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Abundance 44At the request of Kathleen, I’m re-posting this article I wrote in July of 2013.

As we move forward in 2013, it’s becoming clear that as the truth of who we are continues to emerge, all that is illusory will naturally fall away.

It’s my sense that we’re standing at the threshold of embodying, individually and collectively, one of the most important universal truths that has remained hidden from us for ages – that we’re infinitely abundant beings with the co-creative power to manifest all we need.

The nearly-universal belief in lack, which we’ve been fed constantly by innumerable sources, has been one of the most disempowering to us as spiritual beings, in my view.  The Arcturian Group brings light to this situation:

“This universal belief affects all, and still functions as power within the un-illumined consciousness. The energy supporting lack and limitation is constantly being reinforced and added to through universal beliefs of duality and separation. These beliefs are in turn strengthened through world events, news reporting, and political rhetoric. Appearances of lack are everywhere and that is why we seek today to speak of this–you are spiritually ready to look more deeply into the truth of abundance.”  (1)

There is no law of lack, the Arcturians tell us.

“Because you are the manifestation of Source, you in your true essence, are Self-sustained and Self-maintained. You see, abundance (completeness, wholeness) is a law, a quality of Source and is therefore already present within the consciousness of every living Soul. The reason so many lack even the barest essentials, is because man is a creator, but through an ignorance of this truth he has allowed others to claim wealth and power, while at the same time accepting lack as his lot in life.

“There is NO LAW OF LACK, dear ones. Lack is a belief, a concept held true by most in the world simply through un-evolved ignorance. All embody and actually ARE the Divine completeness of Source. It is time to clear these old beliefs and stop looking outside of yourselves for everything you need. This is an important facet of taking back your power.” (2)

They further point out that we’ve maintained limiting beliefs about the manner in which abundance may come to us when in truth there is no limit to the variety of ways it may come about.

“Many have ignorantly blocked their energy of abundance through holding to beliefs of how financial abundance must appear – they believe that it can only come from investments, parents, employment, sales, etc. Divine Consciousness has no limits and may unfold in ways never before thought of if allowed. What has been your usual medium of income may completely change. Allow it to do so or you will block it.”  (3)

Archangel Michael reminds us that one of the most important lessons we may learn is that we are the source of our abundance—it originates from within.  All that has ever manifested in the material world began as thought vibration.

“In this Shift into the New Reality, Beloved Ones, you have moved from the old “stories” of victimhood and disempowerment into a new sense and perception of yourselves as Human Angels, Empowered beings of Light who co-create reality with the Divine Creative Intelligence. In this new space of Power, you connect fully with your I AM presence, the work of your Soul, and the Flow of Divine Abundance.” (4)

The Arcturians share a series of suggestions to help us shift our point of view from one of lack to one of our essential abundance.

“Start by consciously stating your intention to release and clear any concepts and beliefs you may still hold regarding lack and limitation, particularly those regarding money. Also state your intention to release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes; particularly vows of poverty, for vows taken with purity of intention hold intense energy.

“Begin by releasing–getting the flow going while realizing that because of Oneness, you can only flow to yourself, from one hand to the other so to speak. You may think and say; ‘I have nothing to flow.’ We tell you that this statement alone will assure that you manifest exactly that–nothing. Remember, you are creators and your words and thoughts carry the powerful energy of creation.

“Everyone has something with which they can begin to flow–clothes, time, ideas, talents, and even a few cents. It is important not to expect or look for a return, for that is the seeking of ones’ good in the outer. It is vitally important to understand that when you give, you are not giving from a personal, limited supply, but are releasing from an Infinite Source–the more that flows out, the more can flow in. Through these realizations and actions, the flow of abundance can begin.” (5)

They remind us that abundance can take many different forms, and is not limited to that of money.

“Abundance and supply does not refer only to the financial. When the realization that everything necessary is embodied within the essence of the I that I AM, mind then interprets this awareness in the outer scene as what represents completeness for me which may not represent completeness for my neighbor.” (6)

In the end, could it be that our very essence is the abundance we seek?

“Your true essence is complete – Self-maintained and Self-sustained. Begin the habit of flowing gratitude each and every moment for what you have in an awareness of I HAVE because I AM.

“Look at the world around you; to the trees, flowing gratitude to them and for them–their beauty and service. Look at your pets and feel gratitude for their companionship, love, and innocent faithfulness. Flow gratitude to friends, families, and even ‘enemies’ for the love, experiences and even difficult lessons they present to you. Instead of saying, ‘I don’t have,’ begin to say ‘thank you’ for everything in your experience and mean it, for nothing is random and everything can be a step in your evolution if you choose.” (7)

Like AAM, they call the shift in our abundance views a big hurdle overcome, as big as our shift in our relationship views.

“The two biggest hurdles for mankind in this powerful time of change and evolution is the shifting beyond world beliefs with regard to relationships and money. This does not mean that you don’t use common sense in your choice of employment, business, or in the attainment of what you need, but simply means that you do what you need to do from a higher level of understanding; a living out from the realization that you are Self-complete.”  (8)

(Continued in Part 2.)


Abundance 22(Continued from Part 1.)

The Divine Mother asks us to reframe how we conceptualize abundance, suggesting that we think of it as support, which again may take many forms. She also points out another key false concept that has gripped humanity long enough, which is that of being undeserving.

“I am a practical mother. I am not asking you to pretend that there is not a lack of financial wherewithal at the moment, and this is true for so many of you. But what I am asking you to do is to go to this place and ask yourself, and I will answer you, why on any level would I feel, believe or hold onto that situation where I feel that I do not deserve support. Because that is all that money is.

“What is it that I have need to source, look at, let go of, that makes me think – and I use the words ego-think – that I cannot create and be in alignment with the abundance that not only is the divine intention but your intention. Let go. This limitation idea is a construct, a personality construct of the Third Dimension. And it goes to the belief that you are in control that you are being controlled by outside forces of greed and to a certain extent of limitation and hatred or that you deserve punishment, and none of that is of truth.” (9)

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine clarify another false concept that I think nearly everyone takes for granted, the notion of needing to “earn” our abundance, or well-being.

My intuition, as well as every source I’ve read on the subject, points to a far more optimistic reality in which we are all automatically deserving of infinite abundance and support, simply because it is who we are – it is our nature. There is nothing further we have to “do” to earn it.

“Every one of you can create your realities to the extent of perfect and blissful existence in every moment; it is simply that humanity’s existed in a limited reality wherein you were taught you had to work and ‘earn your keep.’

“Indeed, work is required to find the abundance we can feel so many of you wish to find, but it’s not work in the sense of serving another all of your Lives so that you can get by.

“The work we speak of is much more metaphysical in nature, and is derived from one’s understanding of the Law of Attraction and the fact that you can Create and manifest anything for yourselves that you truly need rather than simply want, if the sheer intent is put-in and paired with the understanding that what you’re doing is very, very real.” (8)

Archangel Michael invites us to shift our thinking about any (temporary) lack of financial resources we may be experiencing. Rather than considering such apparent lack to be a curse, perhaps it could be better conceptualized as an opportunity for us to clear the limiting beliefs we maintain about the nature of abundance, not only for ourselves but for the collective.

“So you say to me, ‘Give me the money and I will do a better job.’ And what I am saying to you is two things. First of all, if you had all the money that your heart desires or could possibly imagine, then what you would be doing is working not on the clearing of money issue for the millions, you would be on a different mission, and that would be one of charity. And that may or may not be what you have chosen as one of your soul missions to complete the Ascension process for everybody and with everybody.

“The second piece of that is while you are thinking or believing and having these feelings of insecurity, what you are also doing is being catalyzed mightily by every single atom in the universe to create. Because it is not simply about clearing, it is about shifting into your creator self and letting that bright spark of divinity come to the forefront.” (9)

He urges us to begin to embody our given power, and to see ourselves accurately as the creators we are.

“In this Shift into the New Reality, Beloved Ones, you have moved from the old “stories” of victimhood and disempowerment into a new sense and perception of yourselves as Human Angels, Empowered beings of Light who co-create reality with the Divine Creative Intelligence. In this new space of Power, you connect fully with your I AM presence, the work of your Soul, and the Flow of Divine Abundance.” (10)

In my view, an essential element of the false propaganda we’ve received about abundance is the greed-based emphasis individual ownership. AAM encourages a shift towards a new paradigm of community in our thinking about creation. We’ve been told repeatedly that we’re all One and the idea of separation is illusory and therefore fading out. This would necessarily apply to the way we relate to abundance as well.

“What is new is that this Transformation is not only about you and “I Am”, but also about the Global Community and “We Are”. It is a fine point of Balance between individual Soul Expression and the needs and creations of the Collective Community, the “We Are.” Seeking only your own Abundance and Highest Good will not bring Joy, it is only when this Journey of Self-Expression is undertaken within the complexities and challenges of the Global Community that the Soul finds its true expression of Divine Love and Compassion.” (11)

All that is built upon an illusory foundation is crumbling in today’s world. I’m heartened to know that we can rest assured that the illusion of lack is among those that must fall away. The new energies will no longer support us in maintaining the false concepts we’ve held for centuries. As our knowing comes into alignment with reality, so too will our outer reality reflect this change.

Imagine a world in which we all receive the support and well being we deserve, without the need to be at the service of another. This is the world towards which we’re rapidly moving. Let’s all “breathe into” this knowing.




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