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I’d like to continue with our composite interviews, this time looking to Archangel Michael for as full an explanation as possible of what awaits us in Ascension.

Let me say by way of introduction that the Ascension that’s happening on Planet Earth is a first in the multiverse in many ways.

(1) It’s the first mass Ascension anywhere. Previously individual initiates studied at mystery schools and passed initiations before they ascended.

(2) It’s the first physical Ascension.  Always, in past times, it’s been necessary to leave the physical body at death to ascend. In the past Ascension would have meant entry into the second sub plane of the Mental Plane in the afterlife world. (1)  This time all who ascend will do so in and with their physical bodies.

Now we’re entering the Fifth Dimension, which is the equivalent of the Mental Plane, and I’m not even sure if this space has ever existed before or whether it too is new.

(3) It’s the first time that Ascension has involved the creation of a whole new society, which Werner Erhard called a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.  Usually initiates go off and live in caves. But never has an Ascension been simultaneously accompanied with the building of a new world.

(4) Never has an Ascension been accompanied by such a public presence of the Divine Mother. the celestials, the ascended masters, and galactic masters from many other areas of space and other dimensions of existence.

Thus, in so many ways, what’s happening on Earth right now is without precedent. While the main contours of the Plan are assured because what God commands is irresistible, the details may not be.

The biggest change that’s happened in midstream is that the voice of humanity through the collective consciousness asked that as many souls coming as possible be permitted to ascend and that has brought a year and a half’s postponement of the Ascension date. That delay is soon coming to a close.

Ascension, as we’ve discussed on An Hour with an Angel, is both gradual and sudden.  The entire planet is bathing in the Tsunami of Love at present and rising in vibration gradually because the human body could not take the shock of too rapid an increase in energy.

But, when we reach the right vibrational frequency, then what the Divine Mother has called “ignition” and what Sanat Kumara has called “the snap” will occur and the mass of the population will ascend.

Everything up till then will have been gradual but the moment of mass Ascension will be sudden. With that introduction, let me now turn to Archangel Michael for the full discussion.

(Continued in Part 2.)


Parts   –   01   –   02   –   03   –   04   –   05   –   06   –   07   –   08   –   09   –   10   


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