Karen Dover – Integrating of INTER dimensionality at human waking level in TRUTH – 8-13-14

Karen DoverKaren Dover

As the energies now expand and continue to expand and deepen many of you may be experiencing the movement into INTER dimensionality.  Full MULTI dimensionality is available in this your human form upon the planet. This is the ability to experience multiple levels of awareness in the NOW moment.  In order to move into INTER dimensionality you must first of all reach a certain frequency level of multi dimensionality for the two are inter dependant.  Both are your NATURAL state and the human vehicle has been upgraded as you move through the transition process to be able to accommodate these.  As I stated in a previous blog originally the human vehicle was equipped to experience both of these but the planet itself was found to become unstable when this was accessed. It is to be noted that the human vehicle and the planet are fully aligned and that one must be in a frequency to support the other.

The movement of the Planet Earth to the UNIVERSE of 3 allowing for the planet to begin what has been termed an “ascension” process, thus providing the ideal energetic environment to support the upgrading and expansion of the human vehicle in its waking conscious state.  This is ongoing and will continue to expand and deepen as the human race now prepare to walk through the various portals to the New Earth frequency realities. Again I would draw your attention to the need to be in flow at all moments, the human logical mind may be having a challenge at this time to reference and make sense of anything you are experiencing. It has been TAUGHT linear and this is not TRUTH, it is not natural, it is a side effect of the old 3d earth created construct.  Everything in the UNIVERSE is happening in the NOW moment and it is only in this your human form that you have been TAUGHT to take experiences and piece them together in a linear time frame. Much like skimming a pond this created a very shallow human life experience and allowed for the filtering of massive amounts of information by the human vehicle.

Multi dimensionality is the aspect of SELF that is connected to everything in the NOW moment from an EXTERNAL non human vehicle perspective.  INTER dimensionality is the aspect of SELF that is concerned with the internal human vehicle, for each molecule of your human vehicle is a world in itself.  YOU are a walking universe, you are full of stars and you can interact with each molecule of your human vehicle at will.  This will result in massive changes to how you perceive and interact with your human vehicle and may take some linear time to ankhor as the human logical mind will tend to reject this concept.  As it cannot “see” inside the human vehicle it will try to teach you that your human vehicle is solid and cannot be altered. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth higher frequency realities.  The energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH is separate from the human vehicle that you have incarnated into, you are blending them at all moments of all moments, this is the “ascension” process.

As you become more aware at a multi dimensional level of the connectivity of ALL and the connection to, through and around all then you open to INTER dimensionality. This will see senses you have been taught to filter out come online and will enable you to begin to work with the ENERGETIC framework of the UNIVERSE of 3.  You will be able to understand and work with the knowledge that nothing is set in stone, indeed nothing is solid, it may appear to be but the solidity is the creation of your human logical mind.  This allows for apparent “impossible” scenarios to unfold, there is indeed nothing that is “impossible” but you have been TAUGHT a set of rules that appear to state that this is the case.  ALL is possible for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

Those who appear to defeat the “rules” of the planet earth are simply those in human form who have embraced both multi and inter dimensionality and have allowed for the dissolving of the rigid construct that has been placed AROUND the human vehicle.  What if you knew that you could change your eye colour at will for example?  your eye colour is held in place by a frequency, just as your body shape is a frequency, it is ankhored at cellular level and is never challenged, hence you remain with your eye colour and body shape. You are then taught that in order to change your body shape that you must exercise but this in TRUTH only further sets in place the frequency that is running in relation to said body shape. NOTHING in the UNIVERSE is solid, it appears to be but it is energy that is placed in a frequency range.


Again your human logical mind may try to instantly reject that which I am stating, it depends how rigidly you are aligning with the “rules” of the old 3d earth created reality.  How many times do you hear the phrase ” but that is impossible” from those around you in human form?   How many times do you challenge this?  You only have to go back a few decades and reference technology to find the “but that is not possible”.  Look to what you use everyday and what was deemed “impossible”. Cell phones, smart televisions etc.  Decades ago this would have been laughed at and deemed “impossible” and is now taken as part of the human life experience.

The “ascension” process is not only “waking up” and seeing the world in TRUTH, it is creating and manifesting using the tools that are available to ALL in the UNIVERSE of 3.  Just because you cannot understand or even see said tools does not negate their existence and this is what your SOUL is now showing you at a human conscious waking mind level.

Miracles are now birthing around you, through you and within you and I would encourage each of you to let go and allow the expansion, indeed as many of you are now finding there is no “going back” or “shutting down”, this is negated by the expanding of the energies around, through and within you.  Trying to hold tightly to a reality that was only ever a construct is no longer an option, how much balance you attain is purely down to your ability to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF.

You incarnated into this human form in order to experience a NEW WORLD, not an upgrade of a previous construct and this will now unfold across the planet to new levels. You are guided by your SOUL at all moments of all moments and it is your SOUL that you require to access at this time.  Access to your SOUL is via the heart space for  ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

“LOVE is the answer,  no matter the question”.



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