Karen Dover – Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show 6th August 2014



I will be on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show at 7pm (EST) USA on wednesday 6th august 14 on the pyramid one network.


Call in to the show on 1 843 300 1399


Jamie Clark and Karen Dover on “A view of humanity” Radio Show

A huge thank you to Jamie Clark (www.jamieclark.net) for inviting me to be a guest on his radio show last night. The youtube video is at the bottom of this blog.  The New Earth calls for us ALL to allow ourselves to be who we are in TRUTH.  A huge thank you to ALL who support my work, it is truly humbling to receive emails outlining how I have helped support you in your expansion.  This is what I was put on this planet to do and the validation is honorably received and anchored.

It is to be remembered that when I first started out on this journey I was working to release the deep distortion that had been anchored within my cellular structure and the people who I had around me in my life at that time reflected back to me all that I could not see running within me.  Indeed if someone had said to me that I would have the blessings that I have in my life now back “then” I would not truly have believed them and I say this to help you anchor this. For this is not about belief so much as about release.  The life you are experiencing now is a reflection of all that you have been TAUGHT. Overlaid on this is the life that you are CREATING and at times you will find yourself torn between the two. This is where the human logical mind will try to teach you to go with “what you know at a human 3d level”, after all you may have been listening to the advice of friends and family all of your human life, in contrast how long have you been listening to your SOUL guidance?

It is akin to building up your SOUL muscles, just as athletes do not suddenly run miles with ease, they train, they practice and they build their strength so too is the building of TRUST and FAITH in SELF. Again the analogy of how long have you listened to your guidance? it may seem plausible that those OUTSIDE of yourself would have more knowledge about you, they have been in your life perhaps for decades but remember YOU KNOW YOU INSIDE OUT. Just because you cannot remember how well you know you does not negate the knowing.

Strength comes from within, at this time upon this planet the human race is moving into vast expansion, this expansion is personal and unique to each individual human being. YES we are ALL ONE but we are not all the same reflection, indeed there would be little point in 7 billion energies incarnating into human form if they were all the same. This is often filtered out a human waking mind level for you have been TAUGHT to group together, you have been TAUGHT “safety in numbers”. This is why you define yourself as your culture, your country, your age, your gender etc. Always the human logical mind looking to satisfy the unwritten rule of “belonging” on this planet but this filters out TRUTH, there is no need to abide by the rule of the old 3d earth construct of “belonging” for you ALL belong to SOURCE, ALL ARE ONE, therefore the “rule” makes no sense. It seeks to move you out of the balance of knowing that you are unique and perfect AS YOU ARE. The definition need go no further.

Releasing this part of the blueprint you were given within the old 3d earth created construct is challenging for the outer waking world tries at all moments to get you to redefine yourself but this is breaking down as more and more in human form are embracing their uniqueness, there is NO ONE in the entire world like you, isnt that amazing? to use one of my favourite words, isnt this awesome?

Celebrate and ACKNOWLEDGE your own uniqueness, your own abilities, each human being has a slightly different way of working with energies and the alignment with your SOUL asks you to understand, acknowledge and accept how YOU work with energy. Look always within, what do you LOVE to do? this is your starting point, for that which you are here to birth onto the planet and share with your fellow energies in their human form is created from the LOVE that IS, what you love doing is a personal expression of the LOVE that IS and the sharing of this is your GIFT to the world.  Without your gift to the world the world is missing a part of the LOVE that IS and your SOUL at this time is pushing you to be seen and heard clearly and interact with ALL.

It is amazing how the human logical mind can filter out TRUTH, so many amazing and aweseome people simply filter out their own awesomeness, there is not a human alive on this planet who does not have awesomeness within themselves. Often you will have been taught to hide it, it is to be remembered that the old 3d earth construct did not support your awesomeness so you were taught reject this part of SELF, but now the New Earth is being physically born it CALLS for your awesomeness!

Make EVERY DAY awesome for YOU personally by simply acknowledging that you have incarnated onto a planet in human form and that your actual human vehicle is a miracle in itself, then start acknowledging the gifts and talents that you have. As you do this you will notice that those in your outer waking reality will begin to shift and change for as you ACCEPT you those who do not accept you cannot be your reflections.  This world is a giant mirror, it reflects back to you that which you have been taught to filter out, so if you want AWESOMENESS you have to BE AWESOMENESS which is what you are by default, you came in AWESOME.

The clearing of the old 3d earth created reality construct paradigms are the veils that have obscured your vision as you walked through said construct. The world may look the same but it is NOT the same, energy continually moves and shifts.  Do not assume that something you have attempted in the old 3d earth created construct is over for you,  it was not supported. Many of you have given up allowing the old 3d earth created reality to teach you that if you do not “fall into line” you will be rejected, this paradigm is now shattered. ALL support ALL and it starts from within.  “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD” and begin to anchor this change, this is how to change the world around you, from within, by BEING YOU in TRUTH.

“Love is the answer, no matter the question” and is sprinkled with awesomeness at all times.



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