Karen Dover – Movement into Soul Frequency Realities – 7-26-14



Movement into SOUL frequency realities
Posted: July 21, 2014
Author: Karen Dover

The New Earth frequency realities are realities that are created by your SOUL in the dreamtime platform as you exit the old 3D Earth frequencies.  As many of you are now experiencing these are now fully accessible at a human conscious waking mind level. As you now release fully the frequencies of the old 3D earth created construct you allow the FLOW of the LOVE that IS naturally. This flow seeks balance at all moments of all moments and this is what plays out a human conscious waking mind level in the shifts and movement in your outer waking reality.

The human logical mind is unaware of the natural flow of the LOVE that IS, indeed the human logical mind is TAUGHT to contain and suppress this natural flow and is TAUGHT to look for LOGICAL patterns of movement. This keeps you bound to a lower frequency and filters out the natural flow of universal energies which are MULTI DIMENSIONAL in essence. Many of you at this time are attempting to place the framework of “logic” to an unfolding that is anything but logic, the universe is by DESIGN.  At a human conscious waking mind level this design may be blurry but this does not make the DESIGN any less TRUTH.

At this time you are manifesting that which your SOUL has created WITH YOU, you are in effect merging your SOUL with your human vehicle to experience HEAVEN UPON EARTH at a waking human conscious mind level. This may be providing you with interesting scenarios at this time as the human logical mind will continue to attempt to reference your outer waking life in the context it has been TAUGHT to within the old 3D earth reality.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR HUMAN LOGICAL MIND, you are an energy that has incarnated into a human vehicle.  The human logical mind will try to teach you that your past exists when in TRUTH it is held only within the construct of your logical mind.  It will attempt to teach you to project this moment into the future and attempt to place some pattern upon the outcome, all is not TRUTH for you exist ONLY in this moment and as such the power of change and expansion exists only in this NOW moment.

It is not TRUTH to assume anything that is presented to you at a waking conscious mind level is as it appears, the human eyes are adjusting at this time to the expansion in TRUTH that you are moving into. Remember you are TAUGHT to focus only on that which the human mind ACCEPTS, all else is filtered out. This does not mean all else does not exist only that you cannot SEE it due to the focal point your human logical mind is working with. Therefore many of you at this time may be experiencing chaos as the old 3D earth construct crumbles, your human logical mind trying to teach you that without X life is impossible. This is not TRUTH, it is a construct of the human mind ONLY.

Your SOUL understands this and is working with you at this time in order to show you TRUTH by pushing you to LIVE said TRUTH. Many of you may be living in ways that others are attempting to define as “impossible” or “not real”. It is to be remembered that this is THEIR take on the human life experience, your experience is all the reference point that is needed for only YOU are having YOUR life experience.

The separation of realities is subtle at this time, it may appear to your naked human eyes that little has changed but this will now rapidly shift as the planet is now at a frequency level that supports major expansion. The depth and level of expansion you move into is decided by YOU at SOUL level.  To work with the concept that someone else contains or suppresses you sees you place your power out with SELF and as  this is not TRUTH it is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

View yourself at this moment as a toddler who has learned to walk and to run. Now you are attempting to gain in strength and momentum. With your walking now more solid and you running more energetic. You are gaining your legs and support and understanding that you do not need any external support. In this example the toddler would have achieved walking with the aid of adults around it, this is now negated as the strength returns to the legs and the toddler understands that where they walk or run is THEIR DECISION and they do not need to have the aid of those around them. In TRUTH they are no longer held in place by the needs or wants of others.

Your SOUL will now begin to explore the New Earth frequency realities, it is to be remembered there is no KARMIC path this is a construct of the old 3D earth. Nothing is set in stone and all can and will change in a heartbeat, this is YOUr heartbeat as you are now handed the reigns of your human life experience and asked to create WITH your SOUL in TRUTH.  For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


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