Stephen Cooke – Light ‘Work’ Going on Around US Congress


These two events over the US capitol, Washington DC, have surfaced over the past couple of days.

The first is an undated video posted on July 6, 2014 showing a very speedy beam of light being emitted, like a flash, from Capitol Hill. The video goes on to suggest the involvement of the Galactics.

The second is a photo dated July 14, 2014 showing a beam of light – in this case a bolt of lightning – seemingly striking  Capitol Hill.

One can only guess what’s really going on – both in Congress and on Capitol Hill!

Video 1: Going Up

Video 2:  Coming Down

A bolt of lightning appeared to hit right behind the U.S. Capitol dome, possibly striking at the Library of Congress. There were no reports of any damage or injury from that strike. There was also lightning spotted in the vicinity of the Washington. The image was tweeted by ABC News reporter Doug Hill.

doug hill tweet


Here’s the full ‘light storm’ story:


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  1. not if they genuinely dont care about our survival which they dont it could be bullshit but when it does materialize it would likely be somthing similar to this . NO warning in the least, thats why all the major governments with the planet are developing underground bunkers which most likely want do the job anyway


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