Carmen Vasquez, OM Times – The Powerful Use of Angels in Our Lives – 8-2-14

use of angels The Powerful Use of Angels in Our Lives!


Have you ever wished for help from guardian angels during difficult times? How many of us have being fighting by our own hands with many situations we, as humans, need to deal with every day in our lives? Well, I think all of us have had at least one not a very pleasant situation where we wished to have a magic wand to change that chapter in our lives or having God in front of us to tell us what to do to finish that chapter.

Well, the good news here is that you’re reading this article today because you are ready to have that magic wand in your hands and it’s time to start experiencing miracles in any aspect of your life…. Oh Yes, and how this could be possible? Easy, just recognizing the POWERFUL presence of your Angels and light beings in your life! Angels are messengers from God who are with us since the moment of our birth and until it’s time for us to go back to the light; they are pure love energy, you can feel their presence in your life just being open to be their friend and I am here today to tell you that, as soon as you notice them and establish a very close relation with them in a daily basis, your life will start turning to a point of no return.

But how they work? Angels are beings who live in a very high frequency (9th Dimension, and we are still in the 3th Dimension entering in a slow motion to the 5th). They have not ego, they do not judge and they are multidimensional beings who can be everywhere at the same time. Their mission is to help us with any petition we may have for them or for God, but they cannot work in our lives if we do not give them permission, they need to respect our free will always; so the first thing you need to do is call upon them and ASK for their assistance.

Another important thing you may need to know in order to start creating this close relationship is: to see results and miracles in your life you need to let them work, do not be in the middle telling them how you need the miracle to happen, or how they need to make your petition a reality. Since they have the big picture of our lives, they know what the best is for us and our limited minds can only see limited alternatives to solve our situations, but they have plenty of opportunities for us.

You can ask them for ANYTHING you can imagine, do not think it’s big or small; for them everything is the same, we are the ones who think that 1 million is more than just one, but since everything is energy, they are able to help us to manifest anything we want. Always ask BIG! If you just ask them for a small house, that’s what you will get, but if you understand that you deserve the best because you are a child of the creator of the universe, you can receive big too… At the beginning this is something that can be hard for some of you to understand, but the good news here is you can ask them to help you overcome those old beliefs you have in your mind. Remember to ask for everything, talk with them the whole day, call for any assistance, and don’t forget you have always their company… As soon as you start recognizing their presence in your life, they will start sending you more and more signals telling they are with you and you can even develop the abilities of clairsentience, so you can start feeling their energy and presence near you.

Recognizing Angels in your life and starting working with them will give you another overview of your life and you will start discovering magical things that have been with you or near you for many years, but because of a busy life and old patterns and beliefs you didn’t recognize them. The powerful use of Angels in your life will help you to transform anything and bring miracles to every aspect of your daily life.



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