Lady Nada: Finding Beauty and Fulfillment in All things

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Lady Nada: Finding Beauty and Fulfillment in All things’

Lady Nada:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This afternoon Sananda and I had the great treat of spending two hours with your delightful radio co-hosts, Kathryn and Meg. ( ) It was a first for us, and possibly a first for channeled messages, because we asked Kathryn to speak for us and to carry our feelings and our voices to you while we also included her in our conversation. We joked beforehand about the Vaudeville act we were asking her to perform, but it turned out to be fun and interesting and perfectly what we had hoped for.

We asked Kathryn to show everyone how we can talk with you, even joke with you, because we see the humor in all the obstacles you create for yourselves and the irony of being embroiled in the challenges and illusions we decided upon…

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