you have waited to do this as a human family but as an individual journey. Some will be out front, some will go as a large group and there will be stragglers at the end. But it is all part of the Plan and all part of the Plan that is unfolding. Just know that each person is perfectly within their time and in their Divine Plan. And that when they are truly ready you will celebrate with them and then, you will spend hour upon hour sharing all you have come to know yourself. And you will celebrate and know that it is now their time.
Does that answer your question? Yes.

So we are going to close this part for now and allow James to bring forth the messages he has. It is our great pleasure to be here. We bring great love, peace and joy to each and every one of you. Blessings abundantly. Namaste.

I am going to speak briefly, before Sananda. I wish to share something that feels very important for although my beloved, James, is somewhat reluctant to allow this process to happen, because of the male ego and all of these things that it brings, it is important that balance be brought into the picture more and more. Not only balance between the male and female but balance between all the dualities that are a part of this expression here on this planet. That balance is so important.

I am Selina, and one time only have I spoken through this one, James. And I am what would be considered a “higher aspect” of James, in any way you wish to look at that. But know that I am here to bring the other side of the picture, to bring about this balance, for it was balance that was spoken of by “Guyana”, in that time that many of you found yourselves in the mountains. She spoke about the balance. Unfortunately that was not recorded. So I am here to share a portion of the message once again.

You must understand that all is not what it seems to be. You hear that very often from many different sources. But so much throughout your programming is programmed toward the male domination of the species. And it is so important to know that there needs to be that balance always. Balance is what comes from the feminine expression, it is so important to bring about this New Age, the love, the nourishing. All of these things are important and need to be brought into balance with the masculine aspects.

So far, everything has been tilted in the ways of the male being the dominant. At one time that was important because of the need for the male expression to take care of the female in those times long ago. But that is certainly no longer the case. For when I find myself on board a ship as a Commander of the ship I would take a back seat to no one. And you, yourselves, whether male or female need to take a back seat to no one. And at the same time you are also not above anyone else.

This idea of hierarchy and various ones to be in control is the old expression that has been fostered upon you on this planet but that is no longer the case. For the hierarchy as you know it, even in the higher realms is not a hierarchy of power. It can be a hierarchy of wisdom, of knowledge, but never of power, never as one over another.

You each on are working within your own expression, within your own knowing, creating your life each and every moment as you go forward. That will certainly not change. But what will change is the need to have an expression over anyone else or over anything. For now picture your world as all having an equal say in everything that happens in the level you find yourselves working in that time and all have equal say. Think how much more can be accomplished rather than always looking towards one to be the leader.

That is not to say that there will not be leadership, there will be. Your programs that have stayed with you for so long will not easily be ended. But it will progress until a time when you will look and you will see a male, you will see a female and you will look at it as one expression, as the same and no one having any different abilities than the other. Not even the exception of strength for although the male tends to be more dominant in strength, the female expression can be dominant in other ways to balance out the two.
This is what I wished you to understand and to know that each of has a male and a female expression of yourselves. And although you may find yourself more predominantly one particular energy, that does not mean that is the only energy you carry. You carry both the male and the female energy expression at all times.

So bring about balance. Allow those energies to come forward and to replace the programmed energies you have become accustomed to.
Thank you for your time. That is my message. I am Selina. Peace and love to each of you.

This is Sananda. As far as a message goes at this time, it is important for you to know that with each and every day that you continue to move forward, find yourself moving into a Fifth Dimensional understanding. Move out of the 3D realm, out of the 3D programming. Move forward now. See each and every day as a new day of a new world in the new Golden Age that is fast approaching.
Yes, you are even now within that New Age and you have been many times in situations that you are already there you just don’t realize it yet. Your mind has not caught up with it yet but believe it now. You have already ascended; many in this room have already ascended. You are already in the Fifth Dimensional realm already in many aspects.

But it is those times when the programming begins to seep back in. It begins to pull you back down from that high level of love and understanding that you were feeling, such as when our beloved brother, Robin Williams, passed on. Please know that he is in a good place, a very good place! Just as he brought laughter to all of you there, he is bringing it to us as well. You must know that. For a personality of that type doesn’t leave easily and his light and his laughter and his love will carry forward into whatever expression he finds himself.

You, each one here, are moving forward in leaps and bounds as we look upon you. You came here for a reason. You came here for a purpose. You have all been about that purpose moving toward that very mission that you came here to accomplish. Yes, you have been working on your mission, moving toward it for some time now. The very mission you came to accomplish here in the “End Times” is calling to you now. You have been given a glimpse of that in the expression of the Twelve of Twelve.

To give you a further understanding, that will be coming. Know that the seat at the table is open for every one of you. How it will metamorphasize will come with an understanding and a knowing of what your mission is when the time is right.
You have heard of the various councils that are out there that are working with the Earth, with the Light Resistance Movement here, many of these councils. Do you think there will not be councils needed when the time comes? These councils will not be chosen from the various leaders you have now. Their time is near an end. That is not to say that there will not be a few here and there that will continue on in that role, there will be. But there is an opening for new levels of understanding and expression to come forth. You may say to yourself, “But, Sananda, I am not a leader.” That is OK, for you may not find yourself a leader now in the expression in which you find yourselves now.

When the light shines forth within you and you find yourself donning once again the robe of light that you are and knowing once again, who you are, the chair will push aside for you and it will beckon for you to sit, for you are the leaders of the New Golden Age, if you wish to be. But also understand that wherever there are leaders there also needs to be those that can be led and can be the followers. But not led in the ways you have come to learn, in the hierarchical power type of situation and structure. Those times will be over. There will be a slight progression when the changeover is necessary, but as my sister, Selina, has said, that changeover will come and you will each find yourself in the role you are meant to be.

Do not let, in any way, this bring about fear in you. For we know that can be a process that occurs here when one thinks again, “I am not leadership ability.” Yet, look deep within you and see the leader within each of you, for if it were not, you would not be sitting in this room right now! You would not be listening to these types of messages. You would not be hearing this. All Lightworkers, at one level or another, are leaders. To come in and do what you have done is amazing in so many aspects.

The time is NOW, my brothers and sisters, the time is now. Not next year. Not ten years from now. In some ways not even months from now. It is NOW. It is now for the new expression of self to come forward. For you to begin to see all that you have been missing with your physical eyes without seeing through the higher vision of your Pineal Glands and Third Eye.

Open your vision up now, each and every morn. Find yourselves out in the sunlight. Look past the doom and gloom that still appears to be around you. And know that this doom and gloom is only an aspect of the past. It is not a forerunner of your future. You are the forerunners of the future. Even act now and trust in yourselves to be ready when the time comes to take your seat on the Council of Twelve.

I am Sananda. All my peace and love to each of you. Continue on in your everyday endeavor to be all that you can be. Peace and love.

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again. Yes, this is “One Who Serves” with the funny accent coming through but we always so enjoy these times when we can be with you, as you know, but we also hope that you enjoy them as well. And all of these messages that come through whether they are Ashira or Sananda or St. Germain or Adama or any one that it might be because it is so important for you to open up to all of the expressions that are coming through to you now, all of the expressions that are coming through to wake you up. But some of you say, but I am already awake. And, yes you are in many respects but in many respects you are still asleep. You are still snoring away with those zzzzs over your head, soundly asleep (laughter).

And yet, you are coming awake from the dream that you have been in for so long. Think of your entire life as a dream, no, not a nightmare. We know some of you are thinking that. It is a dream. But make it as a lucid dream now and be in control of that dream. For if it is a lucid dream that you are dreaming then you are in control of that dream and you are in control of your entire life as it goes forward now and not being held back within the programming any longer.

Be awake! At all levels of yourself and know that you are awake. Know that as Sananda has said, you are seeing through the Pineal Gland, the Third Eye center. You are seeing the vistas open before you. If you are ready to step onto the precipice and see the vista before you, you have to sit upon the precipice before you. Each one of you has. You are standing at the edge of that precipice and you are ready, each one, to jump off it. Jump off into the oblivion of the unknowing that is before you. We can tell you without any doubt, when the time comes, step off the precipice. Step off into the oblivion, into the darkness, into the unknown.

For you are not stepping off into the darkness you are stepping off into light! And the light is opening all around you now. See all the pinpoints of light as we see them, as all see them from their ships. Look down upon the Earth, this beautiful blue planet and see all the pinpoints of light upon it everywhere. And think in terms of your project, of candle lighting, and think in terms of a pinpoint of light appearing here and there as each one lights their candle. And as each one lights their candle and no matter what they say at that moment, it matters not. But as they light the candle and illuminate the darkness and that candle illuminates another next to them and another next to them. Even though they do not know that their candle is being lit. See how it spreads? See how one becomes ten and ten becomes a hundred and a hundred becomes a thousand and a thousand becomes a million and so on and so on. And therefore that very one became a million. This is how it happens.

Be ready for this, my brothers and sisters, for it is happening now to each and every one of you and within each of you. Would there be any questions here?

Question: I am speaking next week and in my bio I listed I am one of the Twelve of Twelve. I know that time of secrecy is over and I believe one of the questions might be, “How many groups of Twelve are there?” Can you help?

Yes. The word enormity is a very good explanation here for in your understanding here in terms of 3D understanding, this is an enormous undertaking here because yes, there are very many of us Ascended Masters who are participating in this you might say, some more directly than others. It is a continuing process that is opening up. So to say that there are going to be Twelve or a thousand or ten thousand or a billion or whatever it might be cannot be at this point because it is a continuing process that is opening up. You see? So it is not something that can be quantified at this particular time. Do you understand this?

Question: I feel that part of my purpose is to help humankind forgive and stop judging. I’d like clarification about what is my main goal or purpose?

One of your main roles, is for you to spread the light in any aspect that you can and wherever you can. That goes for each one here. Are you not Lightworkers, Light Sharers? Are you not those who are the forerunners who are going ahead to show the way and open the path such as John the Baptist opened the path for Yeshua. You, each one, can be considered as John the Baptist in this aspect, that you can open the path for others to follow after you.

And those of you who will pass through the gates of Ascension have already in some aspects, but not fully in your understanding yet, for when you pass through those gates you will be the very ones who will turn right around and come right back. You see? You may be saying now, “Not at this point, One Who Serves. We get through there and we are gone”! (laughter)

But please understand that when you are at that aspect of knowing and growing the only thing that matters is that which always has mattered at the higher levels and that is to be of service. Always, that is what is important to every one of you, being of service. And resonate with these words. It is not enough to read the words. If you resonate with these words you are hearing now, through those of us who are speaking now or you hear others that have spoken and you resonate with their messages than you are those Lightworkers, you are those Gate Keepers, you are the ones who will show the way and then return to help another. As Sananda has said before, to reach out your hand as another is coming near the finish line and help them across even though you have already crossed over the finish line, you see?

Question: I feel that I have a question but it does not come to me. Do you have a message for me?

There are many things you would wish to know. But to give you a further understanding is difficult because you have access to all of the information at any given time. It is a matter of complete trust in the inner being within you to guide you at all times.
For each one here, it is an aspect to come to an understanding of, for each of you has the ability. Each of you came in with this and you do not trust it yet. For even the Susan and the James, when this crazy voice came through, do you think he embraced it? No. He questioned. And you have questioned, Susan, right? (Much!) Each of you question. Is that really Moses or St. Germain? You see? You must understand that each of you is opening up to these types of understanding to come through you. Whether it is a silly voice with an accent that comes through or it is your higher God Self. It matters not. It is the message that counts here, not the messenger. Does this answer your question?

Question: Last week you shared that Sananda would come because of something that was expected this past week. Did it happen? Did we miss it?

Yes, in some respects, no, in others. In terms of what was alluded to at that point, a certain occurrence, at this point has not happened yet. But it is coming and an aspect of it has occurred and it is going to be more and more so. So you must understand that when anyone through any source whatsoever gives any kind of probability or precognitive thought or a prediction, it is at that particular moment and at those particular aspects that are occurring at that moment. And the next moment, all can change from this. And this occurs over and over and over again.

As you look at the NESARA and all this revaluation thing and global currency re-set and all of these types of things, all of this has
been in the works and in motion here for some time. Many times it was about to be revealed and then it was pulled back for various
reasons because the frequency was not quite correct yet, you see?

Everything did not line up properly yet. That is not to say that it is not going to happen. It is! Does this answer your question?
The reason for giving dates previously was to focus all attention on that particular date could occur. So that mass influence, mass consciousness could look upon that date and focus all of the frequency vibration on that date and bring it about. You see? So at the time of 12/21/12, what do you think was happening on that date? There was so much focus on that date that something would happen and because of the focus, much did occur and brought about many changes. It is just that at your physical three dimensional level things did not manifest as quickly as you were hoping they would. You see?

Question: I remember waking up and remembering part of a dream about banks and money. What can you tell me about the dream?

In terms of a dream where you are having excitement about anything you are moving toward, it is an expression from your Higher Self that good things are coming, whether it is simply a revaluation or anything else. It is giving you an understanding that indeed, you have some good times ahead! And to look at it in that aspect is very helpful. That is from the big picture point of view.
As far as the revaluation itself, yes, indeed it is also coming. And the excitement is mounting across your planet for this particular thing to occur. Now understand that we are glad that the James listened to us and brought up this aspect recently to those here in this room to make sure that they participated as much as they can so they do not feel left out, if that were the case at that time. For how would it be if the revaluation occurred and all of a sudden many of you, “ascended’ to riches, to wealth, and those here not being able to participate in it because it did not occur for them. And we would never wish for that to happen. But even understand that even if this were to be the case it would only be for a very short time because this is only the first domino that will fall. As one domino falls it falls into the next one and the next one. So the revaluation is just one of the dominos that would begin to fall and lead to the next. For there are the other prosperity packages that are out there, the St. Germain Trust and all of those sitting out there waiting for the right moment of frequency, of vibration to occur, that can bring about these changes. You see?

Question: I heard that when you are going to sleep that you should leave through your crown chakra to go to the higher dimensions. Can you comment?

As we look at this, we will say your first understanding is correct. When you focus on leaving through your lower chakras, through your third, which many do in terms of psychic abilities and such, those psychics who are on the street for instance, many of them use their third chakra to bring about the precognitive or psychic abilities they are using.

But to go out through the sixth or higher chakras, as you are sharing, allows you to experience the higher realms for expression therefore you have a larger picture that is opening rather than the small, little picture.

In terms of your dream state, when you are using through your lower chakras, you utilize the lower energies and experience fear and other emotions that have held you to this 3D dimensional paradigm here. But when you are leaving through your higher chakra centers, you are focusing on your higher chakra centers of your higher understanding.

Question: Could we just state that we intend to travel in the higher dimensions when we go to sleep?

Stating and living are not the same thing. You can state something but if you don’t have the emotions behind it does not have as much effect as if you are believing it and then seeing or experiencing. It is the same as we have been saying for some time now.
Question: Is Karma still effective at this time?

As you continue to progress and move on, you are moving toward the idea of karma as being ended and that is certainly true. For how can there be karma, a judgment type of situation where there is never going to be a judgment anymore? For the judgment itself is within yourself. There is not God-force out there that is saying well, you had a bad life so we are going to condemn you to hell.
You see there is none of that. The judging part is you judging yourself in terms of how you interacted with others and how you experienced their feelings in terms of an empathetic type of situation, you see? Do you understand this?

Lightworkers tend to be more empathetic. That is true. But others are empathetic too and are following along with the light and many of those are still operating within the karma at this point because they are still operating under that aspect of understanding in terms of cause and effect. In the case of as you sow so shall you reap. You see?

But you yourselves, as you move out of the 3D paradigm world and move toward the Fifth Dimensional understanding are moving out of that type of karmic experience. You see? Do you understand that? There is no room for judgment at the higher vibrations.

Question: When will we know when the Twelve of Twelve are seated or who the Twelve are?

You will know the answer to that when you are not needing to ask that question. We are saying here that if you are asking the question, you are not ready yet to be one of the Twelve. This is not an aspect of judgment in any way. It is you who are choosing yourselves. So, when the understanding comes that you can go with the flow, the seat will open up when it is time for it, in terms of frequency, then that will open for you and each one here.

So to look at it when will the Twelve be chosen or when will we know who the Twelve are going to be, then you are still operating at the 3D paradigm and there will not be the Twelve yet from that. You see? This is very important.
As you are taking your seat at the table, when the vibrations are at that aspect when that can occur and each one of you there are moving into the direction you need to at that particular time, all will be moving together at the same frequency and the same moment across the planet for all of the Tables. You might say, it is not you, yourself, who is creating the continuing of the Twelve of the Twelve. You are not directly affecting that but in an indirect way you are.

Without getting too far into this because it is not the right frequency for this yet, to occur, but you are moving into that direction we can say for these things to fall into place and the understanding is building that may be required for this. This is the reason we have been taking this rather slowly you might think at this moment. Why we say something about it one time and then the next time not too much or maybe nothing about it. It is to continue to allow the energies to move through you and to continue to operate at the higher levels within you to bring about the changes in your DNA structure, in your Pineal Gland and all these things. If each one of you would diligently work with your Pineal Gland as we have been suggesting here, it will hasten the vibrations within you to bring about these changes, not only within you but within the entire planet. We are complete now. We will release channel here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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