The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – On Trusting Your Intuition – 8-19-14

The Lighted Ones: “On Trusting Your Intuition” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 18, 2014

Greetings Dear Friends!

Today we wish to expand upon the concept of following your intuition.

Can you accept the concept that in each and every moment that which you desire is on its way to you? The path of least resistance is always opening up to you to bring that which you have created into your Now moment. The voice inside of you which some call your gut feeling or your conscience or the voice of God but is what we are calling intuition is always guiding and prompting you to discover the things for which you have been asking. It is only ever in your insistence that you know a better way or your unwillingness to trust or that you must control each step of the process that you push it farther away from you.

Can you see the conflict here? You cannot, on one hand, trust that what you have asked for is on its way to you and on the other hand not trust that you are being guided to it in every moment. Your intuition speaks through your Heart and will never steer you wrong. It is not only the voice that says “don’t go down that dangerous alley”. It is also the voice that guides you to the right questions to ask, or tells you to strike up a conversation with a stranger who turns out to be a powerful ally or someone who can connect you to an important event. Your intuition is your guide, your protector, your friend, your confidant and your genie in the bottle! We would like you to begin the process of trusting your intuition without expectation.

When you summon a request from your Heart then a great treasure hunt begins! Your intuition is like a guide prompting you to the next clue and the next clue and the next clue until finally what you desire is right in front of you, ripe for the picking. Now, if you have asked for something and you are prompted to take a certain action, we know that your ego will jump in to say “well is this going to bring me to what I have asked for? And of the many things that I have asked for, which thing is it going to lead me to”?

Can you begin to believe that a singular event or occurrence might bring you more that what you have asked for? Can you trust that you may experience the fulfillment of multiple desires from one situation? When you accept that you are indeed guided by the eternal flow of unconditional Love, then you can release your need to second guess your intuition. When you begin to trust your intuition without a set expectation of exactly what it will bring you, then the beauty of your life begins to open up and flower before your eyes.

When you use your sense of discernment to question whether or not it is your rational mind commanding you to act from fear or your intuition guiding you to act from Love, then you can begin to trust implicitly that you are moving in the right direction. Your Heart and your intuition will never use fear or intimidation or the false concepts of lack and competition to scare you into action. Your intuition will lovingly guide you to take the next step upon your path to bring you that which you are aligned with in your Heart.

Of course, the Law of Free Will says that you may make whatever choice you want in each moment. The fact that you are an eternal being also means that you don’t have to worry about the idea of getting it wrong or getting it finished. Those concepts are false concepts of the ego and of the rational mind. When you accept that there is only evolution and that death and finality are only stages of transformation, then you can begin to see that there is no way to get it wrong!

Whether it takes you 100 life times or 10 minutes to “get it”…you will eventually get it! From the perspective of All This Is, there is no difference. When you begin to combine the concepts of play and fun to your everyday choices, then each step along your path becomes an exciting question of “what will this day or moment or choice bring me to”?

Would you rather choose to see each choice and each moment as a clue to bring you to the next perfect moment, or would you rather choose to see each choice and each moment as a dreadful chore bringing you one step further to inevitable death and destruction? The choice is yours, Dear Friends. We know what your Heart wants, and if you listen closely enough, you will begin to hear it too!

So choose what you will, it is always up to you. Just know that you always have a choice.

In Love and Light we leave you!



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