Polona Aurea Dawn – Divine Reunion – Moving Beyond Separation – 8-1-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

On the current level of our Ascension integration, so many of us are entering deeply into a space of Divine Reunion. As we do so, it’s utterly important that we look into all areas where we still might be coming from separation, instead of Unity consciousness. Remember that in Truth of One, we are pure consciousness, and as individual Souls, it’s the level of our awareness that changes. While consciousness is a constant/eternal, awareness is constantly shifting and expanding as the infinite. The more Light of awareness that we have, the more we activate our true Self in Human form, and the more we refine our personal Ascension experience.

This takes actual work of devotion, because none of it fits the standard of wishful thinking, where things merely happen to us. In full Self mastery, nothing happens to us, for it’s merely us who are navigating the level of our experiences and mastering different chapters of our physical Ascension, as we are growing and expanding in this Human form. Our Spirit knows, and our Soul delivers us these experience, while it’s our Human personality self that needs to allow them to become our reality. It is the Human aspect that embraces things and makes it possible for them to become manifest.

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