Peace Day – Global Peace Mediation – September 21st 2014

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 World Peace Day

This September 21st, we invite you to join us for what we hope will be the largest Global Peace Mediation yet.

For the International Day of Peace, organizations and spiritual leaders around the world are unifying with one message:  Inner Peace is the first step towards World Peace.  By healing the war within our own hearts we can inspire everyone we touch to experience their own peace.

Hundreds of thousands will be joining us this year through the networks we are connecting to and your participation amplifies the experience for all of us!

Organize a meditation in your community, or pray with us from your sacred place of worship.

Organize a gathering in whichever way inspires you to BeThePeace you wish to see in the world.

Gather at 12:00 Noon in your timezone as part of theBeThePeace wave that will be moving across the planet.


Then join us for the UNIFYMoment of World Peace at 19:00 UTC/GMT. That’s 12:00 Noon PST15:00 EDT and 20:00 BST.

We will be launching a new website by August 22nd for you to register your events to a map.  If you need any help organizing an event in your city, please contact

Thank you for being a champion for the Peace Movement.

It is an honor to serve beside you.


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