Steve Beckow – Universal Brothers and Sisters, Sovereign Citizens of the World, and Members of Team Earth – 8-7-14

African ChildrenI came across this article while searching for another and I’d like to repost it today.

Another task before us once we’ve gotten a sense of what it means to be human is to achieve the contextual breakthrough of becoming sovereign citizens of the world and members of Team Earth.

I’d like us to consider four propositions as we enter into our global conversation on how to approach this work.

Universal Brothers and Sisters

The first is that we’re all related as children of God. We’re all universal brothers and sisters. What does that really mean?

Our brotherhood and sisterhood does not relate to the color of our skin, our nationality, our religion or any other external features such as these.

It relates to the fact that we‘re all fragments of the Divine, or as the prophet put it, firebrands plucked from the burning. (1) Our soul or Self is Light of the One Light, which the religions have called the Christ, the Atman, the Buddha Nature. It’s a pearl of great price, a treasure buried in a field, and a mustard seed (God the Child) that grows into a great tree (God the Father).

It’s that Self, which is eventually fully known as the All-Self, that’s the essence of our brotherhood and sisterhood. It’s as the One Self that we’re all related.children It’s as that Light that we’re all children of the one God.

Sovereign Beings

The second proposition I’d like you to consider is that we’re all sovereign, plenipotentiary monarchs over our own domain.

When God the Mother birthed us and sent us on our journey from God to God, she made us monarch over the domain of our bodies and our field of awareness.
Apparently our domain extends to other worlds, other dimensions, and other bodies but that remains all hearsay to me. I know only this body and this field of awareness and I‘m monarch over it. I’m fully responsible for it and have sway over all it does, is and has. And the same applies to you.

So it’s as plenipotentiaries, by God’s command, that we sit down at the table commonly and treat with each other to build Nova Earth.

Citizens of the World

The third proposition is that we’re not only sovereign beings, we’re also sovereign citizens of Planet Earth. I don’t feel my citizenship any longer to just one country. I’m a citizen of the planet now, as are all of us.

And it’s as a citizen of the planet, with no more power than you but no less, that I sit down to treat with you in the building of Nova Earth.

When I invite us to see ourselves as citizens of the world, I invite us to get that context down to our bones, down to the cells in our bodies.

To be sure, we Nova Earthlings, Nova Terrans or Nova Gaians respect the laws of the lands we live in but we center our being in, and act from the state of, being citizens of the world.

Expanding our identity from being a Peruvian or a South African to being a terrestrial citizen is one step in the total evolution of our consciousnesses. It’s a desirable one, but by no means the end of the story.

earthday2010aWe’ll have to abandon it at some point. The purpose of life is not to realize ourselves as Earth dwellers, but to realize ourselves as God.

However, as a useful interim measure that will yield in time to our becoming a galactic being, and then on to wider domains of applicability on our return journey Home, being citizens of the world is a powerful and unstoppable idea whose time has come.

Members of Team Earth

As brothers and sisters, sovereign beings and citizens of the world, we are the team that will build Nova Earth.

As Team Earth, we’re charged with seeing to the wellbeing of the planet, her human population, and her animal kingdom.

We’re charged with restoring Gaia as far as lies within our power to do so, living upon her in an harmonious and self-sustaining way, and making a home for others that’s comfortable, equitable and fair.

A high priority is to build a sense of team that will attract all colors, religions, and paths to the work of terraforming and relieving the suffering that exists all over the globe.

* * *

Moreover, we cannot escape our circumstances any more than the souls who said the Sun was at the center of the local system, the Earth was round or gravity kept the stars in place.

We must labor, eat, and sleep. But we labor, eat and sleep as world citizens, as citizens of Nova Earth. And we labor, eat and sleep sharing the gains as well as sharing in the pains. Family8192

Some of our brothers and even more of our sisters are being mistreated in many areas of the world. While we obey the legitimate laws of the land we live in, we don’t need to obey – and shouldn’t – the illegitimate laws, dictates and customs that make children’s lives miserable, women suffer in a hundred ways, and nations endure poverty, want, and slavery.

There’s one word that rings louder than an atom bomb and that word is “no.”  There’s one word that’s sweeter than an angel’s voice and that word is “yes.” But now we need to learn how to use, and when to speak, both of them to greatest effect.

All that lowers our awareness, dries up our love and confuses our wisdom now must hear our “no.” All that raises our awareness, moistens our love, and releases our wisdom now must hear our “yes.” The matter is no more complicated than that.

As your brother, a sovereign being, and a citizen of the world, by the power vested in me as a child of God, I declare that all my brothers and sisters on the planet are free, deserve the necessaries of life equally, and merit the acceptance of the world without exception.

We citizens of the world gather together in communication every day, make contact with each other and agree to create a world that works.

We citizens of the world, speaking with one voice to have the world work according to the divine qualities and right conduct, declare a new paradigm that raises all bars to eliminate inequality, want, and servitude.

We citizens of the world say there’s no going back to the way it was. Our global citizenship is not the crystal ceiling; it’s the golden floor. It’s not the project’s conclusion; it’s only the invitation. It’s not the destination of our journey; it’s just the first step on a road we cannot see or know but can only sense and feel.

All of us share humanness and dedication to restoring and revitalizing the Earth in preparation for our final ascension. The cabal is leaving. The galactics are coming. The big push is not far away. Our consciousnesses continue to expand to help us along the way. We’re positioning ourselves to carry out what we came to do.

To get that job done, we come together as Team Earth.


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