Anna Merkaba – Chaos in Order, Order in Chaos, Two New Earths and Christened Energies – Pleiades High Council – 7-22-14


The restructuring and resurrection of cosmic gateways of light, life and chaos in order, and order in chaos, has begun to rapidly unfold throughout the universe that you are presently finding yourself. For the newly arrived christened energies, the energies of the light, the energies of the source and the energies of the creator have been unleashed into this universe, reaching GAIA to usher in the next phase of the evolutionary progression of of mankind. The energy that has been generating for quite some time in the inner depths of the higher selves of those dwelling on GAIA have finally reached a culmination point and have been dispensed, and dispersed to all who dwell on your planet. To all who dwell in the consciousness in which you are finding yourselves to be in.Through the central sun of Alcyone following the full moon, comes a newly found energy of light and love, abundance and prosperity, health and wellbeing, understanding and balance. For in essence the informational decree that has been bestowed upon humanity by your own higher selves has been delivered into the core stabilizers of GAIA.From this point forward as has been the case in the last few months of your earthly time, the events that are unfolding before you in all arenas of your reality will speed up even more. Much will be revealed yet again to humanity, much will be brought to the surface for humanity to deal with. For much has already been achieved by you, the light workers of this universal decree, for much has been established, for the societies that are dwelling on your GAIA with the rising of the energies, are churned into a new type of reality altogether, into a new type of governance, and reestablishing of fair laws and fair rules for a new society to emerge from within the seeming darkness playing out its final dance before it is completely and irrevocably removed from planet earthMany of you are awaiting such changes with fervor and anticipation, nonetheless it is suffice to say that it is your commitment to enjoy the journey that you have come here to uphold to enjoy every step of your mission, even if it seems daunting at times. For through the joy, through the understanding that you indeed are the ones that have willingly and fearlessly stepped foot onto GAIA, you will be able to find the balance that you are indeed looking for. For the balance of inner peace and harmony amidst the rapid and vigorous changes occurring on GAIA, you shall be able to deliver the final blessing of prosperous understanding of harmonious evolution and propel humanity further tstill to point zero from which it shall begin it’s final emotional release and finally open the gates to the truth of that which they are, stepping fully I, stripped to the core, into a new bountiful reality of their choosing.

For let us remind you that what indeed is occurring on your planet at this moment in time, is that in essence it has split into two such planets, and it is now becoming even more evident to many of you that two, seemingly different worlds are truly beginning to make themselves vividly materialize before you. For you are shown the glorious new world through your visions and through the experiences that you are upholding on GAIA, and yet you remain in the dual state of that which is unfolding in the physical reality of your being. For the bridge that separates these two worlds lays within your consciousness, and it is up to you to either walk over the this bridge that you all have built into the new world or stay put in the old paradigm of thinking and remain locked in the never ending karmic wheel of life. And so and thus, the moment has come to fully incorporate the light from within the core of the earth and from within the core of your own higher selves, and merge these energies together in order to strengthen the pathway between the two worlds, in order to allow those who wish to ascend into a new paradigm to take flight and finally reach the destination that they have set out to arrive at upon the full awakening to their true selves.

And so, with the new energies that have entered GAIA we wish to inform you that a supporting wave of light shall follow saintgermainvioletflametransmutationdiscyou through the next three months of your earthly incarnation. For all that you set out to do shall magically fall into place for you. Do heed our words with care, for through the seeming obstacles new opportunities shall arise for you, new opportunities to channel your newly found energies into the RIGHT path of your life.

For many of you, and you know who you are, are not living up to your full potential, are not living in accordance with nor fully utilizing to your advantage, the universal laws set forth to you by your own higher selves. And so, to those who are indecisive about your own present moment, and future, we say that you are to once again look deep within to discover the answer.

Remember that we are with you always. Your brothers and sisters of light. Your guardians and your soul families watching over you, ready to assist you in all that you are. For indeed it is so. From the bottom of all our heart and souls, we thank you for being here at this very important momentous event, for allowing your light to bathe GAIA and all who dwell therein, for allowing your heart’s key to ignite the passions and fruitful commencements of new reality in all of humanity. For with and through your light and unconditional love for all , this world before you shall  blossom into that which you wish it to be.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

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