– Dana Mrkich – Finally an M Flare – Thank You Sun! – 8-1-14

Dana Mrkich

The very heavy energy of the past days (weeks?) is finding release today as the Sun finally unleashes an M Class solar flare after weeks of quiet. We are so attuned to solar energies these days, and I’ve found that this period of quiet created a build-up of emotional energy within us that rose to an uncomfortable crescendo in the past few days. Physically the body can only take so much, so many of you may have found yourselves wiped out with fatigue, the flu or physical soreness. As the sun flared this morning, the release of that energy is palpable.It is like a big exhale after having to hold your breath for too long. I get an image of strings and strings and strings of old energy being gathered together until it turned into a huge ball with all of us contributing. 

This gathering process that July revolved around has felt intense and exhausting to say the least, but then today this ball was given a huge throw into the universal recycling bin on behalf of us all. No longer do we need to process things with a hundred therapy sessions. Thank you Sun for sweeping so much old stuff away with a big flare wooshka! I for one appreciate it.

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One thought on “– Dana Mrkich – Finally an M Flare – Thank You Sun! – 8-1-14”

  1. I just cannot believe how much the solar activity really, REALLY affects me now that I have “woken up”. I was always spiritual but a couple of years ago I had a massive nervous breakdown and I believe I “woke up”. Suddenly extraterrestrials/interdimensionals (whatever label you want to use), BIG picture AND spirituality all made sense and somehow seemed to be connected. As for solar flares, I can always tell when the flares happen because I feel sooooo tired and physically sore that I do not want to do anything. Then I feel guilty for not doing anything! Ugh! It is sometimes an emotional upset but usually it is just physical. Will this ever get better? It can be difficult to feel this way and still try to have a “normal” life…


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