Overcoming Karmic Debts

Awakening Journey


I believe that we all accumulate bad karma through many lifetimes.  I have  been made aware of my past karma in this lifetime as I can do no right by certain individuals.  This has made me aware that we have unresolved past karmic debts with these individuals.  I have been working very hard to counteract my own bad karma.  I am attempting to make right or resolve any negative or hurt feelings from our past in the hope of resolving this karmic debt with them.  

While looking on the internet for ways of further counteracting bad karma, I found an interesting mantra that someone shared. It goes something like this,  “I forgive X for doing Y. I forgive myself for judging X. I forgive myself for judging myself. I forgive myself for forgetting the X and I are divine.”  Repeat this mantra until you truly believe it, and see…

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