Saint Germain – Your True Colors – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May

 Saint Germain:

Dear Kathryn, I did tell you that my next message would be after the RV, when we would be dancing in the streets, but I beg your indulgence to let me come through at this time to continue the discussion about the topics I love to talk about, and to bring my loving support to our whole beloved group of Lightworkers who are following these messages so closely.

You all know that I have had a great interest in this process of Ascension, and have dedicated many lifetimes to helping with the Prosperity Packages which will be the first dominoes to fall in this cascade of Light which is already illuminating the path to our Promised Land.

And so, I beg my dear Twin Flame to let me “out of the closet” as the joke went, so I can be free to bring you more exciting news, even if it is moments before the actual announcement of your blessings.  Yes, I said moments.  The necessary steps to allow this current opening of the floodgates are now being completed.  

We have had various plans to activate the Revaluation over the past year-and-a-half which we had hoped would accomplish the release of funds, but we have had to hold back for various reasons, usually having to do with complex conditions on the ground which would have had the effect of pouring water into a sieve, if you see what I mean.  There remained too many loopholes, or new ones were created just in time to sabotage the safety of your money.  We in Higher Dimensions, and the families who had been entrusted to protect the trusts, did not deem it possible to keep the money out of the hands of the cabal until now.

We have worked diligently during this time to close all the “leaks” in the banking systems, to create a program of oversight that is as infallible as we could devise, and to use our knowledge of the criminal behavior which resulted from the first private trades to accrue evidence and to direct our security programs to make them more effective. Needless to say, this required the cooperation of those in power on the ground, which was not an easy feat.

Let me explain.  Many of the delays created opportunities to catch the perpetrators who would have gladly stolen all the wealth they saw coming.  You are familiar with their talent for creating derivatives and other extremely complex financial instruments for concealing the transfer of wealth from unwitting investors into their own pockets. After the original Archon entities were removed, there was a sudden rebound effect – like the mice who play when the cat’s away, and there began a full-fledged competition for power among the second tier cabal operatives.  

Many of those lower level but well-trained managers and assistants saw the opportunity to outdo the Reptilian overlords who had been removed, and in many cases replaced by clones who are less powerful than their originals.  These clones are replicas of human bodies without inhabiting souls, and so are psychopathic by nature, but subject to completely melting away under the right conditions of high vibrational Light (sort of like the witch in the Wizard of Oz).  

Those left on the ground who are still immersed in the Matrix, and who are still brain-washed by the tantalizing illusions of power, fame and wealth are now struggling mightily against the rising energies which have them pretty well occupied just trying to stay awake and do their work as the thugs and manipulators they were trained to be.  Their energies are waning, and their dedication to their old evil ways is losing its charm.  True to their original human nature, they are beginning to awaken to the pleasures of being in Love, and it has them swooning.

You see, it became evident as we progressed along the path to freedom that we would have to find brand new ways to convert the dark ones to genuine Lightworkers.  It became clear that offers of amnesty were not working; it would have meant throwing themselves on the mercy of the Lightworkers, who would have been truly merciful, but any penalty or even any restriction on their freedom to rape and pillage the Earth and all its inhabitants was unacceptable to them.

Even when some of their companions were arrested and their greed-based programs were thwarted at every turn, the persisted.  As bankers were put under pressure by investigators, they began assassinating their own associates who showed any reluctance to adhere to the dark plans, and even some they suspected might be tempted to “jump ship.”  When they could no longer dare to carry out their vicious threats to Lightworkers, they turned on those who had cooperated with them at one time or another, and those who had information which could expose their massive money-grabbing schemes.

It has been a dramatic time, characterized by great courage on the part of those who were working for the Light in the face of the waning but every more desperate cabal.  You will one day learn the whole “back-story” of great sacrifice, determination and the execution of many a crafty plot, surpassing even the dark ones in intelligence, trickery and subterfuge.  In fact, little of what you have heard as “news” is what it seems.  For every thrust there was a parry, with the Light ones gaining ground little by little, and the dark ones beginning to realize that there is nothing more formidable than an incorruptible warrior of the Light.

With the rising of energies since 2012, Lightworkers have become more psychic, and therefore able to communicate with us and with each other. There has developed a growing sense of group consciousness which nourishes the self-awakening and sense of commitment, as you have seen in the Prema Swarupa Council and amongst yourselves. No Lightworker will ever again feel isolated or alienated from the group of Humankind.  You are truly coming into your own.

Sanat Kumara revealed to you the truth about the origins of Humanity – the fact that you were indeed created to defeat the dark. (See previous message.)  I will add to that story now that you have had time to digest the realizations of your glorious beginnings.  You have been told about the energies of the Central Sun which are helping to ignite the crystalline elements in your DNA, and that it will increase your powers of intelligence and creativity. I will now give you another piece of the story.

At the time of the creation of humankind, the joint project of many races offering their best qualities, it was understood that the race which resulted must be capable of great love and passion, with a strong will and determination, sturdy bodies, a resourceful and creative intelligence, and a sense of loyalty and courage which would border on aggressiveness.  It was a tricky concoction, designing a being who would be fiercely loving of one another and still connected with God. It required a number of revisions before the right balance of energies could be anticipated with some confidence, since the free will factor is always a wild card.

Now, be assured that this much-heralded creation, Humankind, was designed with the full intention and direction of the Great Creator. S/he used the self-knowledge and expertise of the races who contributed to his plan, to hone the combinations and patterns of the DNA which would determine the outcome of the being’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. So, you can see why so many beings around the cosmos are interested in what you are doing, because all know that this is the final stage of the plan to eliminate the dark in lower dimensions, and Humanity was known throughout the Multiverse as the gladiators who would do battle with the Archons until the final hour.

You do have the disadvantage of being still behind the Veil, so the things we tell you may sound unbelievable to you, but I assure you they are absolute Truth.  We were all there at the dawn of Humanity, and we have watched over the development and growth of our beloved human beings since the beginning.  We are in Love with you, you see, and we have a lot of “skin in the game,” as you might say.  All of the Company of Heaven were involved from the beginning, and we were the ones who designed the Game in which we – with humanity’s agreement – challenged the dark ones to the duel which was to last for thousands of years.

You might ask why such a seemingly tortuous endeavor would be devised by higher dimensional beings who profess to be pure Love.  This is exactly why it was done, Dearest Ones.  The beings who took it upon themselves to separate from Creator were God’s children as much as we are, and our compassion and love for all Creation led us to want to try to “bring them back alive” to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into the cosmic brotherhood of beings.  

You see, we do hold all life to be sacred, and our project was to rescue all the Archons, which meant all the souls who had agreed to inhabit the bodies of the ones who had genetically altered themselves in order to remain separate from God.  It was their intention to remain in the lower dimensions, never to ascend, never to return to their Maker or to us.

From Creator’s point of view, it was not an acceptable option to give over the lower dimensions to darkness, and so we worked together as a group consciousness, in complete agreement and harmony, to devise a plan which would be fair and just, while also teaching in every possible way, so that the “Fallen Ones” could be given a chance to use their own free will to change their minds and return to the Light.

Of course, the work of Humankind involved great hardship and sacrifice, especially for those who held fast to the path of remaining separate from the dark ones and their pervasive brain-washing propaganda.  Often, those who stood in opposition were assassinated outright, or thrown in prison, or tortured.  These tactics have been used throughout history, across the globe, since the fall of Atlantis, which was instigated by the dark ones who had already infiltrated Earth with the intention of taking her over completely as their own headquarters.

We had foreseen these challenges for eons, and were in constant consultation with the Galactic Federation, which was first formed millions of years ago in response to the threat of devastation from below as the dark ones developed powerful technologies which they had stolen from more advanced civilizations who were exploring the 4th dimension in their own defense.  This was when the Plan was put into action, and the civilization you now inhabit was quietly begun.  

At first, the Archons did not bother much with the human population because of their small presence on the planet, but as the settlements grew and they showed resourcefulness, creativity, and a deep connection to God, the Archons began to see their neighbors as a threat to their private kingdom.  

The rest, dear friends, is history, as you would say.  Lucifer agreed to lead the project to infiltrate and co-opt the dark agenda in order to give humankind a fighting chance to succeed at their mission, and the struggle between Light and Dark began in earnest.  This, Beloved Ones, is the 13,000-year legacy you signed onto when you agreed to incarnate here.  You came – every one of you – with the promise to do your best to defeat the darkness, whether by creating a life of loving support for others, or by being an activist in the political, social or religious arena. 

All have contributed either to the advancement of the Light, or during those lifetimes when you may have lost your way, by supporting the dark.  There are no other choices here on Earth.  Given humankind’s Reason for Being – to defeat the dark – there is be no other reason to incarnate on Earth except to join in the clearly defined purpose of which we are all a part.

Any other activities, such as the pursuit of wealth, or the search for fame for its own sake, or the indulgence of self-centeredness in any of its myriad forms is taking part in the agenda we now call the Matrix – the program initiated by the dark side.

So you see, Dear Ones, we are all in this together.  Your Awakening has made it possible for us to at last reveal to you why we are all here – every one of us.  You are here either as a Warrior of the Light or as a soldier of darkness.  There is no convenient neutral wait-and-see alignment in this Great Plan.  This belief was part of the illusion, created by the dark ones, so it is therefore a dark agenda.

It is now time for you to declare yourself, and to join with us consciously, joyfully and wholeheartedly as we finish this job of awakening every soul to the glorious triumph which is your human Destiny.  We will then move into higher dimensional realities, with your newly activated compliment of powerful genetic abilities completely ignited, to establish the glorious New World of peace, joy and abundance which was truly your raison d’être.

Your next step will be to take charge of your financial blessings, in order to join us in facilitating the final Ascension and shift into higher dimensions.  We look forward with great expectation to watching you build a brand new world from the ashes of this long and hard-fought victory.

I am your St. Germain, in great joy and admiration for your mastery and your triumph.

Until we meet in person, Namaste, dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 14, 2014, 9 PM, New York       

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