Dana Mrkich – Tools for Clearing Your Energy – 8-20-14

Dana Mrkich


The more sensitive we become, the more open we are to receiving thoughts and emotions that aren’t ours. The more light we hold, the greater beacons we are for attracting energy that is fuelled by that light – until we learn how to no longer attract it. 

We are currently needing to discriminate between thoughts and emotions belonging to us that are rising up from our subconscious for the purpose of being transformed vs thoughts and emotions not belonging to us. The former feels like truth even if it is uncomfortable to acknowledge, while the latter feels like a much heavier influence, or a message that feels foreboding or doom and gloomish. 

Here are some handy tools to have in your daily backpack: 

1) You can say: if this is not mine, please leave. Say it three times for good measure. 

2) Imagine a line of light going up out the top of your head connecting you to the highest source of truth, love and light (whatever name you use to call that is up to you), and going down through you, down to the core of Mother Earth. 

3) Say I am filled with love, I am surrounded by love, I am protected by love and I am guided by love. 

4) Say I am aligned to my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward on all levels. 

These are all quick and easy things you can do each day, just like having a shower!

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