Connecting with the Pleiadian Collective – Special Guest Julien Wells – Cosmic Awakening Show – Michelle Walling, Larry Locken

Julien Wells

The Cosmic Awakening show with Michelle Walling and Larry Locken

-Julien’s background is described (About 25 mins in)
-The path that lead to the Pleiadians
-He describes his first telepathic connection with the Pleiadians (initial meeting)
-Julien is connected to a data-collection ship, about 25,000 on board (3.5D, 5D, and 7D levels of awareness)
-Julien can help be a go between for people, relaying messages from their higher beings and their guides (he actually can see them as well, remotely, and also angels)
-These topics (and MANY MORE regarding expansion of consciousness in the new paradigm) are on the radio show The Transitioning (archives available on youtube:…) which Julien hosted for a year with Bob Wright, but recently concluded
-Julien also speaks with Gaia regularly
-His favorite channeler is Bashar
-Julien begins doing sessions over the phone with callers
-He does readings for hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken, as well
-The Pleiadians have an “etheric camera” on Julien (Like the Truman Show)
-Julien talks about Brian Porter’s Atlantean crystal bed that fully activated his energy sight
-To book a session with Julien:

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