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Energy Healing


by Michelle Walling, CHLC

We are energy, and everything around us is energy, all vibrating at a certain frequency. To heal this energy means bringing it back into a balanced vibrational resonance. This is imperative on the road to ascension in order to spin your merkaba field as you resonate with the high vibrational frequency of your creator. You will have difficulty raising your vibration if you have blocked energy or are in situations which cause stress or negative emotions to constantly surface.

Why do I need healing?

Healing yourself involves the transmutation of lower vibrational energies and subsequently filling that area in with light, a high vibrational energy, in order to maintain a good flow of energy. There are many reasons a person may have low vibrational energies throughout any of the four bodies- emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental, and if not addressed these energies can manifest into disease (DIS-EASE). Holistic healing addresses all four bodies, and healing one area can affect the other areas. Healing holistically by integrating and healing energies that may be present not only in the physical but as well as the etheric now (past and future), can make you whole again.

Healing begins with self diagnosis and awareness. We will explore beginner healing practices such as How to Ascend - Healing - Part 5 | In5D.commeditation, loving yourself, balancing and clearing your chakras, and cleansing, repairing, and strengthening your aura. Intermediate level healing that this article will touch on includes nurturing and healing your inner child, healing past/parallel lives, ridding yourself of hitchhikers, programs, and parasites, and pineal gland activation.

In the last part of this series, we addressed loving yourself. This is the initial step into healing, which involves looking at those parts of you that your ego is trying to protect, and breaking down the barriers of programming by realization and subsequently love and gratitude towards the body that houses your spirit. Opening yourself up to love also opens the door to healing.

The root cause of a particular manifestation within the body may not be apparent. If attempts to heal a particular area with stuck energy is unsuccessful, an energy worker may be necessary to help move that stuck energy. For example, a past life energy of being stabbed in the back with a sword leading to sudden death may be stuck in your emotional body but is manifesting as back pain in the physical. However, usually when you clear one you can clear the other as long as you addressed all aspects of that trauma.

What are some examples of energy healing?

It is always a good idea to have some form of outside healing help when beginning your spiritual healing. It helps you to increase your blood flow to the brain and your energy flow which will give you more power to work on yourself. Sometimes even energy healers need healing. When healing the energies of others, healers need to be able to keep their energy pure as well.

Some forms of energy work you can receive from a professional are:

Reiki: Reiki is a holistic form of hands on (or hands over the body) energy healing used in alternative medicine that allows the Universal force to flow through the practitioner’s hands into the patient’s body in order to heal. The practitioner will have had an attunement or intention to begin to have these healing energies flow. There are levels of mastering reiki as well as symbols used for intention and direction. Reiki can balance the chakras and auras, and can free stuck energies within the bodies.

Massage:  Massage is another form of hands on energy therapy that allows for moving energy through the body in places where there may be some sluggishness. Advanced massage therapists can manipulate these areas to allow for more energy and blood flow, although anyone can give someone a massage. Massages have been commercialized to becoming a pampering item that is received in a spa, and sometimes the receivers are How to Ascend - Healing - Part 5 | In5D.comgetting more than paid for as they leave with some of the massager’s energy stuck on them. For the purposes of healing, it is best to go to a holistic massage practitioner with good intentions to move the energy and blood flow. The result can make you feel relaxed and can reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension, which can allow for a higher vibration to occur within the body.

Distance energy healing: Energy healing can also be performed by the empathic healer by alignment with the field of no time- the “now”, where the energies can be transferred into the subject’s body. Such healers have the ability to intuitively feel where lower vibrational energy may be or some may even “see” the energy as a dark cloud within the person’s body or aura through the vision of their third eye. This allows for the healer to direct the healing energies into the patient’s body and is a very valuable tool that has not been discussed in the mainstream concept of healing. Imagine the possibilities if more people learned how to distance heal others all over the world.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a method of stimulating the energy centers or meridians in the body with extremely thin needles placed just below the skin throughout the body, depending on where the energy might be blocked. Directing the chi, or energy through these areas can unblock energies that might be causing pain and can also increase blood flow to these areas. Although it main sound painful in itself, only the initial slight prick of the pin is a little of a slight irritation but after that you really don’t feel them sticking in you. Once the acupuncturist has the needles in the strategic places that connect the meridians, the energy can begin to flow again from meridian to meridian.

How do I begin healing myself?

It is always a good idea to call on those spirits who are always with you on the other side of the veil for help with any kind of spiritual practice. They are ready and waiting to jump into action, and only need to hear your call. Call in the healing angels, or whatever you wish to name them, or whomever you use for your healing. State your intentions with them and be sure to thank them afterward.

Meditation can heal just about anything. By going within we can achieve anything, as all of the answers are found within ourselves. However, going within is not so easy if you have some things that need to be healed. As you begin to heal, you are able to go deeper within to explore any question that may arise for you in your awakening and ascension process.

For our discussion, we will touch on a few important areas of healing:

1.  Healing your aura– Your auric shield is your electromagnetic energy field representation that surrounds you. This energy field can expand or contract, and can be damaged if your vibrational level is low. One of the most frequent ways negative or unwanted energy enters our body is through a crack, hole, or  tear in the aura. These entryways can be caused by many things such as constant negative emotions like anger or fear, stress, jetlag, and alcohol or drugs. Kirlian photography can show the various colors of the aura, which have correlation to the energy in motion throughout your body. For instance, red is usually associated with anger or fear, and white usually represents the highest vibration of spirituality. While in meditation, imagine your aura to be a solid, bright golden egg surrounding your How to Ascend - Healing - Part 5 | In5D.combody. Intend that it be impenetrable, glowing, and healthy.

2. Clearing your chakras– The body has seven major chakras or energy wheels along the hara line. Any obstruction to one of these can disrupt the flow of energy which can result in physical manifestations of pain or disease, or can also manifest as emotional symptoms. The chakras hold the energy of our whole body together- the mind, body, and spirit, connected to the physical body. In addition to the main chakras, there are over 2,000 secondary chakras which could use a little love and affection. Energy work as described previously can help clear these chakra wheels and get them spinning again, as well as intention through meditation. Once your chakras are spinning, they should be spinning smoothly. HERE is a link to balancing your chakras through a meditation, as well as some more explanation of the chakra system and its importance. Each one of our seven main chakras vibrates to a corresponding note on the musical scale, as well as is associated with a particular color. By playing music in that particular note, you can attune the chakra. By imagining each chakra being the brightest, clearest version of the color that corresponds to it, you can help grow and spin the chakra as well. The corresponding notes and colors are as follows:

How to Ascend - Healing - Part 5 | In5D.com

3.  Healing your inner child– Some people overlook the significance of childhood in healing. Sexual, physical, mental, and emotional abuse may have occurred in most people on a spiritual path, which means we probably set it up in order to clear something from a parallel lifetime. Yes, this lifetime works in mysterious ways. Our inner child stays with us throughout or life as we progress, and a fearful or damaged “mini me” might be hiding in the corner rather than expressing themselves in joy and playfulness. One way to find out if your inner child is traumatized is to talk to him/her. Obviously if you have experienced a traumatic childhood then you will know that your inner child needs nurturing. Go into meditation in a quiet, safe place within your heart center and call to your inner child self. Imagine yourself at a young age meeting yourself as the older person. Hug that child and tell him/her that you intend to do the healing necessary to transmute those feelings he or she is carrying, and that you promise to make your temple a safe and fun place for he/she to play again without fear.  You can even invite your inner child to sit on your lap. Tell the inner child that you love him/her. You may want to let the inner discuss the incidents that were the most traumatic and tell him/her that will never happen again and that you will take the feelings of that experience away. You can do this because now you realize that the experience had to happen in order for you to clear the energy attached to it, which may be linked to another lifetime. You exercise this intention of transmutation simply by listening and feeling, and letting it go, knowing that is was of the “past” and that you are bringing your child into the “now”. Imagine the child smiling and laughing once again. Repeat this dialogue in other mediations until you feel you are complete and whole again. It seems like this imaginary playtime discussion you are having may be a little elementary, but do not underestimate the power of this important step in the ascension process. For deep seated trauma, a professional counselor may be necessary. Below, you can find links to a variety of books on healing your inner child, available through Amazon.

4. Healing past/parallel lives. For this discussion, all lifetimes occur in the NOW, outside of no-time, and that is how your soul experiences them. So past lives are actually parallel lives, occurring at the same “time”. All experiences we have had in other lifetimes are imprinted within our akashic records, which lie in our DNA. These energies will manifest themselves in order to be healed. Ask your healing angels to find and bring back to you any pieces of yourself that have to do with the pain, action, reaction, or event you think may need to be healed. If you don’t know what event is causing it, simply identify it as the energies that need healing. Ask them to clean, repair, and heal all of those pieces, and then to fully integrate those pieces within you. These pieces and parts of you are what cause addictions, false truths, as well as negative feeling such as dislike, revenge, or judgment, and come from m any lifetimes here on Earth. They must be harmonized and balanced with light before they can be integrated. An important part of ascension involves becoming whole- integrating these sparks of your energy into the now- into your energy field and consciousness that is occupying your human ascension vehicle. Dolores Cannon is a past life regression therapist who has over forty years of experience in past life study and healing. You can learn more about this HERE.

5. Telling hitchhikers to get lost. Some severe cases of auric invaders are lower vibrational entities that cannot find their own light, and need to feed off of the energy of others. When you have these parasitic vampires hanging on you, you will feel like you never have enough energy. To rid yourself of these entities, call upon your angels and spirit guides to bring in the cavalry and to remove these beings from your energy field, along with any other energy that is not yours. Imagine these things being yanked by the ears by the angels and dragged off into the light. Sometimes we have people in our lives that have yet to be able to tap into their own energy source and create an energetic cord between you and them in the solar plexus area which needs to be removed. See this article on cutting energetic cords.

6.  Pineal gland activation. An important part of the ascension process includes activation of the pineal gland, also called the third eye. The pineal gland is the key to using your sixth sense, which is important on your path to ascension. Those who have been programming us with mind control first had to make sure our pineal gland was “turned off” through the use of chemicals in our water (fluoride) and in our foods (GMO’s, processed foods). This process can be reversed by drinking pure spring water or unadulterated well water and by eating organic, unprocessed foods, as well as intention in meditation. In your meditation practice to clear the pineal gland, place your awareness or imagination inside the middle of your forehead, and imagine the area between there and the brain being filled with light. Intend that your third eye be wide open and shining bright. Melatonin has also been found to clear the pineal gland.

Of course, more areas of healing may need to be explored, however in healing the areas discussed above, the doors will surely open to any other areas of healing that will need to be addressed and you will be able to embrace these more rapidly than in your unhealed state.

How does healing fit into my life’s mission?

What if your primary job in this lifetime was to holistically heal yourself, which inevitably were to lead to raising your vibration, which then would lead to the raising of your frequency to a level in which you begin to live in love and joy? Does this resonate with you? The more you heal yourself, the deeper you can go with healing and the higher you can raise your vibration. The higher you raise your vibration, the more lower vibrational frequencies you can transmute within yourself, the planet, the solar system, and beyond.

Healing in order to be in the love frequency involves more than just raising frequencies through energy practices. It also is about the co-creational process of choice. Making the choice to no longer react to someone’s negativity or recognizing that another’s path is not your path is all part of the process of moving forward. We are continuously making choices of which reality we want to manifest with every millisecond of possibilities. This is one great big bonus of being in a physical manifestation in this illusion we call time, and is the basis for co-creation.

Part of ascension involves full reactivation of the 12 strands of DNA we carry. No one knows whether these strands will one day be activated suddenly through a burst of cosmic energy from our great central sun which is now directly in alignment with the center of the cosmos, with no universes in the way. Perhaps as free willed humans we have to take the initiative individually and collectively in order to reach a tipping point toward this action once we are in the planetary alignment. While some await the magical day of activation, others are healing themselves and creating the path for others to ascend.

Neither path holds judgment. The ones who wait are holding the space for those who will be the way-showers, and they probably planned for it to be that way. Ascending involves expanding the space between the spaces to allow more light in. To expand is to heal, integrate, and balance. By integrating the sparks of energy that exist in parallel lifetimes, we are consciously increasing the pillar of light that we have while here on Earth in these human bodies. Becoming more whole allows us to bring more light into our bodies, thus raising our vibration and allowing us to spread more light to others.

When you begin the healing process, it is important to remind yourself of who you really are and to be able to pull yourself away as an observer of the events that begin to appear in your reality. Healing can sometimes be unpleasant and is not easy, but the rewards will be greater than anything our human minds can imagine at this time. Anytime you feel yourself slipping backward it will be important to come back to the basics- grounding, prayer, meditation, and healing the next thing on your agenda.

There are many advanced forms of healing that can be explored. Quantum healing involves healing through thought and intention. Part eight of this series will focus on changing your thoughts to change your reality. Our Noosphere is the collective place around Earth that contains all of the thought patterns of humanity. The state of our world is evident by the darkness of thoughts that are a reflection of the energy in the Noosphere. If we could change our thoughts, we could heal our Noosphere, and we would be on an instant path to higher dimensions. The problem lies in the un-awakened and lost people who need serious vibrational healing and freedom from the tyranny of those who want to keep the planet and its habitants under domination and control. It all starts with being responsible by healing ourselves, and the quantum theory suggests that this will get the ball rolling for others. There is help out there from our spirit guides, angels, and space brothers and sisters. We did not contract to do this all alone, in fact, we are never alone.

Many of us have more than one mission to accomplish but it is very apparent that if you were to focus on just one mission it should be to expand you shining pillar of light and to spread that light knowing that you can never run out of light because you are infinitely connected to source. This can be accomplished through healing and by raising your vibration, which will be the next segment in this series.

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About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for www.in5d.com, host of The Cosmic Awakening Show on In5D Radio and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.

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