Karen Dover – AA Gabriel Message to Humanity – 8-9-14

Beloved one I am the energies that have been referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I come to guide and to support as ALL now shifts and expands into the UNITY of the UNIVERSE of 3.  Events and scenarios are now placed at a world level to show TRUTH and to anchor the expansion of human consciousness in TRUTH upon the Planet Earth.  No longer bound by the chains of the old 3D earth created construct the unfolding of the higher dimensional New Earth frequency realities now expand and are accessible for ALL.  Expansion into, through and within these New Earth frequency realities is guided and referenced at a frequency level by your SOUL in TRUTH, you need only align fully with your SOUL and reconnect to SOURCE in order to move fully, physically and energetically into these expansive dimensional spaces.

I ask for you ALL to move into full TRUST and FAITH of SELF in all moments of all moments as you now move into full manifestation of HEAVEN UPON EARTH at a human conscious waking mind level. Focus on that which is before you, the New Earth frequency reality, let not the release of the shackles of the old 3d earth created construct persuade you to look “back”, the power is in the NOW moment with each moment being created in each moment. TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. This is an expansion that will take you beyond that which you have ever experienced at a human conscious waking mind level on this planet and this must be both acknowledged and fully anchored.

I place the following coding for ALL upon the Planet Earth:






I place the SEAL of SOLOMON at the base chakra and ask for you to understand that survival is a teaching of the old 3d earth created construct, I place the GOLDEN ANKH of ETERNAL LIFE in the soul star chakra and ask that you breathe life into your creations for you are powerful beyond measure.

I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk with you into the LIGHT of TRUTH, on ALL levels of your BEing and welcome you home to the UNIVERSE of 3 in this your human form upon Planet Earth.


(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


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