Karen Dover – The Expansion of Multi Dimensionality at A Human Waking Level…8-10-14

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As many of you are more than aware this is a full moon and the energies are heightening and expanding hugely.  This is to help move you at a human conscious waking mind level into full multi dimensionality which is your NATURAL state of BEing.   At the “beginning” of the human life experience here upon Planet Earth it was found that multi dimensionality could not be supported by the actual planet, so this was “turned off” within the human vehicle as it destabilised the planet itself. It is to be remembered that Planet Earth is a living organism and is in direct alignment and balance with the human vehicle. At this time if you are out of alignment with the planet and / or your SOUL you may be experiencing physical bouts of dizziness or you may feel as if you are moving whilst standing still.  (A bit like being in an elevator, coming out of said elevator but still experiencing the sensation of moving floors in the elevator).

This expansion allows for massive information exchange not only with the planet but with ALL BEings that exist on and around Planet Earth.  Just because you cannot physically reference these BEings at a human conscious waking mind level does not negate their existence, it just means that you are not able to reference their physical shape and construction at this point in your human expansion.  Remember there are hundreds and thousands of races that exist in the UNIVERSE OF 3, in human form you are taught over and over that the human race is ALONE in this UNIVERSE, this is not TRUTH and this is confirmed to you by your SOUL through dreamtime and personal one to one experience within the outer waking reality that you walk through.

Multi dimensionality shifts the human experienced massively, it is akin to viewing a flat text book and then viewing the same text book but in pop up form.  This gives a richer more round experience and makes the human life experience more experiential and colourful. Indeed many of you may be experiencing more colours, more sounds and tastes than ever before as you move through and into full multi dimensionality.

This is a personal and unique experience and is moved through and into at the pace set by your SOUL,  this allows the human vehicle to begin integrating the experience, remember you are moving into the New Earth whilst being awake in a human form. Previous incarnations would have seen you have to leave your physical body and experience that which is termed “death” on this planet in order to gain a different experience on this planet. What is being termed the “Ascension” process is the movement of this physically with the “death” of the life that you incarnated into originally within the old 3D earth construct in order to experience the New Earth in an UPGRADED human vehicle. The upgrading is the process that is gone through when you move into transition and this is covered extensively in both the EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH REALITY and BIRTHING THE NEW EARTH books.  (Both available from www.karen-dover.com).

The full moon energies are pushing the echoes of the old 3d earth reality construct frequencies to the very surface of your BEing at the same time, so many of you may feel “out there” or “in confusion and chaos” as your human logical mind attempts to reference the experience that you are having and can find NO reference. You have never done this at this level in human form ever before, so you are creating the reference points whilst having the experience. Sleeping when you feel the need to sleep, honouring your body in what it asks for in the way of nutrition also is to be anchored and worked with.  To give you an example over the past few days I have had the soda “Coke” placed in front of me repeatedly.  To begin with I filtered this out as I “gave up” fizzy drinks some time ago but it was repeated constantly so I looked at the teaching that I was referencing.  I then drank a glass of coke for the first time in years.  On then getting more guidance I understood that for me personally the chemical composition of said soda was aiding my crystalline form at this time. It may be that it is just ONE chemical that my human vehicle needs to help the continued construction of the crystalline form but this is for my human vehicle to work with, my human logical mind needs not get involved.  This may be happening in your own personal life and trying to reference it through those around you will only add to the confusion.  Each human vehicle is UNIQUE in its composition and the transformation to CRYSTALLINE form is not seen by the human eyes and is therefore filtered out.

Likewise the intensity of the energetic waves of LIGHT that are experienced are also personal and unique, those of you who are struggling may actually be working against your human form by referencing your nutrition through the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct.  Diet and nutrition in the New Earth higher dimensional frequency realities are PERSONAL and come from your human vehicle itself which is a living organism and is in constant contact with the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH.  Again in the old 3d earth created construct you are taught repeatedly that you are not the master of your own ship. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth. Only YOU live within your human vehicle 24/7 therefore ONLY YOU know how best to fuel your human vehicle.

Information sits at SOUL level, if you require assistance in reaching and connecting with your SOUL please visit www.karen-dover.com to view the list of services that I offer in relation to this.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.





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