Ambassador Of Dragon Family – Conversation With Ron van Dyke – 7-12-14


This is a laid back conversation between two men who have been communicating almost every day for more than two months. They share many of the same visions for humanity and establishing peace on earth and greater understanding of the diverse cultures that could enrich our lives if we only appreciated variety more than we do. The vision of the Dragon Family is to awaken humanity by exposing human ignorance and the financial tyranny of the world. Funding that would liberate and enrich the common man must wait until it can be assured that those who steal wealth from others, the cabal, are in a position where they can no longer commit crimes against humanity. As hard as it is, we must be patient.

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7 thoughts on “Ambassador Of Dragon Family – Conversation With Ron van Dyke – 7-12-14”

  1. I had thought the Dragon of anything was closely tied to the Reptilian race/Cabal? Not to mention the fact that negative entities have been placed in prime positions to fool humanity ie Channelling.


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