Karen Dover – Archangel Gabriel Message To Humanity – 8-6-14

Photo: Archangel Michael Planetary Influx of Energies will reveal greater light within you Today we feel it is advisable for you to take some time for yourselves to accept and integrate the huge amounts of information that has recently been beamed into your energy bodies, and into your cells, as well. We know that very few of you are consciously aware of what you have received. That is alright. It is in the nature of potential, in any case. For a short time, close your eyes and center yourselves in your hearts. Intend that you accept and thank your Creator for these gifts and wish them integrated with your being as you release more of the things which do not resonate with the future selves you desire. Breathe the best and highest YOU into yourself, and breathe the other out. It is not necessary to make it a long process, unless you enjoy it. You may get a visual or feeling of a color, such as our gold and blue, or rose and green, violet, etc. If you do, breathe that in and absorb it, also. Our attention is drawn to the intense and growing feeling that almost everyone has now of an impending happening which they ‘cannot put a finger on’. We will address that in two ways. First, you are correct. This feeling is right on target. Except that, in a sense, that happening is what you are already in the middle of. Many can feel it happening inside themselves and are beginning to see changes in their lives to give evidence of it. Most, however, are wondering what sort of catastrophe is just around the corner. Your peaceful and calm demeanor will go a long way to diffusing this dread they are feeling. Second, yes, there is an event of significant proportion approaching. It is, my friends, an internal event which will change everything for everybody and everything. But we would caution you in this way. When a similar event occurred at the end of your ‘Dark Ages’, the event itself passed without remark. Yet, everything changed, did it not? Now, there will be many, many observable events manifesting over the next while in your time. But, as we have said over and over for these months, they are but the reflection of yourselves. We always, always stress that. It is important for you and for your world that you begin to recognize yourselves as the change makers, not any longer as the victims of change. Look within yourselves and begin to find the divine beings that you are. Never before in the history of your world has it been as sure for this to be accomplished by you. And every tiny step taken in this direction is having wondrous effects upon your world. We are overjoyed with what we see you accomplishing. We stand in the doorway of your heart waiting to greet you. We offer evidence daily of our presence. Peace and love be yours until next we speak. I AM Archangel Michael and so it is


Archangel Gabriel  via  Karen Dover

Beloved ones I am the energy that has been referenced to you in this your human form as that of AA Gabriel and I come to guide and to support ALL as the end of days continues.  For many of you this is a time of major illumination as the rubble of the old 3D earth created construct falls away to reveal the miracle that is life on the Planet Earth. For others there will be major chaos and the New Earth frequency realities work to challenge that which you have been TAUGHT to believe about life upon this planet. All is not as it appears and the shifting and the expansion is moment to moment.

It is to be remembered that you chose this incarnation in order to move OUT of the constraints and containment of the created 3D earth construct. Many of you have been taught over and over that there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to remain of “value” and I am here to underline that VALUE is a construct that was created in order to suppress and contain you at a human conscious waking mind level. Why would you try to define that which JUST IS? why would you be taught to place a “value” on those around you and on yourself when ALL JUST IS?

Movement into the New Earth frequency realities is personal and unique and at this moment your SOUL is now guiding you into said reality.  It is not TRUTH to assume that the human race ventures into a  combined and shared reality for this negates the full multi and inter dimensional aspect of your nature in TRUTH.  You are creating HEAVEN UPON EARTH, you are not DEFINING heaven upon earth and there is a huge frequency difference between the two scenarios.

I place the following coding in order to help you clarify your energy signature at this moment upon Planet Earth:






22 33 222 99 11


I place the ANKH of eternal life at the brow chakra and place the ANKH of eternal life at the throat chakra and ask that you now illuminate and understand the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH.

This is a time of major transition and transformation from the “linear” to the multi and inter dimensional aspect of SELF as it flows through, around and within the human vehicle that you have transformed in order to host your ENERGY IN TRUTH.

At this time you are asked to TRUST and have FAITH in your SOUL to understand that the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and that the human logical mind is now no longer in control of this your human life experience upon this planet.

ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.  Shine brightly beloved ones for the LIGHT upon Planet Earth is now illuminating beyond where it has illuminated before.

I am the energies that have been referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk amongst you in TRUTH.


(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


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