Golden Heart Dialogues – A New Spiritual Ecology – 4-23-13



Once in a while on our journey we travel to a place we could not fathom visiting. It is in the entering we ennoble ourselves. What is required in entering unfamiliar space, is to be available to the unknown. This is like walking into a dark cave and cutting off access from the other world we just left.

The fastest way to know God is to go where God isn’t. If you want to walk through the pearly gates to find God then take a chance by stepping into discomfort. If you can go into the dark cave and be comfortable with staring down what’s staring back at you, then you have made it. You have found your personal mechanism for engaging Truth.

Here in the dark cave there is nothing telling us that we took the correct turn, or we are on the right path. Audacity to travel inward is the test of our self-mastery. Taking on the unfamiliar is gutsy. It is in the taking on, that we inevitably meet our true selves dead center.

Walking away from everything and I mean everything, is audacious in itself, but thriving after you come out of the cave is quite remarkable. Predictability, security, most importantly, being at home in a material reality where you have everything nailed down and dialed in, is not security.

Maybe in going into the cave is where everything you know is questioned and everything you are, is being is called upon. A place that has no reference. Perhaps this appears as a nightmare, or maybe leads the way to our greatest freedom. Here is where we find that there are no limitations. And we soon discover the best place could be the worst place, because we soon see there really are none.

This could be the ultimate paradox. Oddly enough, we do not have a language for paradox. This is the time to be in the moment creating an offset by using the body to anchor the very mechanism to our connection for going out on a limb. In the cave there is no green space or well to quench ourselves. We must resource from our body consciousness to support ourselves. We discover we need to be right here for ourselves. In the making it, or not making it, our body knows the map is inside.

The hand guide of our life is in our body vehicle, that lays open for us the very truth of who we are and why we are here. The more we enable the other, the loops and threads of consciousness, as the teachings within our body, support the Field. One begets the other.

We can do this. We can go into the cave and come out, and we can cross any ocean in the world and come out whole and in touch with our Self-Mastery. I did it and you can too. Self-reliance is the accomplishment and is what enables us to go on.

In our caving inward, we find exactly what it is we are in search of as we incrementally persevere. Engaged with our transformation we are naturally propelled into our wholeness. In our wholeness we engage with a new world rising. A world destined to support our emerging self. A place where love is real, truth serves as the setting for our wholeness, and  here we find support for our intent to evolve into a structure for us to thrive.

We resource ourselves inwardly as the sustenance required for our security has always been built into us. We are now in touch with a new emotional ecology that supports us. We know this as the way of our transformation leaving what we mastered behind us.  We succeeded in putting our fears to the test and we are leaving behind what we overcame. We are now doing the things we could not do.

The time in the cave is like the time in the desert alone, cut off and shut off. In our aloneness we became a forerunner drawing the circle around us. In the shattering and the breaking open we brought forward our mastery self with newly honed skills. We moved ahead. We ventured where there were a few before us and a handful behind us. We learned what it was to be culturally absent from what we always knew to be true. Which in actuality was false.

In the cave and desert we learned the difference between myth and real. We deposited and buried our stories in the sand. Without words we used alchemy to effect the spaces, places and pieces in the field. We became conscious of the effect of the affect. We mastered how to transmute at the level of exactly where we are.

We were able to realize quick turnovers of revelations and for most people being this vulnerable does not work because of extreme fragility. It took audacity and courage to do what ordinarily is not done. When home is called the same and the same feels comfy, then anything occurring beyond this can both rattle and unravel someone to their core.

To be in these shoes for even a half-hour exposes many core truths. It takes one to the edge and outskirts of time and place, to the very edge of the Field. At the edge is where the Avataristic Consciousness is and where the over-the-top is.

If you have scaled this you are truly home and you are now living in a new world rising. Here I am coming out from the cave looking upwards to a new world rising.


Red Rock Kauai,Lauralee Leonard Photographer  2012 copyright


The New Book: A New World Rising,

How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright 2013


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