Karen Dover – Walking out the Rumble of the Old 3D Earth Construct – 8-7-14

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As many of you are now experiencing the energies of the last linear 24 hours have intensified to incredible levels. The need to find balance and to take guidance from your SOUL now amplifies also.  ( For those of you who require help in doing this I offer this via the RE-ALIGNMENT sessions that can be ordered on the main www.karen-dover.com website).

Symptoms of being out of alignment include dizziness, a sense of feeling “spaced out”, panic, shallow breathing etc.  The human vehicle is reacting to the energetic signature of the death of the old 3d earth created construct.  It is vital to open your heart and to align fully with SOURCE as SOURCE is your energy supply NOT the old 3d earth created construct albeit your are taught from the moment you take your first breath that this is the case.

Others in your immediate surroundings/family may be expressing deep frustration, deep irritability and may be in full critic mode if you are not also displaying these traits.  This again is the echo from the dying old 3d earth created construct which NEEDS the panic and fear of the human race in order to survive.  Even in its “death-throes” it will attempt to feed the construct and this will see more chaos unleashed upon the world in general. It is to be remembered that it is a CHOICE whether to fall into the panic or whether to have TRUST and FAITH in SELF for you do not create anything that does not have an answer to. The answer sits at SOUL level and not the human logical mind (until it is brought through and anchored fully at human conscious waking mind level). Therefore access to your SOUL through the heart space is vital.

When you feel the huge energetic shifts then allow them to flow, attempting to stop them will induce more physical symptoms that may be unpleasant.  Imagine if you will a torrent of pure white light that is coming in from the UNIVERSE and then visualise where it is getting “stuck” within your human vehicle.  Holding the intention to “open the taps” where you find the energy pooling or stopping can help release the pressure that will build up.  The human vehicle is adapting and recalibrating to its full crystalline structure allowing more LIGHT to pulse through, be anchored within and radiated within the human vehicle.  This LIGHT is a frequency and is not “seen” by the human logical mind which confuses the human logical brain.

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

Harmonisation of the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH and your human vehicle is now fully under way. Relaxing and resting when necessary, eating (or not , some of you may not be able to eat solid food at the moment), drinking and sleeping may be all that you can manage at this time. Do not force this, you are guided at all moments by your SOUL and it is vital you TRUST the process, remember you have never done this at a human conscious waking level ever before on this planet.

Energies are set to INCREASE and EXPAND and will continue to build in the old 3d earth reflection with more apparent chaos and drama playing out. View this akin to a hungry child, a child that is hungry and tired (the old 3d earth created construct is now starving) will throw a tantrum very easily hence the drama at “world level”.

A new world is BORN THROUGH the chaos of the old world. Breathe and TRUST and have FAITH for you are eternal and you are PURE LIGHT at SOURCE, you are birthing this through, around and within your human vehicle, at times this may see you blind to your own light but does not negate said LIGHT.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


This is almost a test of FAITH and TRUST and your SOUL is attempting to show you at all moments of all moments how safe, protected and loved you are in TRUTH.  Do not look for the obvious, look to what you FEEL at all moments.




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