Ari Kopel – Ascended Masters – The 144,000 and Taking Action

Ari Kopel

Ari Kopel discusses whether Ascended Masters are part of the fallen construct or truly Ascended. She touches upon the “Truther” movement, compassion vs “taking action” and compares the 144,000 on the planet to the “Navy Seals” of the armed forces. Ari aims in shedding Light onto this subject matter, hoping that those that resonate with it can all be on the same page and step into their Power & Authority in order to claim this planet back. She also hopes that everyone joins forces and collaborates in the effort to transform the consciousness of this world. Ari also sheds light on how the Sinister Forces are all in an uproar right now, creating conflict everywhere, especially within the Light Community, trying to conquer and divide. She discusses how to recognize their tactics in order not to fall into this trap anymore. Conflict and discord brings down the vibratory rate of all the Light Forces on the planet, which is a strategy used to keep us in the Matrix!

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