Karen Dover – The Separation of Worlds now Begins – Frequencies that are Too Far Apart will Repel Each Other – Grief, Abandonment, Betrayal must be Released Fully – Major Chaos will now Unfold Upon the Planet Earth – 7-12-14

Earth Ascending


Karen Dover

The energies of the past linear 3 days have been intense.  Today’s full moon may be being felt by many of you at this moment. The release of the distorted frequencies of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL is moving through the human race in preparation for the physical separation of worlds.  View this time period if you will as “DAY 3″.  For those of you who have had children you will recognise “day 3″ as the day that the tears came, in the context of childbirth “day 3″ is where the hormones leave the body of the mother and she experiences a major release. This is manifest as tears, I remember well “day 3″ when I give birth to my son and one by one each woman who had given birth around me in the ward hit “day 3″. There was the mass outpouring of tears and the tears were triggered often by very little.   (For more information about what is really going on in the energy signature in day 3 please see EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH REALITY BOOK, click here for more details).

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

Many of you may have spent the last 3 days in a major release, with what can only be described as an “emotional meltdown” part of this release. A feeling of intense grief that has no “obvious” cause, tears and more tears and the sense of complete loss that cannot be referenced.  I have mentioned the distorted frequency of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL, this distorted frequency was implanted into the energy signature of Planet Earth and has been anchored within the human race for eons.  Human society is built on this distorted frequency with the old 3D earth triggering this frequency repeatedly. This keeps the human race in separation believing that the world is a hostile place and this is often reflected back as that which is your outer waking reality is but a reflection of that which is running within your human vehicle.

So the New Earth frequencies reached a frequency level that sees this to come to the very surface of your BEing. Frequencies that are too far apart will repel each other, the influx of the LOVE that IS pushing this distorted frequency to the very surface of your human vehicle in order that you release it. It may have taken little to trigger this over the last linear 3 days and depending on how much you have anchored at cellular level many of you may still be within the triggering and the release stage.  It is vital that you allow this release to flow, do not try to stem the tears, indeed many of you may be past this point, unable to do much apart from cry and sleep and cry once more. This is a process, a process that has not been allowed to flow naturally hence the depth of grief that you may be processing.

I have often blogged that anything from the old 3d earth created reality cannot be taken into the New Earth and this frequency wise, anything that is not TRUTH cannot be taken with you into the New Earth reality. This is the reason for this huge release for you cannot build a new life on the pain of the old life and the grief, abandonment and betrayal must be released fully.

The separation of worlds now begins, those who are here to birth the New Earth and to live the life that they wish to CONSCIOUSLY create now move into a dimensional space that will support the manifestation of their dreams. Those who have chosen at SOUL level to continue on the karmic wheel remaining within the restrictive energetic space that they create from within their human vehicles as they are still running the old 3d earth distorted frequencies.

Major chaos will now unfold upon the Planet Earth, the chaos born out of the release of this base distorted dimensional frequency release. For to live your life based on the frequency of pain you had to have a reference point for said pain. Those reference points are now released but those who look for them will remain triggered and not release fully. I draw your attention to this as many of you sit within human families that are within these patterns. It is not possible to determine who has made which decision other than by their actions, the decision as to whether to move to the New Earth is made at a SOUL level and not a conscious human waking mind level. The patterns will be obvious and it is vital to understand that there is no way of moving someone else out of a pattern that THEY CANNOT SEE or ACKNOWLEDGE.

For more information on the karmic patterns and frequencies please see the EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH REALITY BOOK which is available HERE

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.





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