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CRITICAL MASS DNA ACTIVATION Dr. Angela Barnett (Crystalai)


As a result of the Ascension Frequencies that have been transported into the Earth’s Consciousness Fields

by our Guardians through the implantation of the Indigos and Avatars on Earth, the Critical Mass DNA

Activation has been set in motion on Planet Earth. *This grand potential of raising DNA to the 5DNA within

the template of 12,which is the Divine imprint of the Christic Raceline on Earth is available to all who are

willing and ready to focus on their Individual Activation. The DNA Potential has been planted within the

Earth’s Grids, however, each Individual must work on aligning their Consciousness into that DNA potential.

The Consciousness is the electro tonal particles. The base tones of Earth must merge with the over tones of

Tara. This means the entire Consciousness field of all that was ever in the original Consciousness of Tara,

which was stored within Sun Alcyone’s Photon Belt and within the Crystalline Inner Domains of Harmonic

Universe Two within the Earth.


The Crystal Core Domain within the Earth contains interdimensional stargate portals between dimensions

which normally would allow all Consciousness fields to merge and share memory and information. Once the

Earth’s Grids are tuned into by the Individual, the Individual gains more and more DNA activation as a result

of tuning in to the Mass Consciousness that has been replaced within the Consciousness of the Earth’s Grids.

You may tune in to these Frequency Activations by listening to the music on this listening page.

The new album, COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION is a portal of frequency infusions

that connect the Individual Consciousness into all of the consciousness fields of the 6 Avatar Children

who have returned the missing pieces of the Mass Consciousness to Earth. The Album also contains the

Frequencies of the Six Stellar Wave Infusions which each bring a piece of the Full Consciousness of our

original Star Consciousness back to Earth. The Frequencies have come. Crystalai and aDolphino have been

portals for these frequencies to stream through, even before they came to Earth. We are a Cosmic Flame who

was given the direct gift from the Elohim of Hearing in Gaia of bringing the Highest Frequencies to Earth

through Music. Please come to and listen to all of the Frequency Music that has

been Channeled to us from the Elohim of Hearing. These are the Frequencies that will activate DNA through

the divine 12 template subharmonics within each DNA strand to return the Perfect Human who has Eternal

Life to Earth. COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION The Stellar Activation Cycle of 2000-2017 is causing

the MASS AWAKENING for all humans. The human body is a bio-electric conductor that is designed to

transmit 12 Code Pulses into the Earth’s Planetary Shields. This transmission can be activated through

conscious DNA Template Merkaba Kundalini Maharata connection. The Ascension Kit contains the codes

and activations for that Maharata Kundalini transmission. The NEW COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION

album contains the frequencies that connect consciousness to the six AVATAR Children who were born with

the perfect 12 DNA TEMPLATE plus the coding to remove and correct the Seals that were placed on each of

the Chakras to block the DNA activation and to create Mutations that cause illness, death, jealousy, fear, hate,

etc. Yes, each one of those ERRORS that we see exhibited in our society was created by a Seal or mutation

placed within our Templates that were once divine templates that only produced interactions based on LOVE.

Any activity that we see exhibited that is not based on Love we can forgive as an ERROR that was placed

within a person’s technology station in their body. It can be forgiven because it is not a part of the REAL

PERSON made in the image and likeness of God.These ERRORS can begin to melt away from our

Consciousness the more we Tune in to the Frequencies that have been created to align you with those Divine

Avatars who came to remove those Errors from our Planetary Matrix. Go to: to learn more about the COMPLETE PERFECT DNA


frequency coding that was given to certain humans by the ZIONITE to create ACCELERATED ASCENSION.

The album also contains the 36 DNA coding of the UR Raceline of Tara and the 48 DNA template of the MU

Raceline of Inner Earth. These are the frequencies that reconnect us to the Perfect Frequencies in the

Spiritual Parallel Matrix that must be accreted into our Physical DNA. It is this reactivation of the Spiritual

“Overtones” into the Physical Base Tones, or the Electro into the Magnetic which creates the removal of

Duality or Polarity. When the original Divine Spiritual Reality is Inhaled back into the Chakras to activate the

DNA, the transformation begins. Crystalai The frequencies that

are recorded on these wave albums are actually transmissions of consciousness that record the frequency

signatures of thousands of BEINGS who are involved in the Omniversal Consciousness shifting, as well as the

Waves of Stardust, Solar Winds, Singing of the Music of the Spheres, and the Consciousness Waves of the

Kristic Races as they align into the Heart of Mother Earth. As you go through this process of aligning your

consciousness and body with these waves of light energy, your body becomes able to turn into a Golden Egg

or Crystal Merkaba form. You get the light glowing through a crystal and you get beautiful shades of color.

The Guardians said that we must PARTICIPATE in enough of these Stellar Wave Activations to raise our

accretion level to 4.5. Now, accretion level is different than dimensional level. We must achieve 5.5

dimensional level to perceive the 4.5 accretion level. We are now at the 5 dimensional level perceiving the

fourth accretion level. So, what I am doing with these Frequency Recordings of these LIFE TRANSFORMING

EVENTS performed by the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE himself, is to allow any one who desires to

PARTICIPATE in these Stellar Wave activations who doesn’t know how to align consciousness themselves,

and for those who are late comers to the game and missed out on the first 8 of the 12 Activations to use my

recordings as a historical chronology of these events. The Sun becomes the Son of the Star and the Stardust

becomes the Son of the Sun A new Star is being born within the Sun to Transform the Earth into the Star

from which she was born. Ionizaiton is loss of electrons into positively charged ion. This is a conversion–

harmonic conversion into a new reality- a new frequency- a new dimension-a NEW HARMONIC UNIVERSE.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons into positively charged ion. This is a conversion–harmonic conversion. When a

person learns the process of ascension is a breathing and spinning process that utilizes a very complex system

of polyhedral geometries that create Cosmic sphere that contains multitudes of merkabas that spin in side of

each other through the activity of consciousness called love, they will go through this process of becoming a

disappearing entity through a rainbow prism. Where is the rainbow coming from? It is coming from intense

electrical field that is ionizing to some effect like a magnetic mirror which is a device used in thermo nuclear

processes that is in the mirror is contained an intense field working in the vacuum. Then ions are injected

inside of this intense electrical field inside of the vacuum then immediately the elctrons of those ions return

to plasmic state. What state are they returning to? Invisible light, ultra violet blue, plasma. The entity looks

like a Cloud, but also looks like an individual that we remember. This process of ascension into the Cloud

Cities was very common fifty thousand years ago, and then brought back to our memory two thousand years

ago by Jesus Christ. The truth is, we all contain this Cosmic Body that exists in the spheres within spheres

around our bodies. We activate this Cosmic Body that disappears through the rainbow prism our the full

spectrum of light energy with the breath, consciousness, focused energy and the understanding of the

merkaba technology. The merkaba technology can be visualized and understood through the symbolic

method of it just being a four sided cube or pyramid facing up and another one facing down, the one facing

down is the magnetic and the one facing up is the electro. So, there is this electro magnetic field of energy that

spins faster and faster. However, the Merkaba structure is much more complex than that. Go to Merkaba

Mechanics at So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum

field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. That is

called a magnetic mirror. When we use the Keys to Unlock the Magnetic Mirror or the Doors into New

Realities we are walking through a Magnetic Mirror of Transformation. We are seeing our Parallel Spiritual

Self on the other side of the Mirror. We walk through the Mirror when our Keys unlock the door. The Keys

are the Frequencies that I record in the Eternal Life Albums. My Cosmic Council Team is the CRYSTALAI

COUNCIL. My name is Crystalai. Crystalai means the direct return to Source, which removes the mortality

loop. The Crystalai Loop aligns into the At One Ment with Source through our Mind of God within our Seed

Atom within our Crystal Heart. My Mission on Earth has been to Bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth

through Music. The Universal Life Force Currents are far beyond the Light Spectrum and Sound Spectrum of

the Five Senses. The Visions and Sounds come to me through Consciousness which is Spiritual, Invisible, and

yet Known and Felt Clearly from my Soul Family who brings these Sounds into my Frequency Specific Mid

Brain to be Exhaled on to the Crystal Star Dust Microphone that they provide for me. STELLAR WAVE

ACTIVATIONS CONTAIN the Stellar Wave Activations streaming from the Universal Life Force. Activation of

the 12 subharmonics within each of the Double Helix of our DNA are activated through these 12 Stellar Wave

Transfusions from the Universal Life Force. CONTAIN the Stellar Wave Activations streaming from the

Universal Life Force. These are the frequency waves needed to complete theactivation of the 12 subharmonics

within each of the Double Helix of our DNA. This Stellar Wave activation was the 8th of 12 Waves from the

Universal Life Force. This Infusion from the Mother Ships COSMAYA were guided and harmonized into the

Christ Grids by the Lords of our Seas, the Cetacean Nation. These Frequencies, which are activated through

these 12 Stellar Wave Transfusions from the Universal Life Force, are a moment to moment visionary story of

this grand event that took place on Earth in March 2014. The Individualized ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM contain

a series of activations that activate and evolve as more and more of the 12 Stellar Waves Stream from the

Universal Life Force. The COSMAYA are the Councils beyond this Cosmos. As our Universe becomes

Omniverse of 12, so does our Cosmos become the Cosmos of 13. The Universal Life Force is activated by the

Cosmic Life Force. Now, we can TUNE IN TO the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE – our Christ Consciousness.

Now the Waves of Christ Consciousness are Streaming into every cell in our Bodies. The Stellar Waves

(meaning Stardust Frequencies coming in Waves) are all coming from the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE.


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