Pleiadian Delegate – Healing Frequency Transmission

Pleiadian Delegate

The Pleiadian Delegate Healing Frequency Transmission Bathes your Cellular Consciousness and DNA in The Healing Frequencies of the Central Sun through The Queen of Light. There is Nothing to Do. Simply Relax and Receive The Frequency Transmission. Your Consciousness will be Bathed in Divine Love, Union and Harmony.

Please Make sure you ground your energy after this Frequency Transmission.
Please, Do not listen to, while driving.
Spend time in nature, and if need be,use grounding crystals. I love you!!

Embodying Divine Union (the Actualization of You) is the Agreement you made at Soul level Prior to this Incarnation onto Planet Earth. Light Codes in your Original Blueprint are being Activated and Initiated Now. You as the New Human of Light, walking Fully into the New Era of Light.
This is the Reason you are Here.

Eternal Love,
Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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