Karen Dover – Moving into Full Flight Mode – Expanding and Collapsing Time – Downloading Dreamtime Platform – New Earth Frequencies Realities – 8-1-14

Karen DoverKaren Dover

Many of you at this time may be experiencing various expansions with regard to the human life experience, from expanding and collapsing “time” to downloading through the “dreamtime” platform, all is moving and expanding in order that you may now exit the old 3d earth created constructs and move into the New Earth frequency realities. Many of you may have felt like you have been sat in the airport lounge for ever, awaiting your departure.  Indeed many of you may feel as if you have been in this lounge and the flight is continually being delayed.  I use this analogy deliberately for the New Earth frequency realities are similar to destinations. You are at the airport, you are about to board your flight, but which flight have you CHOSEN?

Many of you within this analogy are attempting to get on the same flight as those around you purely based on someone else’s recommendation and not that which you wish to experience, unless you have checked in with your SOUL who for the purposes of this analogy is passport control then you may be attempting to board a flight that you have no reservation for.

Logic has no place in the New Earth and the flights are arranged by FEELing, what is is that you wish to experience in this your human form upon this planet? The airport is multi dimensional and inter dimensional. All that is required is a valid passport and a flight number. Both are available from your SOUL who has pre-booked your flight and left the details at SOUL level.

So how can you be in freedom and yet have your SOUL “pre booked” your flight? this statement may trigger your human logical mind to attempt to dismiss it. Remember when you first incarnated onto this planet you KNEW that you would have to walk through the old 3D earth created construct on the way to the AIRPORT.  Many of you are allowing the old 3d earth created reality teachings to teach you that you have to follow a path of karma. This is not TRUTH and not supported. Yes you have freedom but freedom in the New Earth frequency reality is NOT the same as the contained “freedom” within the old 3d earth created construct.  (For more detail around this please see the EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH book).

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

There is no “one ” way to enter the New Earth, there is no “one” path to follow in that there is no one “experience” that fits that shows you that you are exiting.  Experience is personal and unique, there IS a process  that unfolds and again this is explained in both the Birthing the New Earth and Exiting the Old 3D earth books.

It is not possible to move into the New Earth reality of your choice unless you allow the old 3D earth reality to fully be released, there is NONE of the old that can be taken through into the New. As I discussed on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio show this week (wed 30th July 14) it is time to take out the “operating system” you were taught to work from when you first arrived on this planet.

The universe at this time is asking you to prepare for departure, to make a final check that you have all that is required and then proceed to the departure gates. The trip to the New Earth frequency reality is a ONE WAY ticket, there is no return to where you have come from nor started out in this your human life experience and this must be fully acknowledged and anchored at human waking mind level.

So the question the universe is asking at this time is “are you ready to fly?”

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”





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